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  1. I wonder how much the ejection of the team director for Jumbo has in this result? Let me rephrase. I didn’t. But it must have had a psychological effect
  2. Can Pogacar win 3 jerseys? Is he there for the polka dots?
  3. I feel this comment from reddit: now we've beaten this 9-men bulgarian side I believe we can have a great season
  4. I hope that guy enjoys his night in jail for jumping the barrier
  5. It looks like he stayed in range of the lead group. Roughly 30" it looks like.
  6. Why is Porte waiting for his tire change? Oh there it is, whole bike. Wonder what the issue was.
  7. The only question now is the ITT at the end. But IMHO this race, and probably the podium, is decided.
  8. Today I was watching the international English feed (not by the TV this week), they were saying his back is out. It's the same thing that took Pino out this year too.
  9. You think they are showing up for friendlies?
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