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  1. Correct: Portland>Memphis>Suns>SAS E.g., SAS needs to win and needs two of the remaining three teams to lose in order to get into the play-in mini-series.
  2. President Trump: The Law and Order President With the whole "scare the suburbanites and rural voters" - it is Willy Horton all over again.
  3. It really was satire of the genre. Like Blazing Saddles. But some people back then took it seriously, as if it was a tribute to Heinlein. It wasn't. Heinlein has some interesting views on the perfect military - but it was hard to know if he was making it political or just running with a premise for a book. The movie poking fun at Heinlein and SciFi as a genre. It was supposed to be more campy. But it came off as a teenage flick. The two lead female actors were talented in their roles. And I think younger women found the male leads competent for a fantasy movie. The movie is getting a second look by critics - since their reviews were so negative at the time. They missed the fact it was satire. I don't think many in the audience knew it was satire. But that is what it was. An article from VF in 2013 explains the mixup: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2013/11/-em-starship-troopers-em-one-of-the-most-misunderstood-movies-ever/281236/
  4. No offense intended. And actually the opposite intended. The interparty sniping is not productive. Those things you are fighting for are also progressive goals. We see more eye to eye than anyone thinks. We settled and made peace with it. This is not the same Party as it was in 2016. The Democratic Party has been far more responsive to the changing progressive tilt this Party has taken. Progressive policies are good for us all. There are no losers with progressive policies. Even Trump voters get a better America with progressive policies that advance humanity. And . . . it is demographics. because this is where all of humanity is moving as we enter this new age of innovation. A rising tide lifts all boats. The time is done for Democrats to fight with other Democrats. It is a big tent. We even have a pet zoo of Country Club Republicans voting Democratic. That is awesome. Their input on matters of state and economics is welcomed counsel. Biden is the obvious choice as a President who will come in and steady the ship over Trump. There is no alternative - to save the nation from economic degradation. Once stabilized in 2022 - he should have assembled the best policies for ensuring the United States remains respected and trusted, there will be an election in 2024. It will probably be Senator Harris as the centrist pick against a center/center left candidate in the primaries. I hope Vice President Harris has the respect of the entire nation if she decides to run. That will have meant the Biden Administration did a fine job in finding equilibrium in the nation. Senator Harris listened after she stepped out of the race. And she acted on what she heard. Great pick by Biden and his team. Senator Harris has the demeanor and intellect to listen to voters and work on their behalf. TLDR: Lower your weapons. We are on the same team. You do what you do best to beat Trump. Eyes on the political foe - not the Longhorn or progressive friend next to you. Be like Senator Harris - she assessed the problem, identify areas to improve, put promises into action, and remained a serious political figure in this Country. She should be an inspiration to us all. Vice President Harris will serve this nation well.
  5. Lakers starters barely beat Denver's G-league bench players in the fourth quarter. (Denver and LAL tied at the end of 3 when Denver pulled its starters.) Clips starters beat Denver's G-League bench players by 15 in the fourth quarter. (Denver led at the end of 3 before pulling the starters very early in the 4th.) Dallas is very capable of beating the Clips. They just aren't hitting on all cylinders yet. Dallas can score a lot of points on LAC D. Go Mavs.
  6. Liz to the Supreme Court. Put an advocate for consumers on there to beat back the Chamber of Commerce coalition running the Court.
  7. The K-Hive is filled with murder wasps. They will take care of Sen. Harris online.
  8. “They had one weapon left and both knew it: treachery.” -- Frank Herbert, Dune.
  9. You are right. Perhaps the Ransom Note Effect. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/font-list/ransom
  10. NBA Bubble holding up - knock on wood: The NBA continues to have success in its bubble plan down in Orlando, both on and especially off the court. As other sports leagues across the United States try to find the safest path toward returning amid a global pandemic, the NBA is proving that a bubble may be the only safe path. When teams arrived on the Disney World campus last month, two players tested positive for COVID-19, but since then it's been smooth sailing for the league. In fact, for the fourth consecutive week, zero players tested positive for COVID-19.Per the league's release: "Of the 342 players tested for COVID-19 on the NBA campus since test results were last announced on Aug. 5, zero have returned confirmed positive tests." https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/nba-announces-zero-players-tested-positive-for-covid-19-inside-disney-bubble-for-fourth-straight-week/
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