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  1. We’ve jus this week started to also look at some lots with old, small houses in neighborhoods we like for eventual tear down and builds. Let me know if I have process here about right assuming we don’t have architect/builder lined up yet: 1. Buy new property as investment property, rent it out if it makes sense. 2. Get the plans done with architect/builder 3. Go get construction to permanent loan to lock in mortgage rate when build done, which will take out initial mortgage and finance the build. Would need to put 20% down on that aggregate value I assume (remaining mortgage +
  2. It was legit. Proof of cash, etc. I know the buyer’s agent well. It’s happening all over our neighborhood in the ‘33. These are strange times, though. And if you can’t buy before you sell, don’t sell.
  3. Interestingly, it appears they are unlikely friends given her defense of Gaetz when the Nestor stuff first came out. Swingers before party, I guess.
  4. We got an unsolicited full cash as is offer for our house at about 30% more than I would have been thrilled to sell at last summer. The problem is we have nowhere to go.
  5. Our realtor is Realty Austin and they pointed us to Homeward, who were on top of things on the offer we put in last month. I was a little concerned that having someone else put in the cash offer would slow things down, but they got the job done. We just couldn't compete on price. Homeward was meant for folks that need to sell their house first before they buy, but we, and others are using it to get a cash offer on the table in this ridiculous market.
  6. The Duke Kentucky game had a lot more ancillary stuff going for it even if not final four. It was Kentucky “Unforgettables”, Laettner was perfect 10-10 FG, 10-10 FT and both teams made multiple shots in the last 30 or so seconds. This is there with it though.
  7. Yeah... this voter suppression is coming to Texas. The problem is all the talk coming from Dell and American Airlines etc aren’t going to be backed by any action, I’m afraid. Need to line up a Wendy Davis filibuster unless they’ve changed rules to prevent it.
  8. I am watching it. The Watkins pair weird me out. And they seem to be constantly fucking with the narrator which pisses me off for some reason. I hope it pays off.
  9. Baylor got hosed. What a horrible no call.
  10. Just joined. In for the Tesla next week. Surprised these guys don’t have competitors popping up. Has anyone done the math on how the yield goes down for deposits over $25k? Or does it? Seems like a weird disincentive bit maybe there is too much risk with all of those tickets out there. But blended return should still be just a really high yield account.
  11. Have been silently tracking this thread as we try to upgrade houses in Austin (yeah... I know). Just lost out on a house where part of the winning offer (all cash, from the UK) was $20K option period money for a 3 day period. I was pissed having to put up $2K in our offer. It's the fricking option period. We got a cash offer on our house that isn't even on market yet that was 25% above what I would have been happy to sell at last summer. But there is nowhere to go right now (particularly if you want to move *into* town).
  12. It's 60 votes to override the filibuster. Once they stop filibustering, it's just a majority.
  13. So Oliver's specialty is the follow up when someone takes the bait. And I do not think Tucker is going to ignore this. I agree Tucker's audience isn't going to be swayed, but Oliver is just going to dig in at the white supremacy angle. Tucker sent an army of incels to harass Taylor Lorenz. Oliver has his own internet army. This could get fun.
  14. 79 Bitch-essssss!! (Middle fingers to the sky). I lost it.
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