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  1. Well awesome! They won!! Son with a late winner.
  2. If only Steven Gerrard thought the same.
  3. Those are lame Comparing the opponents today, Liverpool has more points at home (36) than United in total (34). Liverpool’s home points alone would be in 5th place. Only City and Leicester are closer to Liverpool than relegation.
  4. 13 points up with TWO games in hand is ridiculous. 538 has the race at 99% now.
  5. Oof Chelsea. That said, we’ll played Newcastle. That’s how you stay out of relegation.
  6. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/sports/l-a-city-council-thinks-mlb-should-give-dodgers-2017-and-2018-world-series-trophies/2293087/
  7. LOL. I never realize that Jennings never played in a seasonal TOC. He had his 75 game streak, then went straight to the Ultimate TOC (Brad won) and other special tournaments after that. Not just any Iago, but a mad one.
  8. Because we can’t stop talking about the GOAT
  9. Quick heads up coming up at the end of the month
  10. Brad recounted his wins in episode 1 I think. But it didn’t really outline their head to head. 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Ken has a bye to the final, Brad came through the tournament and beat him. 2011 Watson matches - Brad finished 3rd, this is not considered official as it was an exhibition, but Ken won this one. 2014 Battle of the Decades - both made the final, Brad won over Ken and Roger Craig. 2019 All-Star Tournament- it was a team competition, the teams led by Brad and Ken made the final, Brad’s team won this. And now the GOAT matchup.
  11. I agree they were all deserving contestants, but I had Brad and Ken ahead for who I wanted to see win. Both players have lived Jeopardy! so long. James does too, but he’s new on the block. I think Brad underestimates what a small slowdown on the button will do. James changes the game in that alone (his wagering takes it to that next level).
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