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  1. They need to open it up. Every day where they inject fewer people than the max they could handle is a chance to give someone a shot you can't get back. If it was just a few appts in reserve, I wouldn't mind. But a third of their weekly allocation ... they are just prolonging the epidemic.
  2. Texas is past the 1/3 mark for 1st shots and this weekend will pass 20% fully vaccinated. We are a week away from the 50-64 age group passing 50% first shots and 26 days away from everyone over 18 passing 50% first shots. Seniors are at 62% first shots but demand is slowing.
  3. We are playing chicken with the virus. People are tired of living this way and looking for a reason to declare that it's over. Hopefully vaccines will beat back the variants. If you look at the northeast, they are clearly having an outbreak that is spreading, and they are more vaccinated that we are. Hopefully, there is enough time for more vaccine to get in arms here before whatever is going on in the northeast arrives in Texas.
  4. "Conan O'Brian Can't Stop", streaming on Amazon Prime. Gives you a look inside his tour after whatever happened to him with NBC happened. If you don't like Conan this may not be for you, but it shows you what happens to a guy that goes on the road night after night. He's totally energetic onstage and wiped out offstage. Everybody wants just five minutes with him, or a photo, or something signed.
  5. Sounds like they unfroze their supply for a clinic and then not enough folks showed up for the clinic. Dimmit is at 50% first shots already. 600 shots would have covered like 8% of the county. As these rural areas start to get to high percentages, the state needs to start sending J&J out there rather than the frozen stuff, just to avoid waste.
  6. Here's some video of the helicopter being developed. Hard to tell how big the rotors are, but you get the general idea. At one point they tell it to climb to 1 meter and from that it looks like the rotors are maybe a meter across.
  7. You J&J fans are going to love next week. Last week's J&J allocation for Texas: 30,200 This week: 153,900 Next week: 392,100 Pfizer dropped 80k for next week, Moderna went up 10k, but J&J was the big winner. Next week will be the first week for Texas with over a million first shots.
  8. J&J can be stored between 36 and 46 degrees F. You are not supposed to freeze it. It is a game changer because of the easy storage requirements, the low cost, and the single dose -- compared with Pfizer and Moderna.
  9. Texas Week 16 is out: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/news/updates/COVIDVaccineAllocation-Week16.pdf Anyone know why UT received zero doses this week? Also, most of the J&J (45k shots) went to "DSHS CENTRAL PHARMACY WAREHOUSE" and 24k Pfizer doses went to "Texas DSHS Laboratory". What is the state doing with all of that vaccine?
  10. If you or anyone else is still looking: 1. Make sure you are on UT's list -- anyone eligible can join. https://uthealthaustin.org/patient-resources/covid-19-updates/covid-19-vaccination Pfizer quantities are going up next week and UT is a Pfizer site. 2. On Monday and on Thursdays, at 5:45 PM, try to get in line with APH: https://covid19.austintexas.gov/s/?language=en_US The big batch of appointments has been going out Monday nights, but there are sometimes extras on Thursday nights. Make sure you can sign in to your account prior to 5:45. If you can't, try addi
  11. Feds out with first dose vaccine numbers for next week for Texas: Pfizer 441,090 -- up 81,900 from last week which was itself a record Pfizer week Moderna 260,400 -- stable over the last six weeks or so J&J 153,900 -- up 123,700 from last week, not quite up to the 219,200 from their first week but their ramp has begun Next week will be a new record at 855,390 first shots allocated to Texas, only the second week over 700k. Second shots should also set a record as the effects of the winter storm wash out. It will be interesting to see how DSHS deploys the extra Pfizer
  12. Milestone. APH has more shots than takers for the first time.
  13. My wife got both shots through APH. She heard nothing from them until the day before she was due for the second shot. No way to sign up in the portal. The day before, she got an email with an appointment time and location for the next day. The location for the second shot was different, so she had to drive to the Austin ISD PAC rather than the Delco Center for the second shot. So check the location as well as the time and date if you get an email appointment. Her onsite experience for the second shot was great. She took a printout for the second appointment with her, which I think h
  14. More than 25% of Texans over 16 now have a first shot. At this pace we will hit 50% in 40 days. And based on recent progress I would take the under. Phase 2 (no restrictions) is coming sooner than people think -- I have no inside info, they are just going to run out of 1A/1B/1C arms.
  15. Every Tuesday, the feds publish allocation data for the next week here: https://www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccines/distribution/index.html That leads to Friday, when the state publishes allocation data for the next week here: https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/coronavirus/immunize/vaccineallocations.aspx The feds have a table just for J&J (Janssen) and the state breaks it out in their weekly allocations. So you can see how much J&J is coming to Texas and where it is going by the weekend before the distribution week. I don't have a link for the J&J ramp but I have r
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