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  1. 40 months in prison plus 24 months probation.
  2. about as well as these three episodes. christ, what a mess.
  3. but look over here at hunter biden! every accusation, ah fuck it
  4. to be fair, W had a moment of clarity on immigration that the republican congress squashed right away and never spoke of it again.
  5. i do not believe any word of this particular quote in this article, but i have no doubt that the homeless presence in that area has adversely affected business down there. i know i don't have any desire to be within 8 city blocks of the arch.
  6. but remember that one time he went on the fake news channel to doth protest too much?
  7. no, we are old. i was in my late 20s at the time. was on the cutting edge of OTT video, watching the 2005 season in the middle of the night via slingbox, that was connected to a friend's STB. came back over christmas, though, and went to the rose bowl and watched vince do his thing for the second year in a row, this time for the title. now i feel old.
  8. wat? you went fucking crazy last night. despite the protestations of a few posters on here, there is a wide spread of perspective on this board. it's really only the trump supporters who are the loudest complainers about supposed bias on the political board. it's your way of fleeing the fight, because you are trying to defend the indefensible. when you deign to stop by, it's all personal attacks and emotion, never policy discussion. again, because trump has no defensible policies. i don't demand civility. i'm laughing at your histrionics. you entertain me. keep on doing you. it's very telling.
  9. this is why we have a short editing window. well done, @Incredulity, you really acquitted yourself well last night.
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