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  1. hahahaha holy shit at the location of his neck fold
  2. i know i've said it before, but this really is the perfect defining moment of his presidency. everything about the man distilled in one one second action.
  3. from bbc live commentary: oooooffff
  4. thanks, but i have steadfastly refused to subscribe to yet another streaming service. newcastle is safe, so it's safe for me to miss it.
  5. newcastle - city game is listed under nbcsports on my hulu guide, but the mecum car auction is on instead. is this happening for anyone else?
  6. think so. the bill says beer and wine. specs has liquor too, and is already closed on sundays for that reason.
  7. I'm watching mccarthy speak right now. i think i hate him. i might start a thread about him
  8. well, color me surprised. they fucking elected her to replace cheney
  9. her tweet should be enough to sanction her. honestly, she should be kicked out of office for the hashtag accusation alone.
  10. part of tapping stefanik for the job was to be seen replacing a woman with a woman. there wasn't much thought put into it other than briefly considering the optics of a bunch of old white men throwing a woman aside because she won't carry water for another old white man. they knew they weren't going to put stefanik in that position. she was used, like most women republican lawmakers typically are by the old white man caucus.
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