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  1. Yes. I volunteer in the parking lot every year and see the same thing, at least what happens on the east side lot. Drop-off is easy but pick up in the dark sucks. People leave the festival and wander across the Mopac pedestrian bridge, then try to find *their* Uber somewhere on the road between Austin High and the lake. Lots of Ubers are parked looking for their customer. Lots of people walking around with their phone lights on. The road turns into gunk for 30 minutes. You can park in our east side lot and reach your car, exit the school in about a minute, turn right to go downtown or left to get to Mopac. I haven't seen what goes on on the west side but you are kinda past much of the gunk. You have to drive under Mopac and out to Lake Austin Blvd, and from there you can go left on LAB or take two rights to get on southbound Mopac.
  2. For a $40 donation, the Austin High Band is offering parking at Austin High on Saturday October 2nd. Your donation will help our student musicians. You can purchase in advance here and guarantee a spot: http://www.ahsmaroonband.org/acl We will also be offering onsite sales on the day of the festival, until the two lots are full. We have a smaller west side lot with an entrance near the rowing dock and a larger east side lot near the Mopac exit. Other Austin High groups are offering parking on other Fridays and Saturdays during the festival. There is no parking on Sundays.
  3. At Texas it’s not the tuition it’s the housing that can add up. West campus isn’t going to pay for itself. Even if your kid has roommates and is away from campus, Austin still costs a lot more than College Station.
  4. From the Woodward "Peril" boot, this was the Trump playbook to get Trump re-elected via Pence: http://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2021/images/09/20/eastman.memo.pdf Had Pence gone along with this .... hard to imagine. History will write that Mike Pence, after consulting with Dan Quail and perhaps an unpublished episode of "Schoolhouse Rock", saved an election and our democracy. And then history will throw up.
  5. I’ve been an Austin GreenChoice subscriber since 2005 or so. I pay more on my electric bill and in theory the extra money helps Austin purchase wind power. Does Austin Energy actually do that with my extra bucks? Who knows. I own a 2200 sq ft house. I could have gone for 3500 sq ft farther out, but I thought our family of four could make it in a smaller house and after the kids leave it will be more than enough for two. So I have not had to air condition 1300 extra sq ft for all of that time. It was tough not having extra room for the kid’s stuff but I have accumulated a lot less than I would have in a bigger house. I’ve planted oak trees and tried to plan for eventual large tree coverage of my property. The extra coolness will make the city just a little less warm, which will mean a tiny bit less A/C needed. It’s a tiny effect but planting trees now for coverage later is better than not doing that. I drive cars until they fall apart, and try to take care of them. It takes a lot of energy and materials to make a new one. On the other hand, I have an Amazon habit that is costing the planet way too much cardboard.
  6. At this point, I think the situation is best summed up by the 1978 introduction to ABC's "Wild World of Sports": We thought we were done at the race car guy, but we've moved on to somewhere between the ski jump guy and the motorcycle guy, and if enough people will get the shot, we can get to the weightlifting guy.
  7. Zilker has enough transit. You can take the 801 rapid from lots of areas of town to downtown, then take the 30 over to Zilker. Or park at the mall and take the 30. Few do that because it's easier and faster to just drive downtown and park somewhere. Also you can put lots of stuff in your car and it's a pain the ass to take lots of stuff on the bus. Zilker is one of the most accessible places in Austin for bikes. Some do that but most take a car because it's easier. The LAB right across the lake is mostly empty. The best part of the park is closed for almost three months of the year for ACL + Christmas lights prep. During the best weather of the year. Bring back the Zephyr, keep the playground clean and provide a decent food stand near the pool and I think we're done.
  8. I'm OK with masks being required indoors and outdoors if the numbers are bad. Once the numbers drop, outdoor masks should not be required. Once they drop more, indoor masks should not be required. Maybe the rules should be different for schools with kids less than the vaccinated age. However, if they can require masks in defiance of a state order, why can't they just require kids to be vaccinated unless they have a medical condition that prevents it? Put all the unvaccinated middle and high school kids in one school. Sounds harsh but I really want this thing to be over. A school with 100% vaccinated faculty, staff and students would not have a COVID problem. We have a fix for this problem sitting in the fridge at CVS.
  9. Births per woman by race in the US, as of 2019: Hispanic: 1.94 Black (non-Hispanic): 1.77 White: 1.61 Asian: 1.51 You are correct that there is a difference, but I don't think there's enough of a gap to account for the vaccination differences.
  10. Don't have over 18 numbers, but I do have over 12 numbers (everyone eligible) First shot: 70.5% Fully vaccinated: 61.3% Some first shot folks did not show up for the second one, that fully vaxxed number should be 67% by now. About 330k folks in Travis Co are eligible but still have yet to get even one shot, using 2021 population estimates.
  11. This just in, from 1918. Starting to look familiar?
  12. Today, Travis County crossed the 70% first shot boundary for the population over 12, using 2021 population estimates. So if everyone gets second shots, we are 5-6 weeks away from "herd immunity" using just the vaccinated numbers. Between the high vax rate and the delta spike, I think this is really the last wave for Travis. Rural Texas ... y'all have a ways to go.
  13. Here is my un-scientific thinking on this. Don't think I know what I am talking about because I am not an expert. Consider some illness that has a natural R value of, say, six. That means that if I get it and no one is vaccinated or immune, I give it to six more people. And they each give it to six more, and so on. Exponential growth. Now, let's say that 50% of the population can't get this thing. They are vaccinated or they've had it before. So of my six randomly selected victims, it bounces off of three who are immune, but still gets three morons, uh, unvaccinated, folks sick. The R value is now three. Three morons. (and some unfortunate folks that can't get the vax). The illness will spread exponentially until the R value goes below one. R value of 1.01 -- you are screwed. R value of 0.99 -- it will not spread. So, if the delta variant has a natural R value around 6, then we need more than 5 out of 6 people vaccinated or exposed to get that R value below one. Even if a super-delta variant shows up with an R of 10, we are good if more than 9 out of 10 people are immune. Immunity may wane over time, so boosters may be needed to keep the immune population high enough to keep each variant's R value below one.
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