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  1. Sincere apologies to the Great One. I’m in several Sol’s today, but no idea why I didn’t catch that yesterday when I was stone cold sober. Guess it was because I’m stupid and don’t see so good.
  2. Picked me up a jar of the hatch chile quest today. The plan is to recreate Shank’s greatness with a turkey pot pie.
  3. Managed to eek out a few green stocks by end of the day. $SLB, $FTK, and even fucktarded $ALPP finished positive. Go me.
  4. Another observation about SBB's awesome pot pie creation, the Marie Callender turkey pot pies are even better. Chicken is legit, turkey takes it to 11.
  5. Oh boy, that was definitely not a ceramic plate. It was the Steel Shank thread approved 20 year-old warped plastic plate complete with knife scars.
  6. Every stock I own has been red each of the last two days. EVERY... FUCKING... ONE.
  7. Yes, this has been done many times at Casa de Fudge and it does indeed slam.
  8. Only issue I have with that is I always eat my pot pies straight out of the bowl container thingy they come in. Otherwise, top efforting there.
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