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  1. Nothing I bought last year was cheaper than the year before.
  2. The only thing he liked as much as grifting and golfing at his “resort” on our dime were the rallies. That fat tub of shit is running. No doubt about it.
  3. I’ll stop responding when you quit posting lies and supporting treason. Buckle up, buttercup.
  4. I’ll take a picture of my next shit since it will have more substance than your posts.
  5. This is an especially good idea if the supply chain shortages have impacted your napalm supply.
  6. He’s never been on the right side of history before so why should he start now?
  7. Well a not so insignificant number in this here country think a bunch of haggard women and children from them Mexican countries like Costa Salvador and Puerto Rico are going to overthrow America.
  8. Isn’t this exactly what the Oxycontin family did?
  9. I have received one week Twitter timeouts due to “wishing violence on others” for statements much less than that And it looks like he got a timeout as well. Good job Twitter
  10. I paid for my house straight cash, homie. So yes, this Democrat doesn’t have a mortgage.
  11. The trouble with y’all is you support treason and the demise of America. In sum, go fuck yourself and your sock accounts.
  12. I wish something would be his downfall, but the rate things are going I just have to continue to hope every day he dies on the shitter.
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