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  1. No wonder the Royals can't hit:
  2. How in the blue fuck are there no hockey games and no NBA games tonight? This is bullshit.
  3. You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the NCAA does anything?
  4. If this were a ML baseball game, Phoenix would have their 2nd baseman pitching.
  5. 20 years ago, we would have gotten Dick Bavetta and Bennett Salvatore, so Brothers is huuuuuuuuuge progress.
  6. Wife's out of town and I may have eaten a shitload of gummies yesterday.
  7. Jesus christ, I literally spewed my drink everywhere.
  8. Bobcats take the first two from the Ragin Cajuns to reach 40 wins, 7-5 last night, 6-4 today thanks to 3 in the B8. Ole Miss beat LSU twice today. F$U-Miami split too. UGa beat TN 9-3 and OSU trails AZ 5-2 in 9th. Piggy has won the first two over Vandy.
  9. His brother really fucked us up in Omaha last year, too.
  10. I guarantee you that it's about 65 degrees in my office right now.
  11. Whatever Canada's anus is, it's definitely located in Manitoba or Sasky.
  12. This is such an incredibly shitty effort by PHX that it's almost like Barkley is still playing.
  13. Is Chris Paul's pussy still hurt? Because he hasn't shown up.
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