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  1. for today i'm on: UCLA ml, aggy -33, Clemson 1h -23.5, Utah -5.5, az st -25 and may add tulane also - indians, twins & a's parlay for some degenerate day game action
  2. got a few parlays cooking today: ATL/OAK/HOU 25 to win 68; CUBS/Astros 25 to win 42; Brews/Rays/KC 25 to win 93; NYY/STL/Col 25 to win 130
  3. I would take the 3mil on sept 8th right after i watch this LSU/Texas game.
  4. I'm waiting patiently for the day we get a Chuys here in Charleston, SC. Even a bad chuys would be 10x better than most the garbage they call texmex here. I think brisket man John Lewis is working on a texmex concept but he needs to hurry up.
  5. my routine is 20 squats x4, 10 snatches per arm x4, 20 swings x4 and 10 lunges per leg x4 . it's good enough to get a little sweat going on days i cant make it to the gym.
  6. i have a 35lb kettle bell that i have a little 25min routine with on days that i can't go to the gym. I've been doing a lot of farmer walks with 70lbers for 50 yards and waiter carries with 35's on cardio days. Those work and i'd much rather do that for 45 mins than run.
  7. What were your free test and total test #s? Most doctors will tell you that you are fine if youre over 300 but if you are between 300-500 you can still feel like shit, low energy, hard to shed fat etc. I go to an anti aging clinic where the doctor is a hormones expert way more so than an endo or GP. He won't recommend TRT if you are over 550 total but it is elective if you want it. I feel much better at optimal test levels than i did back when mine was 300.
  8. i bought some cbd gummies at the vape store to try them out. All it did was make me sleep like a baby. I will just buy the thc gummies from now on bc they get me hi af.
  9. i want that. my lousy costco just has the regular primes.
  10. it wont cause permanent infertility. If you take hcg or clomid with it will keep the nuts working like normal. If you just take T for over 6 months it may lower your count but if you go off and just take clomid it will bring your count back up. Clomid actually improves your sperm count so if you're trying for a kid it improves your chances.
  11. Ah, i see. I took 25mg of clomid and it got my T to around 780 and free of 19. I added some t shots with the clomid and that bumped up my fat loss and gains in the gym. You might consider bumping up to 50mg daily to see what that does for you.
  12. with and e2 of 60 you'll have hard time losing fat and you're lucky if you're not having any ED side effects. You need to get that down to around 20. also, if 583 is your trough level you may need to bump up to twice weekly shots.
  13. It's good to see the Brits finally standing up to the authoritarian police state that they're living in.
  14. i got the 5 months for $30 deal. They told me it was only for new customers so i said that i would cancel then come back in a week and get that deal. Then they just gave me that one.
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