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  1. I remember Top Gun the Nintendo game.
  2. I was going to point out to you that back in the day, nothing beat an ice-cold Miller High Life, but upon further reading it was invented in 1903. So raise one to the Lost Generation.
  3. "Quanah, Texas. Home of Kellie Kyle."
  4. On our Lonesome Dove drive from Mexico-Montana this last summer, we stopped in Fort Davis at this nut place. The website leaves a little something to be desired but the product is very good: https://allpecans.com/
  5. See nothing. Say nothing. Smell nothing.
  6. From a disinterested 3rd party point-of-view, you guys are sounding horrifyingly like Aggy.
  7. Well it also seems weird to name spaghetti after a penis but I'm not complaining- we asked for the recipe and he gave it to us.
  8. Texasville reminds me of The Last Picture Show, which reminds me of Jacy Farrow. And I too always thought and still think their ice cream is delicious.
  9. Man, that's the third time this has been posted.
  10. Yes, I am paying attention too. Usually send quite a few gift baskets throughout the year. I‘be always just gone with Harry & David so these new ideas are pretty cool. I would not recommend a place called Wine Country Gift Baskets. Their stuff is cool, but the next year they will not only flood your physical mailbox with catalogs, they send all that shit to the recipients of your last year’s gifts too.
  11. Oh, I think he’s counting on Mrs. Brat monkeying up his chemistry plenty.
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