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  1. now is a good time to borrow at near 0% interest. $2T for stimulus, $2T for infrastructure. i mean, this is just monopoly money at this point isn't it?
  2. i just tuned in and saw that so now we're going from 15 days to slow the spread to 30 days to slow the spread. more than 60 days from the beginning of the crisis really beginning.
  3. yes. maybe not scotus, as it's a less demanding job than congress or president, but i could certainly be convinced.
  4. how come our testing capacity does not match up to south korea's? i honestly think he cannot give her a real answer to that, because i honestly think he doesn't understand the concept of "per capita."
  5. you know those quotes from about a month ago of trump downplaying COVID? jim just read them aloud, and was asking him to rationalize that. basically that political ad, read aloud to trump's face. got to give acosta credit for going for it.
  6. lulz, trump just told jim acosta from cnn that he should go to the hospital and report from there, or something, and then claimed that he didn't know who jim acosta from cnn even was.
  7. yeah, he may never be invited back, that was the fucking jugular.
  8. they came back, mostly, i think because the wind is blowing and trump's hair is fluttering dangerously.
  9. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/03/30/823987540/fda-oks-addition-to-stockpile-of-malaria-drugs-for-covid-19 my father in law, who is refusing social distancing because "if it's my time, it's my time," sent me a daily caller article on something called the usa wire. it reads....somewhat differently. https://theusawire.com/2020/03/19409-fda-issues-emergency-authorization-of-anti-malaria-drugs-as-doctors-herald-results-for-coronavirus-patients/?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Newsletter it's really kind of incredible. there are two distinct americas.
  10. seriously, and i'm not trying to denigrate you or troll you - how could you take a look at his performance over the past three years, and in handling this crisis, and not hate him, or at the least have any respect at all for him? you cannot say you are not a "trump guy" and even put up half a defense of his presidency. i think this is why @henrygandorf has you pegged for a trump supporter. this is the exact blueprint for every trump supporter on this forum. "oh, ho, of course i didn't vote for him, but let me offer you this defense of him being terrible at something. i voted for [gary johnson, willie nelson, whoever], but he'll get us judges" yall voted for him. it's obvious, and you will again. that's actually the point of this thread. because, objectively, he's done a terrible job managing everything. you just think that democrats will do a worse job, for some reason. trump is as obviously as mentally compromised as biden, if not worse, but you won't vote for biden over trump? have you seen his performances on these covid updates? it's shameful, embarrassing, and is actually putting american lives at unnecessary risk.
  11. if i did a drinking game during these daily press conferences, i think i would be dead
  12. he did this because abbott tongues his asshole, while he has a personal gripe with cuomo. lives are at stake, and the president is playing favorites. he is an evil man.
  13. also notable, second time without fauci. someone's in the dog house.
  14. wow. he called it "the virus problem" instead of the china virus. progress?!?
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