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  1. Here is a much better chart that might give a lot more details. I put the Europe dates on the calendar. The FA Cup dates are the two bolded weeks and I highlighted the teams that are still in the FA Cup too. I will say this, the calendar for England could fill up quick depending on who goes through in the FA.
  2. The 3rd is going to start the end of the season run for Europe. Here are the final games for anyone in the top 10 hunting for spots 2-4 (because despite fuck City, they are going to win the league). I highlighted games that are H2H between any teams on the chart or Man City in yellow. Red represents road games. Europe Dates: March 9/10/11 March 16/17/18 April 6/7/8 April 13/14/15 April 27/28/29 May 4/5/6 May 26 (Europa) 29 (CL) FA Cup March 20/21 April 24/25 (likely) May 15
  3. Still it's a lot of teams to jump and a big ask. Spurs have 13 games left, but of those game 6 are against other teams in this "hunt" and 4 are on the road. Yes, it's chances to make up ground, but it's also chance to lose ground too.
  4. In a more worldly news event Defending Chinese Super League Champions Jiangsu FC ceased operation today. It throws the league into chaos which is supposed to start play in just a few months. Even more interesting is that the owners of the club the Suning Group also owns Inter Milan. An in their announcement today, they said all football clubs owned by the Suning Group, would "cease operations from today." So ... ?
  5. Captain Ron

    USMNT 2021

    That post has been making the rounds for the weekend. He might be an anti-poaching guy on other things. But that post isn't about that and has some crazy out there right wing nut going on.
  6. You know, maybe one day your club can be big enough that you can chat about Everton in your own thread, instead of the entire EPL thread.
  7. That’s kind of my thinking too. Europa is a KO tournament which has that element to it. But Spurs only need to win through 4 rounds. And the competition has a lot of weaker teams. The EPL sees Spurs fighting with West Ham, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Everton for 1 spot! This ignores teams behind them also in the mix. Most models don’t project Spurs in the top 4. Neither are great choices. But you can see one of those routes working out.
  8. Ian Darke is throwing me off. Is it Hugh-Go? Or Who-Go?
  9. Bale is getting a start against Burnley. Let’s not over blow this.
  10. Running these guys through. Nice. This is what they needed a complete beat down in the EPL.
  11. They flipped the tie after the draw. It was GNK Dinamo-Tottenham which gave Tottenham the 2nd leg at home. But Olympiacos-Arsenal was drawn first, so to not have 2 home London games the same day, they made it Tottenham-GNK Dinamo, with Spurs at home for the 1st leg.
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