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  1. Cod, asparagus, Bacon's wrapped shrimps : teaching the kid to cook Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah, since the Super Bowl, I've watched the Ken Burn's Doc. And about 100 replays on the MLB network. Nothing else much on a Sunday. Did try NASCAR a couple of times, but it didn't hold the boys interest much after about 30 laps.
  3. Whats worse is they're blacked out in DFW too, but aren't on any local stations (The Rangers are on FSSW, so I can stream those).
  4. Until covid, I used to enjoy shopping with my wife. But we have small children. So now we split it up. I go and buy meats and veggies. Then she gets pretty much every thing else while I watch baseball with the kids
  5. Yeah I was thinking that as soon as I put it on FSSW and the Mavs were on
  6. Thanks. I've literally never been on this channel
  7. That makes sense. I just automatically assumed since Minor is pitching it would be Mathis
  8. Other than Choo at DH (wherever in ht LU) I don't mind that at all Weird thinking of Odor at the 3 spot for me
  9. Time to put in Mathis. Our power hitter
  10. So there was a fight in the Dodgers/ Astros game. God I wish these games were on at the same time
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