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  1. It’s definitely light as hell. The scales are also just a little bit wider than the metal frame only regular model which gives it slightly more to grip.
  2. It is, but using the texture slider in the negative direction is what was created for skin smoothing. It is also to enhance stuff going the other way. Texture is a more subtle version of clarity that mostly adjusts mid tone contrast and sharpness. Clarity increases global contrast and makes images very punchy. These tools are in Lightroom and ACR, but I haven’t seen them on built in camera settings (I shoot Canon).
  3. That is fair, I guess I just didn’t really like how he came off/presented himself.
  4. Thank fuck. I guess it honestly doesn’t really matter, but he’s a blowhard.
  5. It has been a while since we got a shoey!
  6. PSA, Leeks are on sale today on Amazon. I grabbed another regular one to throw in the camping box, and the carbon fiber handle one with the better CPM-154 steel, which is at its lowest price ever. https://www.amazon.com/Kershaw-1660CF-Stonewashed-Reversible-Pocketclip/dp/B06XFGY89C Orange handle https://www.amazon.com/Kershaw-1660OR-Bead-Blasted-High-Performance-SpeedSafe/dp/B00AU6NJLG
  7. I think it’s because he takes a lot of pride in clean racing. If you think about it, he doesn’t really have many incidents with contact. Even if it was minor and pretty much a racing incident, it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t tried the move, so he wanted to put it out there. He pretty much implied after the race that he wouldn’t have tried that in a normal situation, but did so because he had nothing to lose and gave it everything.
  8. Looks like Sainz will keep his 3rd place.
  9. They did penalize Lewis. For now, Sainz has 3rd, but it looks like he used DRS illegally twice, so Kimi may actually end up on the podium. I know Lewis admitted it was his fault, but I think that, and the Ricciardo incident, were both racing incidents.
  10. Yep, it was great. That was my only complaint too, was that you could tell they were going slow sometimes.
  11. It’s pretty vague. The “bumps or the track”. I think it was probably the sausage curb they installed at T8 was it? Also, another TD issued. This one is for preventing any flammable liquid from the cooling systems being used for combustion. I guess the current thought it that Ferrari may somehow have oil in the intercoolers or somehow leech it into them (or maybe even coolant from an air-to-water cooler) in Q and they combust it for more powah similar to the oil burning from the past few years.
  12. Lincoln NF/Cloudcroft, Mesa Verde/SW Colorado could work, but it’ll be pretty dang cold.
  13. So, previously, Bridgestone made super durable tires that could be pushed on and not fall off a cliff. However, this was also during the refueling era, so cars were going to have to pit anyway. We have much more range in tire compound options now. Back then, it was just “prime/option/wet” essentially. Because the ranges of each of the compounds are more limited, and they are chosen months in advance, sometimes you get races where tires die quickly, or where they will try and run long and conserve to avoid a second (or third) pit stop. Back then, you also qualified on the fuel you were going to start the race with. Now, you qualify in Q2 on the tire you start the race with. That leads to most teams starting on the softest tire which will not last that long since they’re used, on a heavy car, and the shortest lasting anyway, which also makes strategy options more limited. 2 stop races don’t leave much open to strategy as much as 3 stop races do. Yes, there were a few times along the way where Pirelli really screwed up the tire construction itself (first half of 2013 and the first half of 2018 come to mind), but overall it’s not as bad as people make it seem. They generally make what F1 has asked them to make.
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