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  1. No kidding. I never understood the fuss, it’s not like the trans are going to run into the welcoming arms of the GOP.
  2. Nice effort by KLR and Iyer to take the first T20I against NZ. The bowlers are still getting worked, but NZ isn’t known for bowler friendly pitches/ grounds.
  3. Yep, socialism is great when it comes to blowing up shit.
  4. Can’t dotard fire any ambassador he wants? Granted, the reason for the firing makes him guilty of other crimes but unless the reason is spelled out this doesn’t mean shit. Hell, it still doesn’t mean shit because nothing means shit any more. Shit.
  5. Not $STM. That fucker never goes down, up about 0.6% today.
  6. I remember back then most if not all the big banks issued preferred shares. Warren Buffet raped those banks with the sweetheart deals he cut. Yeah, back then even the likes of WFC were considered a bit dodgy and certainly did not want to show even more debt on their balance sheets.
  7. Not criticizing your thought process or being typical Surly know it all argumentative twat here but what are you doing with spare cash? I sock it away in my "I work in oil and gas so need to have minimum two years living expenses saved for the inevitable layoff" fund. While most people rightfully look for returns, I have always been shit scared of losing money. Capital preservation is my jam.
  8. I always have my 401k maxed out, but no way in fucking hell I would be using extra funds to buy in right now. This market is insane.
  9. Grand scheme of things they weren't relevant, but they were undefeated playing in a NYD bowl and had a Heisman trophy finalist.
  10. It's a proven scientific fact that your country's ranking on the shithole scale has a direct correlation to the amount of crap the women can carry on their head.
  11. I figured there would be a day this thread got bumped to announce his ultimate demise. This is a close second on the sadness scale.
  12. They got their ass kicked by Georgia in the 2008 Sugar Bowl 41 - 10 with Colt Brennan at QB. Other than that I can't think of a time they were relevant at all.
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