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  1. Is it going to be the full, unedited HD version?
  2. Why not expand to 30? More games = more money no doubt...
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/rob-manfred-says-red-sox-033825218.html "Rob Manfred says Red Sox sign-stealing investigation is complete; report to come before season starts" I have the popcorn ready.
  4. Now that the story has changed, it's not that interesting. Of course, none of us were surprised to read it was shut down by the NCAA or by Clemson out of fear of the NCAA. The NCAA would prefer more covid-19 suffering than student-athletes generating money for any cause.
  5. n64ra

    1970 Retrospective

    You know damn well there's a difference between 1970 and 1984, and that's when during the season the Coaches' Poll voted a champion. It'd be one thing if Texas claimed a NC after the second to last Coaches' Poll, but they aren't. Texas fans entering that Cotton Bowl already knew they were champions. Exiting they surely thought, "Sucks we lost our bowl game and the AP title."
  6. n64ra

    1970 Retrospective

    Don't forget those dipshits in Columbus claim 1970 as well from the National Football Foundation.
  7. Good need a collection of best Colt .45s games too
  8. I'm sure this is why BOB traded away Hopkins.
  9. The NBA has a bigger percent of teams make the playoffs than the NHL, 16 out of 30 vs NHL's 16 out of 31 (32 next year).
  10. I thought Galindo was neutered years ago.
  11. Preparing for the 2018 Red Sox report, he is.
  12. He is a cocky bastard, but he has to get arrested to reach Mayfield level.
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