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  1. This is how the Fed fights inflation. Loose monetary policy (QE) flooded 6 trillion into the system. When transitory inflation became sticky, the Fed announced and is implementing QT (quantitative tightening). The markets - addicted to QE - have been responding accordingly. Follow the Fed.
  2. Fed commitment to QT to battle inflation was always going to cause pain (destroy wealth). PE ratios are quite bubbly and earnings taking hits. Inflation and supply chain probs are worldwide. China’s Covid strategy exacerbates and aggregates preexisting poor conditions. The world is not as efficient as it was pre-Covid and pre-Ukraine invasion. Add in an inflation hawk Fed Reserve and you have today’s market. I am still “Follow the Fed” plus watch out for major Apple sell off. YMMV. Good luck. A lot of wealth destruction out there.
  3. Strength begets weakness. The “strong” numbers today green light a more robust Fed attack on inflation. Lots of fedapeak this week to ponder. good luck.
  4. It’s the dismal tide - a nation of Anton Chigurhs spurred into action by sociopaths and morons. A rotting mass of nihilism.
  5. The dismal tide continues . . . “Religion used to be the opium of the people. To those suffering humiliation, pain, illness, and serfdom, religion promised the reward of an after life. But now, we are witnessing a transformation: a true opium of the people is the belief in nothingness after death, the huge solace, the huge comfort of thinking that for our betrayals, our greed, our cowardice, our murders, we are not going to be judged.” Czeslaw Milosz, Discreet Charm of Nihilism
  6. washparkhorn


    Amsler Grid is good for detecting detached retina (and AMD).
  7. Are we sure it wasn’t Chinese Elon making the comment?
  8. Elon is an Aspie. His neuro-diverse lens is an asset and a curse. He says the quiet part out loud. He is better grounded in the nuance of humanity when he has an intuitive and empathetic sounding board. The interdependence of China and Musk remains a work in progress. There is a narrow path he must walk to make it work. The odds are against him. ~ Musings from the Piedmont
  9. "The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government. This is the contempt in which they hold the majority of American people and the political process: the common people are easily led fools, and everyone else who is smart enough to know better has their price. And they would beggar every middle class voter in the US before they will voluntarily give up one dime of their ill gotten gains." Simon Johnson, The Quiet Coup, 2009.
  10. Fed observations/ciphering: QE 4 ended March 2022 ($6 trillion total in MBS and treasury purchases). QT (quantitative tightening via liquidity drain) begins June 2022 ($47.5 billion per month) for 3 months then $95 billion per month starting September 2022 and ongoing. QE 5 remains a Fed option should conditions warrant. Good luck.
  11. I am in the Clemson area now - near Asheville. This region is growing and getting bluer, but we are still blueberries in a raspberry soup. NC 11 has produced Mark Meadows and Cawthorn. The red voters deserve to be shamed and ridiculed for their negative contribution to the American Experiment. I will be volunteering for the Democratic nominee to turn NC 11 blue. I am hoping it is Jasmine Beach-Ferrara. https://www.jasmineforcongress.com
  12. I am not sure Alito is correct in his assumption that abortion was not a traditionally accepted custom. The Bible in Numbers speaks about “bitters” to test unfaithful wives. Moreover, abortion was regularly practiced throughout history. Here is a good read on the subject - and a resource for those of you who intend to aid in the protection of the right to privacy. https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/abortion-drugs-fundamental-to-ancient-economies-argues-historian
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