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  1. saw this earlier. it was so fucking satisfying. long knives are now out at cnn.
  2. every justice is going to come to the court with their conscience. they are actually people with actual beliefs. any religious person will bring their world view with them on the court. as long as they rule in good faith and on the basis of the actual law. i hated some of the decisions scalia authored, but he was a legal giant. he was also catholic, and he was confirmed 98-0. again, different time and all that.
  3. damn, that was really tough to watch. as much as i may agree or disagree with a person, i can safely say that i don't wish ill on anyone when it comes to personal health.
  4. nah, there's something more there, imo. it was a day and night switch.
  5. i know the popular answer will be coke, but there's some whiskey mixed in there. i may or may not have seen myself look a bit...rough on a webcam meeting because i may or may not have been a couple beers in on a friday afternoon.
  6. mcconnell isn't pathetic. he's fucking evil, but he gets his house in order. graham is pathetic. the way he rolled over for donald is ridiculous, and it's because he is compromised somehow about something he seems unable to own up to.
  7. no, yours was just the straw. this entire thread is political. yall have made it so. intentionally.
  8. i'll give you my answer publicly, which i related already to you privately, in the interest of full disclosure. this thread is basically political gaslighting. it's the purpose and premise of the entire thread. full stop. these are people who left the cloak room for reasons, and instead reside here, baiting other posters into politics while straddling the line themselves. it's a joke. but even they cannot help being political from time to time. if we are truly to separate CR from DT in an ideological way, then we reach the point of where "what is happening" becomes "why is this happening," it shifts from DT to CR. there's no other way around it. so many posters in this thread with CR takes that are dog whistles. it's ridiculous, and it's been going on a long time, and it's starting to infect other boards as well. look at the college football thread for political hot takes as well. cloak room belongs in cloak room, even if the posters with super non-political opinions don't want to put their political opinions there. jmho.
  9. totally no politics please this entire thread is fucking politics.
  10. seriously, the long game is not long. breanna about an hour ago did a thorough factual takedown of the administration and their officials on their lying and dissembling. this was a revenge move, simple as that. trump directed this person to find a reason to call out keiler because keiler called him out. the math is really simple.
  11. it is, but i took a whole course on vietnam at texas. that war started with ike, then kennedy fell into the same anti-communism trap with cuba, bay of pigs and cuba missile crisis, so it seemed to make sense at the time. the war was absolutely thrust upon johnson. he was extremely transactional in achieving compromise, so it follows that he was willing to trade this new thing (civil rights) for that thing that's already kinda happening (vietnam).
  12. and i'd be willing to bet that it came on the heels of such a discussion with barr or mcconnell about how to effect such a thing. we really have evil homer simpson as president.
  13. today, donald trump conceded that he might not peacefully concede power if he lost the election. but the most important thing for @GRHorn to post about were a few protesters at the rbg memorial. total concern troll.
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