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  1. So i binged watched this and found it incredibly well done. A comment and a question: - I’m guessing the reason the shitty detective still has his job is because of a police union, which also makes me think that’s the reason the bad apples bounce from place to place. ques - I’m generally curious why the Brydon dude took such a big interest. Was he footing legal bills and whatnot? Just didn’t really understand what his motive is/was if any(other than Kelley getting exonerated)
  2. Thanks for all of the replies - Trotters office hasn't called me back and I had a buddy help me get into his guy(Freidman at Urology Austin in RR). Good dude and they were well organized. Doesn't look like anything major or worrisome. So crisis averted.
  3. Shit, I’m def not Derka, I’d have written an essay on here. I don’t post often here but I read damn near everything. I’m not embarrassed to have one nut, I just tell the ladies it’s more aerodynamic. now if I lose my other one then holy hell. That just can’t happen. Fml thanks everyone for the recs. I do mean it It’s a weird thing to be able to come to a board that I frequent daily and ask for help, but I knew this would be the place.
  4. Thanks for the names. I’ll be reaching out to them. As always, the surly is good people and also assholes who make me laugh.
  5. Searched and didn't find anything specific. I'm a Dallas transplant that has been in Austin for last 4 years but haven't had the need for a Urologist. Long story short, I've had testicular cancer 10 years ago. I've got a new issue that's popped up and need to get into one soon. Don't think it's anything cancer related, but when you're already down a soldier, everything stresses you out more. Who here on Surly has a Urologist they like and trust? I'm in North Austin/RR area, but I'm willing to drive to see a reputable one. Thanks in advance!
  6. Selling my 2 tickets - $600 for the pair. Cheaper than Stubhub currently. Live in Pflugerville and can meet in person.
  7. Only 1 Texas Fight done and that was before the game. Numerous chances to do it in 3rd and 4th quarters, especially with all of the long TV timeouts. Also - Can we changeup the sing along song from Journey? That’s two weeks in a row and it loses its fun and impact too! Last bitch - the stupid fucking Kendra Scott thing. It’s god awful Overall a fun atmosphere, but not on par with ND game. The first half play dictated some of that.
  8. Buddy got tickets next to his seats for this same amount so just trying to make this an even trade off. These are my season tickets. I love the seats - they are actual chairbacks. I am in Pflugerville, but can meet and hand off hard tickets or do electronic. Must be sold to a Longhorn fan. $600 firm for the pair
  9. How crowded are these busses after the game? Is it a shitshow or pretty reliable. I didn’t mess with another year of purple parking so I’m thinking about trying this out.
  10. I was reading on the ps vue faqs and it looks like this applies to ABC and NBC locally(assuming you’re in Austin)
  11. So I'm at the point of cutting the cord on U-verse(no NBC or NFL + stupidly high cost) but I will keep them as my internet provider(only other option is Suddenlink). If I keep them as my provider, does that give me access to LHN via ESPN Watch or do I have to have a tv package through U-verse? I'm going between Vue and YTTV and this might make the choice for me.
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