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  1. Apologies. I meant the hype that there was some huge spoiler from the past future movies in episode 1.
  2. I am curious how anything in that episode was a spoiler. But whatever. Also, I thought they were dropping two episodes?
  3. I saw that farm scene from the beginning as having been in the past. They said she was "building" the tower, but now the tower seems already built. Catching up on thread -- yeah, they are playing with timelines a bit. As long as it doesn't pull any cheap Westworld tricks, I'll allow it.
  4. Ball Don’t Lie equivalent of coaching means Dicker will miss this.
  5. Seems like Orlando stopped DB blitzes and all of sudden we can stop teams. Huh The combination of Bob Cole and our drunk/asleep scoreboard operator is a beating.
  6. During the halftime distinguished alumni acknowledgments, Bob Cole definitely called the Precursors the Persecutors. Jesus, dude. Hang it up.
  7. He grabs a phone right after Finn leaves the room like he is going to call someone after Finn blurts our they are going to kill a fascist. Looked suspicious.
  8. Nite Owl is in jail. That’s why Keene said if he was president he could even pardon that owl out of its cage or something like that.
  9. Yeah, that may have been the case that broke the supreme court. I was a 1L in Law School the year after, and it read like bizarro world.
  10. I'm leaning toward Roberts doing the right thing. But Trump has three votes in the bag (Kavanaugh, Thomas, Alito) regardless of the law. Would be awesome if they don't even grant cert.
  11. I'll be curious to see when the next season starts given some of the "real" people in this show and what happened to them in history. I didn't realize Brilliant Chang was a real person. I think Michael is too obvious, but at the same time, if it is anyone else, it will feel like a cheat (Polly) or not weighty enough (Charlie, the soccer player guy, Churchill (ironically)). I wonder if we are going to find out the Michael's wife has a familiar maiden name. There is certainly a knowing glance between her and Mosely at the party. I took it that they were just going to hook up. I guess it may have been something else. Chances she is in on it, but not Michael? The arc with the guy fixing the soccer matches was weird. What is he so scared of the second time we see him when asked to go after referees? Is he just not "in the life"? I needed more there. Rest of the season was great. That arc was just incomplete somehow, or not flushed out enough at the start.
  12. I was thinking -- if this show continues on this pace of quality, Lindelof has found himself a nice little niche -- continuation of popular literary materials. Leftovers Season 1 was good, but far inferior to 2 and 3, which were extensions of the source material that 1 was based on. Watchmen is an extension of source material from the very beginning. Someone give him Handmaids Tale so he can course correct. I enjoyed the episode. It seemed obvious Senator is tied to 7th Kavalry in some way. It might as well have been Sheriff Bart pulling the gun on himself to escape the stage in Blazing Saddles. I liked the misdirect of Laurie shooting him anyway. - I agree with Veidt theory above that he is in some kind of prison not on earth/not in this dimension. - Senator Keene-- related to Keene Act I presume. They haven't gotten into that in much detail yet. - Nice callout of the motel - Black Freighter Inn, or somesuch.... I'll spoil this question in case it screws up a reveal to folks that haven't read/seen original.
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