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  1. LSU beats Bama last week, Tua breaks a hip and JBE wins re-election. The Trump curse is just getting started fam.
  2. In this day and age where you can find someone on the internet willing to do anything for cash, I am going to pay someone $100 to name their next kid Slovis and post a picture of the birth certificate on the tweety pages.
  3. Based on Fozz’s posts in other threads there is no way he’s Rocko.
  4. Play-by-play guy sounds like a talking cigarette. And it’s not every game you see both teams decked out in yaller britches.
  5. God damn, Fowler. Calm the fuck down.
  6. Fuck the troops. At least the ones that commit war crimes and any that help cover it up.
  7. I guess if he’s going to trample all over ‘textualism’ that’s just going too far for Jed Shugerman, whoever the fuck that is. Never mind allowing kids to be locked in cages, completely lying about the Mueller report, etc. how dare he diminish fucking textualism.
  8. Oil and gas out of Greenland isn’t even close to being economically viable in this environment.
  9. Complete ass kicking as India win by an innings and 130 runs. No need buying tickets to anything past day two of any test in this series.
  10. Snitches get stitches. This is a time I wish the DH didn’t exist.
  11. Elsie’s twitter feed is hot fire over this. She’s getting roasted.
  12. Another day of public hearings like the first two and we will for sure have another investigation into Hillary's email machine.
  13. 1. Hillary 2. Hillary 3. Hillary 4. Obama 5. Hillary 6. Hillary 7. AOC 8. Hillary 9. Hillary 10. Pelosi.
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