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  1. Sorry, wrong thread. Can a mod please delete?
  2. Pre-market starting another leg up. Did BoJo die?
  3. Gotta hit that 200 day moving average then retrace.
  4. Half position in the widow maker $SOXS at 13.52.
  5. I got a Nextdoor invitation a couple of months ago and it went straight to the trash. No f'ing way I'm signing up for that bullshit.
  6. That's going to leave a mark. How can you forget about one of those pinless hand grenades?
  7. Thing is, this is nothing like an average bear market.
  8. Bumping this to get everyone’s hopes up. A late April Fools if you will.
  9. Scoping out the firm, round ass of the hottie that works on the 12th floor. Miss the hiney.
  10. They said the deal would work at $50 / bbl, which is great. But what about $40 / bbl or $30 / bbl? It's not like those prices were not out of the realm of possibility a year ago when the deal was made. One year ago if you didn't think oil could go back to the 40's or 30's within a couple of years you were fooling yourself. $OXY cut the dividend to shareholders to basically nothing, but they still had to pay Uncle Warren. Shareholders got $9MM in dividends while Uncle Warren still gets $900MM. You don't think that $900MM could go a ways to help keep the company alive a bit longer? Vicki and the board absolutely fucked those two companies and they will be in Ch 11 within a year.
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