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  1. Fertitta has expressed interest in owning an NHL team before. The current owner of the Coyotes only owns the team so that he can run a sportsbook in Arizona. We'll see how long the other owners put up with him having the team in a 5,000 seat arena before they take it from him. Houston has some hockey history with the WHA & AHL Aeros existing in some form for about 25 years. As long as the team is competitive people will show up and that franchise can't do any worse in Houston than what they've been doing in Phoenix for the last 25 years.
  2. https://gophnx.com/2022/01/27/coyotes-in-advanced-discussions-with-asu-to-use-new-multi-purpose-venue-as-interim-arena-solution/ Coyotes are a complete embarrassment. The sooner this team moves the better
  3. we still have a game against montreal and two against arizona. maybe bones will be fired by then and those won't be as painful
  4. not unsurprising based on earlier news but it's looking like we're going to reach a point where the league has to do something about its current testing procedures and the boys aren't going to get more than one night off the rest of the season
  5. sounds like the monkey may have bitten a kid
  6. I've got some good news https://www.47brand.com/collections/texas-longhorns
  7. meyer was the speaker for a webinar on tuesday https://meederinvestment.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WWiVwcWmTZ-hSdNu9MVtmw
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