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  1. thanks, @52-80 I will probably see what the market does the next week and maybe cut my loss and sell puts on that underlying stock instead. Coincidentally, I was just reading up and watching youtube videos on vertical call spreads as well so I think that will be something I might test out in my paper trading account when the market opens Monday. Now, just for educational purposes, how smart/dumb would it be to roll over the trade to April 16 at a 17.50 strike and get a small credit thereafter? I think you traders call that "rolling until you're right"?.....
  2. Options noober seeking advice on a trade I made that isn't looking so smart right now. I need to practice for a few weeks in my paper trading account but I got my feet wet on a single contract. It won't kill me to get burned on it but I'd prefer to employ a halfway intelligent strategy from here. I bought a 19 March CURI $15 call for $4.10. I like the stock (closed at $17.31 yesterday) and think it will go up but I'm down right now of course and I'm looking at the erosion of time decay. What would you recommend I do from here? TIA.
  3. When I click the Join My Discord tab on the right side of the homepage it says I don't have permission to use this invite.
  4. @RCRanger03 what ticker is it showing under in your TDA account?
  5. yep i'm fortunate I was in at .0042 and had already taken some profits when it was over a penny. Still think there's a little short term money to be made here as idiots like me start thinking it's too low not to buy.
  6. @RCRanger03 Thanks sir! So you've probably answered this before so pardon my ignorance but what happens next? Stock gets hammered to pieces waiting for reverse split, then the rs happens and shorts come in and pound it further? Also, doesn't that only leave like 1 million shares or less? What do you think about the market capitalization of Samtrade after this? Are they aiming for Nasdaq listing?
  7. hear me out, but.....at what price here is cheap enough to jump back on for a potential upswing?
  8. do you see any upside from here for Samtrade?
  9. I got out of most of my position without a loss and had previously taken some profits so live and learn. I still have about 100k shares.
  10. @RCRanger03 PFMS updated on NVSOS to Samtrade!
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