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  1. Four cameras for $400. I just bought an extra camera for $100-125. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/arlo-pro-2-4-camera-indoor-outdoor-wireless-1080p-security-camera-system-white/6085432.p?skuId=6085432
  2. I have to charge the batteries every two or three weeks, depending on location. I was keeping an extra camera charged and changing out as needed, but had some odd activity and need all 5 cameras now. It's simple to install and get up and running...as witnessed by me being able to do.
  3. Arlo Pro 2 here. Five cameras, all outside. 1080p so video quality is good. I have too many trees and too much wind, so I turned off all the notifications and review it every morning with coffee. Free cloud storage for up to five cameras for 7 days, if I see something I want to keep I can download it.
  4. Liteitup


    This. And the name of the show is Alone, not Alone +1. The mental aspect of being totally without human interaction is what sends many home.
  5. Liteitup


    Season one was the best of the series. Fell off a little after that but still but still very watchable, except for the season they did teams. This season the winner has to last 100 days in the Artic for a million dollars.
  6. Probably not https://faq.sll.texas.gov/questions/42558 Can I carry a weapon while wearing a mask? 20453 views | Is this useful? 69 | Last updated on Jul 01, 2020 Guns COVID-19 Masks Many people who have contacted our library with this question are under the impression that it is illegal to carry a handgun while wearing a mask in Texas. However, our librarians have not been able to locate any state laws that explicitly prohibit the wearing of a mask while lawfully carrying a firearm. In fact, we have not been able to locate any state laws currently in effect that address the wearing of masks in general. Texas previously had anti-mask laws, but these were repealed in 1974 and are not currently in effect. There also seems to be a misconception regarding who can legally carry a handgun without a License to Carry (LTC) because the governor has issued executive orders related to the COVID-19 public health emergency. There is a state law that addresses carrying a handgun without a license when a state of disaster has been declared, but it is very narrow in scope. Read more about that law. For more information about the carry of firearms generally, please see our Gun Laws guide. For more information about firearms during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see our Disasters and Emergencies guide.
  7. Trailer is worth $1k to $1300 pretty easy, assuming it's in good shape.
  8. Liteitup

    Tool Talk

    Believe it or not, this Harbor freight ratchet gets rave reviews on motorcycle forums. I bought it several years ago and use it more often than any other in my box. Cheap too. https://www.harborfreight.com/3-8-eighth-inch-heavy-duty-composite-ratchet-66313.html
  9. Liteitup

    Time to visit Waco

    I drink IPA's...just saying.
  10. Liteitup

    Time to visit Waco

    That's the way I remember it.
  11. Mine was the green Pea Picker.
  12. Liteitup

    Time to visit Waco

    Pretty sure they are closed.
  13. My favorites are the ones that live in Park Meadows and don't know what city they live in. They have Lorena addresses but live in Waco. Half of them want Hewitt PD to do more patrols, because they're closest. How can you spend that much money on a house and not know what jurisdiction you just bought into?
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