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  1. they are currently ratioing his tweet about masks. it is something to behold.
  2. gov abbott's twitter post about masks is getting ratio'd by....[rechecks ratio].....angry republican supporters. what a world.
  3. yeah, so we took the survey aisd sent. it required us to put in our kids' student id #s. my sons are rising to 7th and 8th grade. we answered "no, we are not comfortable sending kids for face to face instruction" and the reason was "we feel that schools are opening too soon." i mean, asking us about this while cases and hospitalizations are spiraling out of control is madness. had we stayed flat or reduced the curve, i might have had a different opinion, but i simply do not have enough data to ascertain whether it will be safe to send them. i know the school year is coming up, but we need to apply the brakes on this virus somehow, imo.
  4. you know, i've completely normalized in my head the trump flags. aside from how dangerous they are as voters, i never thought about what could happen when they are bereft of their orange deity.
  5. per google maps, that address is now the canadian embassy.
  6. has this been posted? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8473483/Donald-Trumps-retweet-MAGA-fan-yelling-white-power-set-five-alarm-fire-White-House.html hahaha, what?
  7. honestly, the disconnect between opening up and the wearing of masks being politicized is the most frustrating thing about abbott's approach. you stupid fuckstick, listen to the science, make masks mandatory and then open up.
  8. that screams "hey yall, i have a massive problem with cocaine"
  9. well, yeah. i know they cannot be converted. we just need higher vote turnout.
  10. i know you are out there on that ledge, but the cautious optimist in me thinks that texas may be very close to turning blue. maybe not 2020 but 2022 is coming.
  11. for real, i'm right there with you on being relieved.
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