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  1. Jose Siri grand slam puts Sugar Land ahead 4-3 in the top of the 6th. That guy has some pop in his bat.
  2. like watching West U Little League
  3. Likewise Taylor Jones is a big mfer
  4. Rough first inning here at Dell Diamond for Framber 5 runs 6 hits and some crappy defense behind him
  5. Yeah I agree with you, I'm just clinging to the hope that the "swing-and-miss" Josh James shows up more often than the "walks two/gives up home run" Josh James.
  6. Not at all but the money committed to him suggests he will be regardless.
  7. that's fair, but he's still in the discussion of the organization's pitching depth. what is your ideal bullpen assuming the return of the Urquidy, Odorizzi, and Valdez?
  8. With Odorizzi and Valdez coming back within a matter of three weeks or so and Urquidy back soon as well, the Astros pitching situation shapes up very well and looks like a surly 1% problem. Rotation: Greinke/McCullers/Framber/Urquidy/Odorizzi Bullpen: Garcia, Javier, Abreu, Emanuel, Stanek, Raley, Smith, Pressly, Bielak, Scrubb, Paredes. That's not even including Josh James in the equation either. Assuming mostly full health in the upcoming weeks, who gets sent down to AAA? I hate the thought of Luis Garcia wasting away in AAA but we have to keep him sharp.
  9. Astros offensive MLB ranking: AVG: 1st RUNs: 2nd OBP: 3rd SLUG: 2nd OPS: 2nd OPS+ 1st RBI: 1st HITS: 2nd Ks: 1st
  10. Four straight ALCS and 2021 looks like a highly competitive season as well but let's all chalk up a large sample size of excellence to dumb shit that makes opposing fanbases feel better about their shitty jersey sucking.
  11. As long as two of those wins are against the LA Dodgers, I would be ok going 9-12
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