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  1. Zone 9, Bermuda (not sure what type). I was also thinking Octoberish, but didn’t want to miss the window. I had a big problem with poa annua this year, so want to get ahead of it for next year.
  2. This is the first year I plan to use a pre-emergent (prodiamine) beginning with the fall application. How do you know when to put it down? Everything I’ve read says to get it down before soil temps reach 70 in the fall, so would anytime before that work? How far in advance of 70 degrees would be too soon? thanks
  3. The same sort of thing happens at my parents house! Except not pretzels, they find almonds in random spots in their basement. My SiL is convinced the basement is haunted and will not set foot down there. Works out fine for me, my pops and bro. We have a pretty sweet man cave set up down there, that any inhabiting ghost is welcome to hang out in when it’s not in use
  4. Just moved into a new home and looking to put up something in the garage or patio area. I remember somebody on this site doing custom pieces made from old pallets. He made a large Longhorn logo for someone that turned out great. Anyone know who I’m referring to or have any other recommendations on where I can have something like this done? Thanks
  5. Any chance you have Nest cameras set up inside/outside your home? They eat up a big chunk of data due to them continuously recording and uploading to cloud. I have an Xfinity cap in my area as well and this was a big reason why I chose to go with Ring devices.
  6. Which sections are you guys buying tickets in? Which side of Jerryworld is supposed to be the Texas side (if any)? Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread, mods please move if so. Thanks
  7. What sections are you guys buying tickets? Is there a specific Texas side of the stadium?
  8. My wife and I are hoping to be first time homeowners in the next 12 months or so. Problem is, neither of us are very knowledgeable in the buying process, how to choose a lender, etc. We are pretty stable financially, no debt besides car payments, and have money saved for a down payment. Are there any resources or books out there that can better educate us on this adventure?
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