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  1. Over the weekend, I went back and watched portions of the city council discussion to see where this is headed. I can report back and say it is not headed anywhere. The council and city staff are still bunkered up from COVID, and there is only so much you can accomplish via Zoom. The folks on council that got us to this point don't want to take any steps that might harm the homeless. Somehow they want the city staff to come up with large sites out of the floodplain near downtown that are city owned that are not being used for any other purpose, in one of the most expensive downtown area
  2. The Texas 7 day new case average bottomed out about a week ago but has doubled since then. Hopefully it's a glitch in the data but it could be the start of a wave. People of Texas, get vaccinated ...
  3. More than 13,000,000 Texans have now helped stop COVID by getting at least first shot. Even with the slowdown, people choosing to get a first shot are still outnumbering newly diagnosed cases about 18:1.
  4. There is an old Air Force golf course that is part of ABIA that has the space for an entire camp, next door to a Travis Co correctional facility. Putting a camp there would bother no one, so long as they could keep people off the runways. This is not supposed to be permanent housing and it does not have to be great.
  5. BTW the fine print on the Travis County dashboard for hospitalizations says: "Metropolitan Statistical Area MSA: Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, & Williamson Counties" So it looks like that number is for the five county area. Perhaps they are not all in Travis Co hospital beds. Maybe they are. But the stat appears to be for the MSA, not Travis Co.
  6. Travis Co reporting 480 active cases today. First day under 500 since April 6th, 2020.
  7. They should be. The homeless folks are going from camping on a sidewalk to a spot with a full time manager, two security guards, a social worker, food, laundry, restrooms, showers ... ... versus living in a tent down by the river in most other Texas towns. The city will be able to fill up 100 of those campsites.
  8. In Travis Co, today was the first day the seven day average has been below 50 since May 17, 2020. Careful on those daily stats. Lots of counties have stopped reporting numbers over the weekend so you're likely to see big drops on Sat/Sun/Mon as weekend numbers dip, then bigger numbers Mon/Tue/Wed as the data catches up. Seven day averages are your friend... Texas had low numbers on the weekend, tweets all around! Today was 8-10x the weekend numbers statewide ... not as many tweets. Still headed in the right direction.
  9. You go Travis County... ... 4.5% of 12-15 year olds got their first shot by the end of Saturday ... population 12 and older is over 59% first shots ... 65 and older is over 78% first shots. join the herd everyone, it's the easy way out of this thing! Both Texas and Travis Co are showing vaccination bumps now that 12-15 year olds are in the game...
  10. Maybe 1997? https://www.texasfreeway.com/austin/183-research-blvd/
  11. Those are crazy numbers. Why would we pay for two security guards to watch 100 people 24/7 at a cost of $3900 per person per year? Are social services people really $171k per year each ... to watch over 50 people in addition to what the operational staffer and the security guards are doing? That is 3x teacher pay. Each camp needs an operational staffer at another $150k each? $1750 per person for annual laundry? Crazy...
  12. I think it's going to keep going down ... but it could be going down faster. Even with the slowing vaccine numbers, more people are getting vaccinated each day than are getting covid. Right now the 7 day average vaccinations for Texas is 45k and the 7 day average COVID cases is 1300. Even if we are only finding 1/4th of the covid cases out there, vaccines are winning new customers much faster than COVID is. As long as those ratios hold, eventually it will die away ...
  13. Since the re-opening we have gone from a plane crash every two days to a plane crash once a week or so. We've got that going for us, which is nice ... but still ... plane crashes, make 'em stop. We have this magical potion available for free in stores near you that can stop the plane crashes ... enough for everyone over 16 to be covered by July 4th. And it's sitting in fridges.
  14. An update on Jimmy Flannigan, the city council member that lost to Kelly... https://theaustinbulldog.org/flannigan-loses-election-lands-plum-job/ The day after he lost, he was offered a job as president of Austin Convention Enterprises. This is a non-profit that runs the city of Austin owned downtown Hilton hotel. The president is the only employee of the non-profit. Flannigan does not actual run the hotel -- the non-profit hires Hilton to do that, he just maintains the non-profit. This involves working on the website, preparing for once monthly board meetings, working with v
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