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  1. Coordinator? I’m not sure I would hire him for position coach.
  2. ISUs ineptitude is keeping us in this one.
  3. Holzhauer was dominant again yesterday. When he gets on a role he’s hard to beat. Though I will note I do think he isn’t as dominant as he was when he was on the show the first go around. Everyone on this setup are just as quick on the trigger like him, unlike before when he had the champion advantage. I can’t wait for the final.
  4. I had to look it up. She ran into an even more perfect storm than James. http://www.j-archive.com/showgame.php?game_id=6311 When James lost Emma hung with him and the 3rd player was also very good, but kind of well back ($26,600 - $23,400 - $11,000). When Emma lost 3 days later she ran into a double buzzsaw. Entering FJ the scores for that round were: $19,200, $19,000 (Emma) and $16,400. Not that it would matter, but she missed FJ! too.
  5. Just some more follow up on Dhruv Gaur's message since he was trending all day yesterday And more follow up
  6. Just watched this episode on the train. Damn dusty in here. Emma did her part to set up the rematch.
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