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  1. Offensive explosion today!
  2. This. He’s been wandering aimlessly for 5 years. He got lucky on some rotation rebuild bets, but position player roster sucks, bullpen is average, draft & farm is bottom half. Not sure JD has a strategy.
  3. 6 runs in 4 games is gonna get it done.
  4. 1st place Texas Rangers.
  5. RIP. OU sucks and he now knows it.
  6. That Molina cycle was one of my favorite Ranger games ever. I just kept laughing and laughing. Great call of it too. Believe it was Josh Lewin?
  7. 24 homers apart? That doesn’t even make sense, but I think he can do it.
  8. Hopefully it’s not lacking a WS banner.
  9. Oh I’ll be watching. I love this team. Maybe too much.
  10. The roster reminds me of the hodgepodge lineups of the late 80’s. Buncha nobodies with some washed up former all stars. Can win some games, but can’t compete for shit. Not this year, not next year, not year after that, or year after that. After some really fun years, I’m pretty down on this outfit. Gonna be a long time until they matter again. Stadium blows. Owners seem to have given up on the investment too. Hope I’m wrong. Hope I’m very wrong.
  11. I’m still angry about this:
  12. This team is a mess isn’t it? I’ve been blaming JD for a few years, but now I’m just confused. Present team sucks, farm sucks, stadium sucks, COVID sucks. Rangers fans... we’re still pretty cool. I’m just confused how all this could be so bad.
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