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  1. Sanders/Warren/Kamala Bloomberg/Judge Judy Biden/Kamala
  2. Yes, she can. Under the the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Executive Branch has that authority from Congress.
  3. Stunning admission by Bloomberg of buying elections (and politicians). Trump admitted the same thing.
  4. That Yale study published the The Lancet was peer reviewed. You aren't a science denier are you? And let's assume for argument's sake that instead of saving $450 billion a year by going to Medicare for All that we only save $100 billion a year. What is the cost of 68,000 deaths a year, which could have been saved by Medicare for All?
  5. Hot dish - dammit! Tater Tot Hot Dish! Now available from your friendly Scwhan Man when he visits each month. https://schwanshomedelivery.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/senator-amy-klobuchars-tater-tot-hot-dish/
  6. (disclaimer - based on my experience with voters outside this board. I believe none of the following can be attributable to anyone posting on this board. This has an intelligent and savvy slice of America.) This election came up fast on many who were transfixed on the impeachment process and trial. They were rightfully pissed and a bit despondent after the inevitable acquittal. And then they ran into a fully engaged primary process where the candidates had been running for a long time and some campaigns were already at full speed. A large swath of the media was also unprepared to jump into the nomination - I think concentrated large media hoped Biden would just run away with the nomination and the Ukraine-Russia issue would just be put on repeat forever. I know most Trumpers were not up to speed (and still aren't) for the transition into the election. They relied on Trump dictating the narrative each day to the brain dead press. That is not happening these days and, for many of us, that is a huge relief. Trump's domination of the media narrative has been a problem since he went down the escalator. So many networks in 2016 broadcast almost every speech he made early in his campaign. They would show the Trump Show for hours - on all the cable networks. That spun-off to his Twitter, where he would change the subject every single day. That continued through the impeachment and trial. But his media dominance ended with the primaries. It is a whole new world for many. Their old reliable attack lines don't work anymore. They have been forced to see their enemy through a different strategic lens. The good news is many Democrats are now fully focused on walking (rather than chewing gum as well) and have been now for over a month. I think most are just ready for a nominee so they can get back to the fight. They will find new media allies (the Never-Trumpers and Neo-Cons led them down the wrong path for too long). And some of their reliable allies will be reliable once again. Until then - welcome to the social media circular firing squad. This is the Third Wave of Trumpism. Divide and conquer.
  7. Any idea who was selling? Margin call on stocks?
  8. M4A costs $450 billion a year less than current system and saves 68,000 lives a year. Why do you hate saving $450 billion a year and saving 68,000 lives a year?
  9. Berm - It frames the issue well and is a light read and take. I depend on my defenders of civil liberties (left and right) to man those walls. But they must be prepared for the most reactionary to bray loudly.
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