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  1. No kidding? I paid cash for one with 80K miles on it about 5 years ago. 160K miles and still going strong. Property taxes are about $50/year.
  2. Yep. She's laying it all out there for you.
  3. Man I would think with a little imagination and a little more beer you could design some pretty cool shit- might be just as fun and more challenging than using the big guns.
  4. No pass interference call? Must be a Big 12 conspiracy against Texas!!
  5. Huh? 93% of this board declared y’all were back.
  6. Hell, I think he might have escaped from the hefty gal. Police maybe should have taken him more seriously.
  7. Navy -2.5 Navy's quarterback has only thrown for six touchdowns but also leads the team in rushing. Teams have never met before.
  8. Great band. Shitty song. Enjoy your vacation. Thank you for this thread.
  9. Well, K-State, you don't have to worry about your mediocre bowl games anymore!
  10. With a clear conscience I have taken many quarters from my nieces playing this game at Christmas.
  11. I'm in the group asking for more details about the $1300 part of the story.
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