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  1. Yes. When the Pedo st asshole shoved him after the free throw and the refs just swallowed their whistle
  2. Also. The state tourney in San Antonio isn’t changing because the UIL execs get to go on vacation to San Antonio for 2 weeks. Staying on our tax dollars at the nicest hotels. it belongs in Austin, but SXSW and hotel availability killed that. Would love to see it somewhere with some actual atmosphere and not at the Alamodome.
  3. I went to Duncanville in the 90’s, mom was a teacher there and dad was an administrator, but I’ll try and be unbiased. The girls team, or head coach, has recruited and been caught multiple times. She needs to go. The boys team was punished for the coach following a court order that said Black could play. The UIL is run by a bunch of crooks who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. The UIL told Duncanville if they didn’t accept their title being stripped and no postseason this year, that they were going to dig and find something with football. This was in the midst of football starting the playoffs and being one of the faves(which they won). In short, women’s suspension was more correct due to multiple recruiting issues. Boys was pure bullshit. Since when does the UIL take precedent over a state judge? Both teams would have won championships this year. Just my opinion.
  4. I was in 212 and swear I saw this couple walk in. But damn it was a sausage party and the hot womenz pickings were slim. Show was great though! One complaint. We were entertaining a customer and they wanted something to eat around 8:15. Walk out to get pizza rolls or something for them, and they shut the hot food down at 8, for a concert that started at 7:30 and went to 10:45pm. Fucking ridiculous
  5. Will reiterate, but add, being overweight with bad feet and you can ride the golf carts in about 2-3 mins. Pro tip
  6. So you saw all of 6 games? He didn’t play his senior year and only played in 6 games his junior year. I guess articles written by Bohls or Golden is the affirmation you need. Make no mistake, I’m not sold on Ewers, but you need to fact check yourself first.
  7. Lurker since day 1 but never paid attention to Helobius predictions haha. Has he gotten any correct?
  8. Those might be the worst predictions I’ve ever seen.
  9. Man that guy is awful to listen to If anyone finds a stream like the Westlake one for the Duncanville game, a share would be greatly appreciated
  10. Duncanville woke up at half. I left a bit ago and it was 35-3.
  11. This right here. Their tacos fly under the radar for sure.
  12. Go check out TickPick. No fees so you pay the price you see. I grabbed a pair on there for this game. Needed a certain section, so it worked out. I checked for 3 and there are some good deals to be had.
  13. It’s like the longest run on sentence I’ve ever watched. Why can I not stop myself? The fucking idiots that bow at his feet. Fuck there are some serious mental health issues
  14. Remind me to never trick or treat at your house. Damn tier 3 candy giver.
  15. 40-19 Texas win Def allows 283 yards and Ryan Watts exacts revenge for the missed sack with a pick six and a sack
  16. Texas 39 Bama 38 Mullet with 338 total yards we win on a kick by Auburn to beat Bama because of the irony. But Auburn misses 2 extra points.
  17. The way this announcer pronounces Martin is annoying af. Can they not find someone to enunciate the T also. LT with two quick strikes
  18. Right there with you. About a block north of Lake Pflugerville and I swear there is a vortex over here that just dissipates any storms or rain. Frustrating. Last Friday was the only really good rain. I’m hoping we are out of this cycle and the wet weather will continue.
  19. I do love the fact that Beto lives rent free in all of the GQP’s tiny little brains
  20. Flipped over to see the Fox narrative. Infuriating to say the least. They are going to ultimately lay this on a teacher.
  21. HalfSack Horn


    Can you explain this ATX Bud Tenders? Can I just call them and order? Would love something this easy, but it feels weird in Texas. Have you used them? Also - to whichever poster originally posted about the Hometown Hero D9 gummies. Bravo. Good stuff. My local Lazydaze carries them and they don’t mark up.
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