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  1. Somewhere between three-fitty and 11870.
  2. This is an interesting post. The VP has Constitutional authority to sideline Mitch. Here is the article https://gregolear.substack.com/p/whos-afraid-of-mitch-mcconnell
  3. Pretty good take on how Gen. Milley's refusal to use the military for civilian protest control led to the current state of events. Read the whole thread.
  4. That was my first thought when I read it. If he is running in 2024, he is admitting he lost 2020.
  5. Most of the ones I know that went to Parler are a blend of #1 and #4.
  6. I'd like to see Cornyn try and knock door to door in a Laredo barrio. Fucker would be scared shitless.
  7. So, is "hunt her slap top" the new "butter emails"?
  8. Voted today at South Park Meadows. Line was decent at 10:30am, about 20 minutes total time.
  9. Trump game thread of insanity out front should have told you.
  10. I always just assume that it means secret code for "we are not just going to ream your ass, but will also tickle your balls and throw in some car mats".
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