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  1. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. Especially since our living room is open to the kitchen. So using voice commands is pretty much impossible.
  2. I too switched to voice commands for our main TV. Works great when my wife, 6 year old boy, and 1 year old are all talking at the same time. Then they can't understand why dad stood up and said "Can yall shut the fuck up for 15 god damn seconds???" okay, well, the one year old probably doesn't understand. But the other two should know. since we go through it every.single.god.damn night
  3. She was the one with the Astros thing too right?
  4. well, I'm back at work now. But my wife is working from home which pretty nice. What I really enjoyed was during the day at 4:30, I would crack open a beer and watch the baby (1 year old) crawl/walk around her room throwing stuff.
  5. If your wife is going to the store and you need coffee. And you specify which three brands of coffee you like. Just get the cheapest of these three. Which one do you think she will purchase. The answer is none. You will none of those three
  6. Some fun in Sunday with the six year old boy. Teaching about all things fried. Wasn't sure how it would turn out so I also cooked a rib eye.... You know just case. Catfish, shrimp. Steak. Potatoes were not mine. Purchased from market streets deli. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. And so short sighted - They could have close to a 3 month monopoly on televised sports. ESPN and other sports networks would only have MLB to report on. Maybe people who don't follow baseball that much will finally figure out who Mike Trout is
  8. You don't think he got one of his cousins pregnant st some point? I'm guessing they have less of a "Family Tree" and more of "Entangled Vines."
  9. Half cent sales tax hike (instead of for DART) 2% hotel & 5% car rental tax. Taxpayers paid for approximately $300M of the 1.2B price tag. Compared with $500M for the new Rangers Ballpark. However, they were able to pay off most of the debt for the Jerryworld early so I don't think taxes went up much
  10. ^^^^ Is someone going to join so we can see what they're saying?
  11. Is GBI the equivalent of our Texas Rangers without being as badass?
  12. Was in a field at 121 and Independence. I was actually driving back to work and saw about 10 cop vehicles parked in the field facing north and though. You know I bet they know the exact flight plan. Pulled in and the flew directly over me. It was awesome
  13. fuck, you've seen my pans. They mostly come from walmart or Big Lots. Think I can spot something fancy, like the shit that comes from Macy's or something?
  14. So. saucing my wife would like SICL. Saucing South Austins Mom - HSS??
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