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  1. They are pushing further and further,. I certainly hope it happens, but I am really not feeling it at all. The UK has seriously bungled their own handling and IMHO, they are going to be far worse than it is here, and even the US doesn't even look remotely close to open for business until mid-late summer. Spurs leading the way in complete shittyness to their staff during this shutdown That bit about Levy is crap.
  2. This level of bitter, he might have slept with MoJames and just never called him back.
  3. BTW it is official now https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/24/sports/olympics/coronavirus-summer-olympics-postponed.html
  4. Make no mistake - I really hope they do. That being said - as someone living in the Boston area and seeing how this is going, I don't see how this social distancing doesn't go until at least May or June.
  5. Just hit play, I have it cued up for you.
  6. Oh yeah and they also qualified for the Olympics with a pretty good run through the qualifying tournament out scoring their 4 opponents 21-0 (Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada). The She Believes Cup was a little closer (England 2-0, Spain 1-0, Japan 3-1).
  7. Bump. Because we got some news. But since the women made it happen, I will post a link to their thread that explains how the USWNT forced out US Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro:
  8. I couldn't find a thread through 3 pages, so sorry if there isn't one. The US Women's National Team continues to do more for soccer than the men. All of it last week. First a quick rewind, for those that forgot the USWNT sued US Soccer last year for equal pay. That has been going on since. It came to a head when court documents broke last week during the She Believes Cup that showed US Soccer's argument was basically the men are more skilled than the women: This thread has a few choice excerpts so follow it and take a look. Since it came from US Soccer, it was seen as the view of Carlos Cordeiro, President of US Soccer. The same one we debated about for a long as time during his election in 2018. That didn't go over very well with the Women's team and during warmups for the Cup Final on they had their shirts on inside out This sparked an idea and you can now buy a shirt just like this: https://breakingt.com/products/4-stars-only This caught a lot of attention. And forced Cordeiro to apologized the day of the game. But the damage was done. Friday Cordeiro resigned: US Soccer: Carlos Cordeiro Announces Resignation as U.S. Soccer President WashPo: Carlos Cordeiro resigns as president of U.S. Soccer SI: Why U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro Had to Resign After Disgraceful Defense in USWNT Case And the women keep getting more done.
  9. Still 2 points clear of your kids. BTW the more I read about the UK's response, the more I realize that this season is still never getting finished.
  10. Look I know that kids product isn't much above Southampon's level, but for the rest of the EPL it's a pretty physical game. They might need 4 weekends.
  11. Not to mention some how they have to play EURO 2021 and WC Qualifiers too!
  12. Well the Bundesliga has made it official and called off games this weekend, meaning the Big 5 are all on the shelf for sometime now. So the way I see it: EURO 2020 is now EURO 2021 The leagues will be able to finish up this season in the summer, in theory. And club play is good to go. I gotta ask - assuming that, what the heck does that do to World Cup qualifying after this? That was supposed to be all of 2021. Now what?
  13. Given the handling of COVID in the UK is making ours look like a well oiled machine, I don't see how they play games anytime soon.
  14. Season on hold until April 3rd.
  15. Chelsea’s Hudson-Odoi is the first confirmed player in the EPL to test positive for Coronavirus. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/13/chelsea-in-lockdown-as-hudson-odoi-tests-positive-to-coronavirus
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