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  1. Mentioned already, but These count too I guess:
  2. Man, this sucks ass. RIP, Dusty.
  3. I can get behind this, but WRT to club racing, I will say that it is such a hugely different ballgame that I would expect them to treat incidents almost completely different from F1.
  4. I’m not trying to turn this into another pissing match, because the race happened over a week ago and we had this discussion then, so I’ll say a few words and then I’m on to Hungary. 1) Firstly, there is no actual obligation to make the apex. It is not a rule. James Allison pointed this out himself in the Mercedes debrief video. When two cars battle, they will both deviate from the ideal line anyway to make room for each other (see Luffield, literally two corners before, where none of them made the apex). The trajectory that both cars were taking meant that they were likely always going to crash unless one of them backed out. They didn’t. Max even opened his steering up mid corner as if he saw Lewis, but then turned right back in as if he had expected him to back out of it (which he has in every other assertive instance with Max this year to avoid a collision, such as Imola and Spain). 2) The opinion that it is a racing incident doesn’t mean we think that it was “Max’s fault”. It means that we think they are both to blame equally, even though “responsible” is probably a better word, since it wasn’t intentional from either side. Even the stewards ruling doesn’t say that Hamilton was deemed fully at fault, only predominantly, leaving Max a bit culpable as-is. 2) Alonso, Leclerc, Rosberg, Peter Windsor, Tom Kristensen, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, JPM, Jolyon Palmer, Chandhok, Mika Salo (who gave Lewis the goofy penalties for the practice start incidents in Sochi last year), Honda F1 managing director Mashashi Yamamoto, and various others believe it to be a racing incident, so to say that the people who take that stance are wrong or are showing a lack of knowledge is somewhat comical. There are obviously some drivers/pundits that felt otherwise, but it is clearly split. 4) This is the most polarizing F1 incident in quite a while, and not many people are going to easily change their mind on it, in either direction.
  5. MF just hits different. Wonderful. And that storefront shot is perfect for Portra.
  6. As said above, it can easily cost a million just to construct all the parts to put a car together. They of course have spares of everything, but they still have to now spend more time and money to replace those. Something like a monocoque takes a TON of labor hours to layup carbon for (though it’s possible they may not make a new one if they feel that they have enough current extras, since most teams are carrying over monocoques from last year because of the token system). Outside of the straight cash cost, all labor time they spend doing those things they can’t use doing other things or building improved parts. All of that said, the actual biggest issue would be if the power unit is not still usable. That would cause them to have to take an engine penalty later. But, we will see.
  7. No, this year. $145m.
  8. Jolyon Palmer always has solid analysis. This was a good one. Gives good insight into what drivers are probably thinking at certain times. I had also forgotten about that Grojean/Sainz incident in 2018.
  9. Or cover some Muse tracks.
  10. This is actually a great synopsis: Copied text, bold emphasis mine: Verstappen vs Hamilton: • ⁠Verstappen ran wide in turn 1 to hold onto P1 at the start of the race: https://i.imgur.com/ontotHf.jpg • ⁠If Verstappen and Hamilton's positions were reversed in this position: https://i.imgur.com/I0yxBot.jpg Verstappen would have 100% dive bombed and forced his way through aggressively. • ⁠Verstappen defended out of turn 5 and then moved across (angling his car at Hamilton) and had a tiny tiny bit of contact down the straight towards turn 6: https://i.imgur.com/krv4YuI.jpg • ⁠At this point here https://i.imgur.com/iH6i7Ug.jpg Verstappen knew Hamilton was alongside so he knew that he had to give Hamilton room as per the rules, yet at this point: https://i.imgur.com/kSSHM6q.jpg he thought Hamilton had yielded and went for the turn in without thinking. Verstappen lifts off much earlier for the corner as you can see https://i.imgur.com/YT5PZyR.jpg Hamilton is very very easily alongside as shown in this edit: https://i.imgur.com/1VZiqUc.jpg but they are taking different lines into the corner because of the speed & position they are in, their lines are bound to cross: https://i.imgur.com/InrigS0.jpg, Verstappen had a lot more room that he could have given: https://i.imgur.com/sZyGIYI.jpg. Both drivers could have avoided the accident, Verstappen could have given more room and ran to the outside and ran over the run off. I'm just glad both drivers are okay. If we look at Barcelona earlier in the year, the race yesterday or even Imola... Verstappen has been on the same position as Hamilton was today and he never backed out of any of them. Instead Hamilton backed out to avoid the accidents; something which Verstappen could have done today. Lando vs Hamilton • ⁠Lando was also in Verstappens position and he backed out of it as Hamilton had got along side much earlier on in the straight Leclerc vs Hamilton • ⁠Leclerc in Verstappens position gave Hamilton the room he deserved, given that he was along side and he tried to stick it out on the outside of the corner to see if he can defend in that corner. He couldn't and he ran wide. Beautifully handled and unfortunate that he had a snap of the rear. Alonso vs Vettel: 2014 • ⁠Alonso, who was in Verstappens position backed out of the corner much much earlier because he knew the car on the inside (Vettel) had the position claimed already.
  11. Lewis has backed out of every single close incident with Max so far this season (Imola, Barcelona T1, other smaller incidents), until today. I can’t even recall a single time that Max has yielded, ever. He’s the most aggressive driver on the grid. Hell, even just two corners earlier Lewis gave tons of room at Brooklands.
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