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  1. Those giving Babbitt a long leash need to revisit her journey to 1/6. And look at the people making money from her death. Her actions at the breach gave every indication she intended to carry out her mission - either as a captor or as a martyr.
  2. I see hospital administrator, but what do I know.
  3. GR took great leaps in logic. I am sure he is a bright guy. He will be fine. The deep end of the pool is a destination. Enjoy the journey. Time stands still for no one. Fall down, do better. Feel secure, reassess postures. The spice must flow.
  4. Ignore function works well. It's like a vaccine. Expect more of this as this investigation continues. It's part of the Republican Party playbook now (has been forever). _____________________________ Whether this was an unconstitutional coup attempt is an open question that must be answered by this Congressional Investigation.
  5. Mo Brooks' ass is in the fire. Get his testimony - now. Preserve the evidence. He is not polished. He will spew a manifesto on the stand. Wearing fucking body armor on 1/6? And then lighting the fire with a speech that set the vibe for the day? That deserves a special seat.
  6. The day shift sucks. The night shift will clean up their mess.
  7. at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island, NYC. [full disclosure - that's my dog in my avatar]
  8. Medlar is feeling his oats . . .
  9. So you have been reading about the teachers union there and the demands. I don't get that one either.
  10. Never go full Detroit to prove a point. Detroit was late capitalism.
  11. @Incredulity - are you an urban dweller? Work in an urban city center? Feel comfortable walking the sidewalks in large cities without a firearm? Cities can be overwhelming and confusing for all of us at times. But once you know your way around most large cities (and know how to be inconspicuous with luxury items), they remain manageable for smart people - even Chicago
  12. Photographic evidence of the suspected perpetrators or a physical description?
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