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  1. He is a cocky bastard, but he has to get arrested to reach Mayfield level.
  2. Has Bregman been arrested or is that just Mayfield?
  3. I think every cable company is dropping ESPN Classic. It's more of a VOD thing. Totally agree with the sentiment that it made no sense to cut out sections of the game to fill it in a time slot. Pisses me off that LHN does it for old Longhorn games!
  4. n64ra

    Austin FC

    While they still operate homeaway.com, the company officially uses the name VRBO.
  5. Best comment on that from another source was 'That's clearly the work of the Red Sox. The Astros would have stolen that W!'
  6. My understanding is they came up with the $1k plan to get that idiot catching INTs.
  7. Or any of Tony La Russa's three (1989, 2006, 2011)? Poor Rangers fans on that last one...
  8. n64ra

    Houston Oilers

    I also was there. Hmm, at least I got to see Montana play in person, I guess ?
  9. Last night's TV was boring since this game wasn't on.
  10. I believe he should be entering college in 2028.
  11. Good video. Nice to hear him being positive at the end especially with all the negative parts that could drag him down.
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