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  1. I can also live with that. Pick whoever you want for the other two losses. Bama and ULM lets Texas go undefeated in conference play but makes for a very shitty September. BU and OSU are realistic losses but might keep us out of the CCG (say BU only loses to OSU and OSU only loses to OU).
  2. How about ... Would y'all still take 9-3 right now, if one of the three losses was UTSA?
  3. 9-3 is very optimistic. Way more than I am.
  4. I'm sure Kyler will do his four hours like I do my conference calls - with the video open in the background but surly open in the foreground.
  5. Allegiant must be expensive if the league hasn't signed it yet.
  6. Is this going to the Olympics within the decade?
  7. Well, you know where Kliff attended college so....
  8. JJ is good. Anyone figure out how twitter decides an image of shoes deserves the "The following media includes potentially sensitive content." message?
  9. Are those from shutterstock?
  10. Too close to the neighbor's house for my liking. That's why I only bid on entire Hawaiian islands like Larry Ellison.
  11. Of course we are. Everyone loves to blame the best.
  12. Using 2025 numbers, I have SEC: 16 Big 10: 16 ACC: 14 Big 12: 12 Pac-12: 10 Notre Dame For a total of 69 teams. The five to dump (just thinking football) are what? Wake Forest, Rutgers, Kansas, Duke, Syracuse?
  13. I can't fathom being so bad that a team would pick Watson with his legal situation AND pay $10M for you to leave.
  14. Maybe I should have said "Stanford and/or Cal." It doesn't make sense to me to expand west and skip the whole state of California. Utah can't provide much as the Big 12 is already getting BYU. Don't need both Arizona and ASU to claim the state for TV markets. So why not initially target UW UO CU One of Zona or ASU One of Stanford or Cal Another Pac-12 school - If this is ASU or Utah, it's still after a California-based school
  15. If the Big 12 wants six Pac-12 leftovers, why would Utah and Arizona State be selected over Stanford? Is it assuming Stanford would decline?
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