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  1. Did both in one trip a few years ago. I preferred the scenery of Glacier (fewer trees) and the abundance of wildlife in Yellowstone.
  2. Babysitting nieces and nephews this weekend. Many thanks for Saturday's activities now.
  3. Would you want to leave your helmet on for protection, or would it actually do more harm than good (e.g. giving the opponent leverage to throw you)?
  4. Shit, my mom wants to know why that other mom is leaving a perfectly good jump rope lying unused within arm’s reach. Rookie.
  5. I don't know, I kind of like her.
  6. Would you say that you've had a plethora?
  7. Kennythetiger

    Bob Seger

    Yes. I roll down the windows.
  8. Kennythetiger

    Bob Seger

    I am not much of a Metallica fan, but I like their version of “Turn the Page”. Bob’s is very lonely and haunting, as it was intended, it seems. Metallica’s version is completely different-quite angry. I like to listen to it when I’m blowing off steam.
  9. I live on the high plains. Couple thousand acres. Calling my place a “ranch” has always sounded silly to me. We took in our nieces and nephews this summer. Sister in law isn’t doing so hot with her choices. I’ve got the kids calling our place “Galleywinter”.
  10. Thanks for the link. Enjoyed the meeting.
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