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  1. You guys really blue yourselves.
  2. You know, Ennio Morricone has done a lot of incredible stuff. Same for John Williams. It’s a different conversation, but as far as composers go, both will be incredible losses when they happen. Both are old as shit, too.
  3. Midnight Blue kind of night.
  4. I agree that South Rim is the better hike over Emory.
  5. Since it’s the start of peregrine season, that is^^
  6. Man, that is not a good angle for that car. Looks horrible there.
  7. Yeah, it can be quite the undertaking. I’ve done South Rim in a day but did Emory on day 2 of a backpacking trip. It would definitely take all day. The South Rim views are better though, especially if you go up via Pinnacles since you don’t get a preview (if you take Boot Canyon all the way, which you’ll have to starting Feb. 1 anyway since Rita Peregrine season).
  8. Well, for South Rim you will pass the side trail to Emory (if you do it as a loop which you should), so if you can handle it all in a day I would recommend it, so that you could explore a different part of the park the next day.
  9. Page Gilmour Neil Dylan Willie Eddie Booker T Probably others I can’t remember now
  10. https://it.motorsport.com/f1/news/mercedes-resta-in-f1-e-hamilton-firma-fino-al-2022/4668430/ Looking more and more likely that everything stays in place for Mercedes.....
  11. How have I missed this thread?! No matter, I’m here now.
  12. Only time will tell!
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