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  1. APL is getting it, well, on DVD. https://austin.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S67C2196526
  2. If I was a Mets fan, I'd complain too. Aaron Judge really did so much for his country during the WBC like that pussy Altuve did. And you're the only one comparing it to spring training. Everybody else understand the difference.
  3. The WBC sucked because Altuve (and maybe Tucker) got injured. Can't have a full speed tournament right before a season starts. While it would be tough to have the WBC right after a season ends, that gives more recovery time for injuries sustained during it. Players injured during the MLB season would have to miss the WBC.
  4. If aggy was a 4 seed this year, they probably would have had to play Furman in the first round.
  5. I heard aggy was supposed to be seeder higher. LOL.
  6. That made me laugh more than it should. From the article: "A very serious and embarrassingly exhaustive survey of the 30 MLB teams could identify only one other team that regularly makes its players pay: the Reds."
  7. Still lower than my high school ERA.
  8. What's that age cut-off? Asking for a friend who plays basketball pretty well.
  9. Wow, the USA games start at 9pm ET or 10pm ET. They don't want most of the country to watch?
  10. Relatives even - cousins or second cousins?
  11. I like to make fun of aggy as much as anyone, but I see the NCAA losing that battle in the courts within the next decade.
  12. I'd prefer LSU to lose in the regionals.
  13. I have this thing of beauty saved in the closet.
  14. I've heard that too. Even my 8 year old put that together. How did aggy marketing not?
  15. Interesting. The March 31 comment seemed pretty dire. But AT&T SportsNet will operate in 2023?
  16. Time for an update from Feb 13.
  17. I like 1 and 2 but don't want 3 and 4. Four means you can't even spike the ball to stop the clock? If 4 passes, I bet teams get 10 timeouts per half.
  18. n64ra

    2023 NCAA Baseball

    Go Seattle U later tonight!
  19. I wonder what happens when a program that hasn't lost a conference title in men's swimming and diving since 1979 joins the SEC.
  20. And back to back wins over tu in club hockey, as we just learned.
  21. This is pure gold!! "We have been in a higher, more competitive football division for 12 years and we still frequently beat them in other sports, with recent back to back wins in our hockey games against them on Jan. 28 and 29." LOL Hockey? The club sport? How about all time records in NCAA sports? "Why be a crazy ex-girlfriend when we were the hotter partner to begin with?" You'll never change, aggy. We're living in the author's head.
  22. Had to google 'disconcerting signals' just now like I had to back in 2015. "This penalty is very rarely called because it's a move that players seldom attempt." Thanks, Charlie for doing something unique! https://www.rookieroad.com/football/disconcerting-acts-or-signals-penalty/
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