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  1. It has nothing to do with the typos. Those are annoying, your "style" is the issue and it sucks.
  2. He does it on purpose to leave himself an out so he can argue with everyone.
  3. Clawback all stimulus payments from anyone that claims to have “more deals than I can handle” and the means to take their family on a Clark Griswald summer road trip tour of America.
  4. Motion to change thread title to "Ted Cruz is a fat piece of shit" for better accuracy.
  5. And sent out fund raising texts during the insurrection.
  6. I don't see "Arrest Donald Trump" on there. That's a big miss.
  7. What’s the deal with all the Bernie tweets? Can you bros not let Biden have one God damn moment without trying to hijack it?
  8. Shit is slow as fuck. Did Sark get arrested or something?
  9. Last time to post this: It's January 20 and dotard still lost. Fuck that asshole.
  10. India already announced squad for the four-match series against England. If everyone is fit this should be an absolute ass whipping even with Shami still out. Chennai test should go with four spinners 😀
  11. I’m going to rewatch day 5 today and scream at Pujara through the second session and laugh at Tim Paine through the third session.
  12. https://www.cricbuzz.com/live-cricket-scores/31648/aus-vs-ind-4th-test
  13. It's January 19 and dotard still lost. And Australia lost the test series against India. Just thought I would add that too since that is also all sorts of awesome.
  14. Pujara, Rahane and Agarwal are the only three that were also in the playing XI in the first test. Agarwal only there because of all the injuries.
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