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  1. I think I’d rather eat broken glass.
  2. Get a short one. Nothing worse than getting the handicap shitter in a public restroom and my goddamn feet don't even touch the floor.
  3. I forget that posts don’t convey tone, except in the Wives thread. Mine was made completely in jest, playing off of your KSU internet badasses comment. I’ve never been on K-State’s board. These things weren’t popular when I was in either college or law school, and Shaggy was the first one I found. The Texas guys entertain a running year-long thread and a game day thread, and quite frankly, that’s good enough for me. I gathered cattle all day Saturday and caught bits and pieces of the game on the radio. Goddamn it.
  4. Got everything caught, sorted, and hauled to the vet yesterday and today. Tomorrow we process the calves and then 2020 weaning begins.
  5. Dude, you got laid. Who cares what your hair looks like. Buncha metrosexuals up in here.
  6. Did your daughter go back to in-person school?
  7. Maybe. Or maybe I could invest the same amount of time in *peeling* king crab.
  8. Man, not me. Real wings are a pain in the ass. Might as well eat snow crab legs too.
  9. You kids need to put down your damn phones and enjoy each other’s company...!
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