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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×

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  1. I can be good, cheap and fast. Pick two.
  2. Any company after 2015 that required $60 oil to survive had a shit poor business plan and deserved to go bust.
  3. Lucky for us, he will surround himself with competent people (and not shit his pants). How’s that working out for your guy?
  4. Thread title should never change, at least until he (hopefully) wins the election. Strong reverse jinx game. That’s why I kind of hope b_t votes for dotard. He has an uncanny ability to be wrong on ever political race; much like me and #stonks.
  5. He did what he should. I'm just saying that stupid shit shouldn't be the stuff that goes "viral" for 15 minutes. The somber, hard hitting videos are the ones that need to get attention and are the ones putting dents in dotard's base.
  6. Just saying it's their most humiliating loss of all time whether cheated or not. Even worse that the humiliation was of their own doing. It's the loss they cry about til this day.
  7. When I was a wee lad, I loved me some Joe Sambito. But when I grew up and had disposable income, Wags was my dawg. In between D. Smith was pretty damn good, but nothing like Wags. Wagner was basically a 5' 8" Randy Johnson.
  8. For racist South Africans, this is like the 1972 USA basketball team losing to the Russians after three attempts to get an inbound pass.
  9. Because some of us are toe down fucked up and ready to let those on the internet that are wrong realize how wrong they are. That's why.
  10. What's even more funny is none of us have even bothered to give a single neg to this yarpie.
  11. It was the equivalent of South Africa batting, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, nobody out, 3-0 count and Australia has a middle infielder pitching in game 7 of the WS. And South Africa fucks it up. As usual.
  12. Fuck you yarpie. Live with Klusener's fuckup forever.
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