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  1. Not sure we can hold on to this 23 point lead with just over 4 minutes to go. Hold on to yer butts.
  2. Plus dude came back and played 3rd period. He ain’t dead.
  3. Ya know...at least we get to bitch about an ugly stadium and not be tasked with defending an organization that cheats it’s ass off. Bright side.
  4. I don’t think they will have to wait that long. Something about it just screams tornado magnet.
  5. Is “discount” the opposite of “extra” or “100”? Asking for an older friend.
  6. Like the old stadium was nicknamed the Temple, I think this one is “The Hay Barn”.
  7. As much as I’d love to talk about our lineup, rotation, and the imminent bean ball pitches coming at astros, I can’t get over how ugly the new stadium is. Buddy sent me this photo. Looks like we’re playing at Chaparral Ice. Or a pro soccer training facility. Damn.
  8. Avs gave up a late one and an empty netter. Gooooood stuff
  9. So nice to see that version of Seguin. Hopefully this is the beginning of a streak that lasts until June. Fuck the Avs. And also fuck the Blues.
  10. 69pts. Fine as wine And fuck the Avs. Just wanted to make those observations.
  11. The Temple looks kinda cool as a football stadium.
  12. I’ll never again support the Renegades until whoever owns them is dead.
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