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  1. Is pussy still undefeated?
  2. Without sports on tv at least we can watch the middle school bitch fight going on in this thread. Jesus fucking Christ, this thread topic wasn’t supposed to be about insecure message board posters and their tendencies and sensitivities... but that is, minimum, 75% of the fucking posts in this fucking shit hole thread. It ain’t about the Dallas Cowboys... not this thread topic. It’s about whatever fuckstick thinks he has the smartest turd of a sports take which results in some online pillow fighting and name calling. fucking goddamn. It ain’t about you. or me We’re gonna have to start a new Cowboys thread. Fuck. Offseason in pandemic REALLY sucks.
  3. Funny how a “don’t get political or you’ll be banned” thread immediately got drowned with the typical CR bullshit.
  4. They got sucked thru the hole in the ozone.
  5. Cranes are still swinging out there today.
  6. Yeah, exactly. But- you can’t really seek to understand stupid, I guess.
  7. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but my 4yo has pneumonia and while he’s not bad enough to be hospitalized (not that we’d want to go there anyway), he’s really struggling with cough. We’d like to buy him some medicine to help with his cough and pains, but cannot because FUCKING HOARDERS. I realize this is different than “prepping”, but dammit I hate stupid people so much. Luckily I live in a cool neighborhood and our neighbors are helping out.
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