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  1. China (April 11) was canceled, so Imola (April 18) was added and split the difference between China’s date and the already canceled Vietnam race slot (April 25), then the Vietnam slot was then given to Portimão (May 2nd), one week later than the original date. There are like 3 back-to-back to-backs later in the year though. The second half of the schedule after the summer break is loaded. I bet we still lose a few races, however. Canada probably isn’t likely to happen.
  2. Well this is an old thread resurrection! Can’t remember if I posted this one.
  3. They made him seem pretty intimidating to work for in DTS. I don’t know how much of that is real, but yeah.
  4. Bracketing! One may be good enough, or you can make a composite image with them. LR and PS have great native tools for this.
  5. Hamilton was also faster in S3.
  6. Just saying, it’s not as if F1 is the only one. It was only at one corner this weekend, too, which is what F1 typically does, track depending (maybe 2 or 3 in some cases). It just doesn’t really bother me that much. Edit: I think a lot of the consternation about this recently is because Michael Masi is a shit race director. Yes, this stuff happened sometimes when Charlie was the race director, but I think that Masi just doesn’t do a good job at conveying and clarifying what he actually means. They seem to miss a lot of little details in the race notes and in the drivers’ meetings, then *is
  7. Not really. There is definitely a precedent. Look at this from 2008. Hamilton got a 25 second penalty (would have been a drive thru but the race was over, so that’s why the time is odd) for the incident at 1:50, because it was determined that he didn’t give the position back up for long enough. Kimi later crashed out, and Hamilton finished 3rd retroactively. This even led to the FIA stating that you had to wait one corner after giving a position back before making another overtake attempt. This penalty was pretty dang harsh. It’s funny seeing these Niki Lauda comments, cause you could
  8. If you guys do have F1TV, the F2 races are worth watching. The cars are spec, though they can tune some things, and some teams are better than others. Some drivers to watch this year: Oscar Piastri - Prema - Part of Alpine driver academy, won F3 last year. Is an Aussie, and Mark Webber is his manager. He’s really good. Guanyu Zhou - UNI Virtuosi - Chinese, part of the Alpine driver academy. 3rd year in F2. Liam Lawson - Hitech - New Zealander. Part of Red Bull academy. First year in F2. Jüri Vips - Hitech- Estonian. Part of Red Bull academy. First full year in F2. Robert Shwartzman
  9. Also, for the hassle of having to sell a lens for probably not what it might be worth, I’d get a nicer one from KEH or Japan.
  10. As far as the Japanese sellers go, they do kind of a goofy grading system. It’s most important on those to really closely analyze the photos and the written description and kinda ignore the “EXC+++++” in the title. As long as all functions are described as working and you don’t see any fungus and stuff on the lenses in photos, you’ll be okay. And if for some reason it’s not, the Japanese sellers are great at doing returns or giving you a discount on it. Also, they’re typically shipping via DHL or FedEx right now and you’ll get anything shipped that way in like 3-7 days which is nice. My
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