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  1. FIFY. But I have to ask - what is up with everyone there wearing coats? Mourinho had a big coat on like it was cold. It's 60 in London right now. Why are they dressed like it's in the 30s!?!?!
  2. Yes he did. Here it is. I would note, it probably doesn't matter when you give up 3 goals, but that really changed the game there. The difference between 1-0 and 1-1 was big.
  3. If anything it should have been called a foul Here is what blows my mind - THEY DID CALL A FOUL!!! There is the ref signalling advantage on the push on Moura. So clearly he saw that as a foul. Then would have come the handball, then the disallowed goal. So if you say "ok, handball" then you should go back and award that foul and give Spurs a free kick. Instead it ended up being Sheffield's ball and game was changed. What a load of crap.
  4. The way the defense is here - what game are Spurs watching?
  5. And the Dier experiment continues to suck. After 60 minutes he is done, why the hell isn't Toby in anymore?
  6. What boggles my mind in a call like this is that VAR is meant to fix a clear and obvious error. There is nothing clear/obvious about any call that could be used to disallow that goal.
  7. Wait, and now they are saying it was offside? HOW???? Kane has at least 1 maybe 2 defenders past him!
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