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  1. That is a fine cactus. The rest is cool too, I suppose.
  2. I had to cancel a southern Utah trip at the end of April. Pretty sad about it. Going to have to plan a 2 week adventure in the southwest (hopefully) later this year instead. Also, I am going to need to watch this again. Thanks, Biff.
  3. Pfft, the California ain’t even the best looking 250! The SWB Berlinetta and Lusso are, for my money.
  4. Hell, I was only alive for the release of two of mine, and I was less than a year old for both. I got a lot of listening habits from my dad’s CD collection. My mom had sold 95% of the vinyl by then or I’d have listened to more I’m sure.
  5. I don’t play much (need to pickup the guitar again), and things are fluid, but my top ten is probably something like this: 1. Texas Flood - SRV 2. Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin 3. Townes Van Zandt - Townes Van Zandt 4. London Calling - The Clash 5. Blue Train - John Coltrane 6. In Step - SRV 7. Doolittle - Pixies 8. Meddle - Pink Floyd 9. Midnight Blue - Kenny Burrell 10. Time Out - Brubeck I was tempted to put Band Of Gypsys too because that one slams and goes hard. Peak Hendrix for me.
  6. Anton Chigurh


    Let’s bring this back since we are in quarantineland. Busted out the UD One Step version of Texas Flood tonight. Y’all got anything cool recently?
  7. I mean, a new Camry V6 outperforms most cars from the 90s and older these days. Doesn’t seem to have affected the market. People will still want the cars, they’ll just be cheaper.
  8. Monaco was actually completely canceled. All other races besides Melbourne still in postponed status.
  9. That inspired me to look for the earliest photo of Number One, which seems to be this. Still has white pick guard and seems to still have the right handed trem (he may be holding it).
  10. Watched “When Dallas Rocked” on KERA just now. They showed a few photos of SRV playing at Lee Park in Irving in 1980. You can see an earlier, less-worn Number One.
  11. Anton Chigurh

    Led Zeppelin

    This is my favorite. The whole show is great of course. Jimmy in his mother-made argyle.
  12. The FIA is such a boondoggle.
  13. It’s just called Ford Performance now.
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