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    2021 Lawn and Garden

    My dining area is facing my side yard which quite narrow (~8'). Unfortunately, the neighbor's son 2nd floor bedroom has a window with direct sight into our house. I was thinking to plant something tall there but it is made more complicated because there is french drain down the fence line. So I'm wondering what would be able to grow to about <12' in a pot. I was thinking some version of crepe myrtle, thoughts?
  2. Whats the easiest way to play hyperinflation? I supposed that buying TIPS wouldnt be enough
  3. Check real estate platforms such as Fundrise, RealtyMogul, Rich Uncles and DiversyFund.
  4. We really have no idea how good is Khamzat Chimaev yet but he might have a punchers chance. Seems to have a dominant ground game + undeniable 1 Punch KO power.
  5. These top level athletes and celebrities should just leave their official accounts to a social media manager if they care about their image. Which they should because that's a bigger money maker than their salaries. You want to spit uneducated, off the cuff comments, use a burner.
  6. Raises hand but I aint repenting. I don't know Chauvin or Floyd, but LBJ feels closer. B can be so many things in life that are obviously not as bad as A. It can be the neighbor's dog pooping on your yard, Ted Cruz going to Cancun, etc.
  7. $IBRX. I was finally assigned shares from selling $30 put. I'm one of the stranded astronouts now
  8. If you are looking for a smooth sailing, you can't beat Singapore. It is the most expensive but you don't need to have a car if you live close to the mrt. You are not staying there long enough to be bored with it. Bangkok is also pretty good option if you don't want to deal with a car. Live somewhere near a BTS and you can get by for several months without getting bored. For Malaysia, you probably want to stick to KL and you gonna need a car. If you like the outdoors, there are plenty of activities. Snatched thieves are rampant and pretty annoying. For Indonesia, the only livable option is Bali really. Skip the motorcyle and get a car with a local driver. You will live a king.
  9. I spent 2008-2018 in HCMC, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and KL. What's your budget? Are you planning to live the expat lifestyle or are you the backpacker type? What are you planning to get out of this?
  10. I'm installing drip irrigation on raised beds. In the pic you see the gap between the house and the beds where I'm planning to run the PVC line. What should I put on top the PVC to keep weeds away and protect the PVC from weather?
  11. There will be some really nice high school football stadiums in Cameron County
  12. This is my first merry go round. Bought a new built house in Harris County last year for $300k, the tax appraisal is coming in at $310k. I checked my street (~20 houses built within the past 3 years by same builder) and saw that my $120/sft is the 2nd highest. The average appraisal for the street is $110/sft. Half of the houses has a lakeview and a few with a pool (my house has neither). As I said, I have never done this before. If my argument is just based on the $/sft to get the appraisal more in line with the avg for the street, would that be good enough for arbitration? or do I have to do more work?
  13. So we are out of TSNPD and XMET yes?
  14. I sold a bunch of high IV 4/16 puts today. Getting more than 10% for OPEN, PLTR and XL.
  15. I browsed Discord and got a headache. I will pay for treefiddy but we need to make it easier to find RC's recommendations.
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