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  1. this is exactly it. and the thing is, their voters will still fall for the dr seuss cancel culture war on christmas they gonna take our guns but antifa but whatabout bullshit next time.
  2. i used to think that abbott was smarter than perry at least. this fucker is fully bought into the gqp death cult. it's truly fucking maddening.
  3. it really should. i can't believe that it's not.
  4. pfizer number one in my arm this afternoon. second one scheduled in 3 weeks. thanks, heb #566. that is one bougie heb.
  5. got pfizer coursing through my veins. had to drive 90 minutes away, but it was worth it. fuck you, abbott.
  6. so now all of a sudden we are worried about twitter propriety? fuck outta here. i know nothing about neera tanden, but if she said means things on twitter, then what the fuck was the last four years, republicans?
  7. heb is being very undude. i'm surprised as hell by this move. they've done such a good job on things to date. why the fuck?
  8. yeah, i said fuck it and booked an appointment at an heb about an hour away. felt a bit guilty saying yes to being in group 1b, but i'm also kind of in full on "fuck it, let's get on with it" mode. that abbott just enabled a bunch of fucking redneck idiots and bar hoppers to go ahead and bathe in covid pushed me over the edge. i have an appointment at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon for pfizer. let's do this.
  9. could lose a few pounds, but relatively low. according to some google, i'm at 23.1.
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