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  1. Stanford ain't #5 all time. These programs (plus obviously USC, UT, LSU, and ASU) have more CWS titles than Stanford. Going into CWS runner ups, CWS win percentage, and CWS appearances brings even more teams in over Stanford. Miami 4 Cal St Fullerton 4 Oregon State 3 Minnesota 3
  2. Seems like Philly is better, but I'd prefer the Chiefs to win.
  3. He's not keeping the extra $1M, or more specifically he's on an adjusted payment schedule so the overpayment amount gets recouped by LSU.
  4. Apparently, it's true. Here's what I found from a freedom of info request. Before: After:
  5. Quite different. With Jimbo, it means out of the top 25. Back the 1960s, the AP Poll only went to 20 in 1960, 1968, and 1969 and 10 in other seven years. Texas with Royal started in the top six and dropped out three times - 1960, 1965, and 1967. But you'll note, that only means out of the top 20 once and out of the top 10 twice. The 1960 squad most certainly would have been ranked had the AP Poll gone to 25 because they finished 17th in the Coaches Poll at 7-3-1. That's enough to break the three times, but the 1965 and 1967 squads also have a decent argument at finishing in the top 25. They both finished 6-4, which may translate to a modern day 8-5. You'll see the 2022 Horns are ranked #25 at 8-5 in this year's final AP Poll.
  6. While I don't want a bowl game in Austin, I am surprised there isn't one. Feels like every city has a bowl game.
  7. This will never get old.
  8. RIP Coach Leach. One of my favs who didn't coach the Horns. His ability to beat the Aggies was amazing, and of course so was his humor. Then more importantly, sounds like he was a great husband, father, and a leader of players.
  9. I'm certainly okay with his ass being fired. WTF. You can't choke people and be head coach. If convicted, Chris can continue to wear orange.
  10. n64ra

    Facing Nolan

    Watched this. It was awesome.
  11. I'm surprised this game isn't the last of the season those these two especially since Mizzou left the conference a decade ago. Seems like it to ought to be. Anyway, KU is ending the 13 game win streak in four days!
  12. OSU almost always blows it against OU. How did you lose this one and by so much?
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