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  1. And how many deals of this size or similar are done with no due diligence? Other than Mr. Attention Whore here, I can't think of any other examples.
  2. I'm no lord of high finance, but I seriously doubt takeovers are based on public statements and other info available to we common folk.
  3. Maybe the other guy gave it to you? Was he/she from the Seattle team? You gotta keep an eye on those sneaky bastards.
  4. Is that really something to brag about? I could have convicted McVeigh.
  5. I went back to figure out how much my income has increased since 2000 (just a couple of years out of school at that point). 344%, eerie. Yes, I realize that's not the norm but that's some weird psychic type shit right there.
  6. You know what else would work? Rat poison, that’s what.
  7. You left out the cut scene of some rando placing flowers at a makeshift memorial
  8. I fucking hate the gun nuts, I hate you bastards that whine about the 2nd amendment while our kids are killed at random, I hate fucking everything about guns. Fuck all y'all. Next mother fucker gonna get my metal....
  9. Good lord, what a horrible year for Cricket Australia. Andrew Symonds is gone. So within just a couple of months they lost The King, Rod Marsh and now Symonds. Marsh was done with cricket before I started following it, but Warne and Symonds were front and center of the greatest team since the 1980's West Indies. Can someone please put Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh in bubble wrap / quarantine?
  10. It went to a penny in 2011 because there was no market for it. It was probably $5 before but I can't be fucked to find a quote from 2011 because I don't invest in scams.
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