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  1. this seems right to me. however, sometimes doing the right thing is worth losing your job.
  2. honestly, i can't believe he survived this comment in the campaign, but, as always;
  3. this is sort of what i find unbelievable. they are content writing off an entire generation or two to attain short term goals. they have no long term strategy.
  4. that's an indictment of the entire narco team, if not the department as a whole. i mean, you have to go back and review all 100ish of these warrants for malfeasance, right? how many fucking innocent people are in prison or have gone to prison because of this lying ratfucker?
  5. the fact that this is just another normalish shooting is a major problem. this looks like the exception - there were actually two shooters. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7777555/Two-men-open-fire-cops-bodega-Jersey-City-sending-nearby-school-lockdown.html
  6. i don't think he does need to be banned. i think we need to understand exactly what the 42% are like.
  7. no, you see, he really believes this stuff. these are actually real people with these false beliefs. it's the strangest condition.
  8. it's not that they cannot tell the difference, it's just that they don't fucking care about it.
  9. uh huh edit: this is in response to @Zavala, if that wasn't clear
  10. out of the fucking woodwork this morning. weird, isn't it?
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