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  1. Hi there- I have 4 Alamo bowl tickets (sec 123, row 22) for sale. These are in the end zone, lower level. I’ll take $175/ticket or best offer. Please DM me or quote me in this thread for the quickest response.
  2. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this term before now. When I heard RG3 say it, I thought he just made up a silly word to describe doubters. It seems that a lot of people are like me. For that reason, I think him getting fired over this is unlikely.
  3. I saw the tweet regarding sold out Alamo tickets allotment, but I still have yet to receive any e-mail giving an indication in either direction. I never got a "Your order is being processed..." or a "We're all sold out..." e-mail. I think I'll just continue to wait and see what happens at the end of this week. Worst case, I guess I can just buy after-market tickets as it gets closer to kickoff.
  4. Have any season ticket holders heard anything back yet from LHF on filling Alamo bowl ticket requests? I submitted my post season ticket application last week, but it's been silent. Any word from anyone else?
  5. You can donate my winnings to Burnt Endz. Enjoyed playing this season. Hook em as always.
  6. Texas 42 Baylor 20 Bijan 227 yards. We finish the season strong. Bijan has another big day. Then maybe KU helps us out on Saturday.
  7. Texas 45 Kansas 24 Punting 127 yards
  8. Texas: 44 TCU: 38 Combined passing: 617 You are shell-shocked bro. We'll be fine. This is the game that Patterson came to Texas for. With the home atmosphere and lights on the big stage, we'll be ready.
  9. Texas 38 KSU 24 Prop: 52 plays; long 32 yards from scrimmage See my post in the Game Week thread for my thoughts on this game.
  10. I have some thoughts. The spread is correct. Texas should be favored, and we will likely win comfortably. Vegas knows what it's doing, and I expect the public to hammer KSU and lose their ass on the game this week. I'm going to confidently take Texas and any points we're laying. Reading too much into KSU's 48-0 win over OkSt is a fool's errand. For reference, we beat OU 49-0 and then immediately struggled with the same ISU team that OU just dominated. The transitive property in college football means fuck all. Carrying KSU's big win over OkSt to draw the conclusion that Texas has no chance this week lacks all foundational support. There are multiple reasons for this. First, Texas is not a bad team. I know how much some of you shell-shocked fucks love to hate on Sark and self-soothe yourself after a loss by screaming dumpster fire, but the reality is that Texas went on the road last week against a top 15 team playing out of their minds, endured a whole crew of corrupt officiating stacking the deck (14 penalties to 0, LOL right), played its absolute nadir on offense, had a 60-yard qb run that likely results in a game winning 2-point try conveniently negated on a phantom holding call, and still only lost by 7. We are a very good team, and our quarterback is a true freshman. Shit happens. Second, you have to understand how bad OkSt played against KSU. They were as bad against KSU on Saturday as our offense was against OkSt last week. They lost turnovers 3-0, were 5/15 on 3rd down, and were 1/4 on 4th down. Against OkSt, we threw 3 interceptions, were 3/17 on 3rd down, and were 0/2 on 4th down. Both performances were marked by receivers routinely running the wrong routes, inexplicable drops, atypically poor quarterback decision-making, and untimely penalties. These were seasonal lows, extraordinary outliers, and extremely unlikely to be seen again this year. This is what variance looks like. It's not indicative of who we are, and it's not indicative of who they are. But even with those abysmal numbers, I'll reiterate that we only lost by 7, and OkSt lost by 48. Third, we are coming off a bye week. KSU, on the other hand, is coming off their program's biggest win in the past few years. They're euphoric, and deservedly so. But we've seen firsthand how difficult it is for a team to deliver the same intensity and performance in the week following a win like that. It's honestly easier for a team to get up and play really well following a tough and disappointing loss (OkSt lost a heartbreaker to TCU the week before we played them). We'll have had 2 full weeks to prepare for just KSU, with a lot of motivation, desire, and focus to correct past mistakes (and right the wrongs in Stillwater) fueling us. We are very much alive to win the Big 12 and the Sugar Bowl. Our coaches and our players know how important and meaningful that would be for our program. We still have the world to play for, and we will. Fourth, we (finally) have KSU's number. In the early Mack Brown years it was reversed, but in this past decade of wandering the desert, KSU is not the team that has given us fits. Charlie Strong beat them. Herman went 4-0 against them. Even Sark's 5-7 team last year still managed to beat KSU. These sort of trends have a way of sticking with a program, and I don't see it changing this week. Finally, while KSU is a decent and well-disciplined team, they are not elite or invulnerable. They struggle with capable opponents who are not having an off day. They are not above losing at home (Tulane beat them in Manhattan earlier this year). They squeaked out a 1-point win against ISU. There is absolutely no reason to expect that Texas won't compete with them. Will Texas need to play well to win? Yes, of course, but that goes without saying. We need to play well every week. And for the majority of this season, we've done exactly that. We didn't play well last week, and to a lesser extent we didn't play well in Lubbock without our starting quarterback. But I'm highly optimistic, for the reasons stated above, that we will play well this week, and that the final score will reflect it.
  11. UT 44 OSU 42 17 for 183 I think this is going to be another one of those wild finishes, and I hope the refs don't negatively interfere too much. OkSt and ISU are, respectively, my second and third "favorite" Big XII teams after Texas, but I like them a lot less now than I did, say, 8 years ago -- due mostly to them beating us not infrequently. I remember the Mack Brown years where we went undefeated against OkSt for over a decade. But that aside, I like how they wear orange and I like how they hate OU. But I like them best when they lose to Texas.
  12. This is like our game against Bama, except Tennessee is getting to play with heisman qb for more than 2 series.
  13. Ewers had his freshman game. Defense sucked on a lot of third downs. Made stops when they absolutely had to. Fuck it, move on and play better next week. We still have Ewers and Bijan. I’m still jacking it to 49-0, and a close win over ISU won’t change that. Nice to be on the other side of this shit for a change.
  14. Still cumming buckets from last week. Ready to beat the shit out of ISU today.
  15. FWIW, I really enjoyed your pre-season Sark predictions and I thought you were spot on. I never understood the Sark hate that so many on this site have. Dude is a walking redemption story. And that includes taking things to the next level as head coach.
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