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  1. When do we find out if LHF filled out our sugar bowl ticket order?
  2. I just booked my hotel in the French Quarter for Dec 31-Jan 2. Where is the party on NYE? Ready to eat, drink, and be merry and the beat the shit out of Washington the next day.
  3. Texas in the playoff! Why was my thread deleted when I called my shot on this yesterday after the bama win? Looks like new years in New Orleans, bros. Hook em!
  4. I already made a thread about this (but it got deleted because there are so many shell-shook pussies on this board). Texas WILL be in the playoff. It will be made official tomorrow at noon. Bama beating Georgia sealed that outcome for us. Let me spell it out for you. The committee has continuously communicated with their weekly rankings that they value the Texas head-to-head win over Bama, and the committee specifically reiterated the importance of head-to-head THIS WEEK. They’ve been very consistent in keeping Texas ranked ahead of Bama ALL season. There’s no reason at all to assume that the committee will change up now. Most of the talking heads have Texas at #3 right now and believe that the #4 spot is a battle between Bama and FSU. We are fucking good this year. The national media and public perception of Texas has finally realized it (granted, the Oregon and Georgia losses helped with this--resulting in less total cock for the media to gobble). The bottom line is, we are going to the playoff. The only real question at this point is whether we'll be playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl or Washington in the Sugar Bowl. I don't know who the committee will pick between FSU and Bama and frankly I don't care. I think it'd be LOLhilarious if the SEC missed out on the playoff in the final year of the 4-team format (which is a very real possibility).
  5. At the game. We’re about to beat the shit out of Okst. The energy in here is unreal.
  6. Wow, doing the parlay every week as an emotional hedge is brilliant. Glad at least you’re making some lemonade out of all this. What has the payoff been like? We may miss out on the CFP this year, but you’re right in that 4 events still remain that conceivably could put Texas in. And I don’t think there’s ever been a ccg week before that didn’t have at least one crazy upset. For it to not happen again this week would be another first in an already low probability series of firsts. We just need to take care of our business, snatch the big 12 crown, and promptly shove it up yormark’s ass on our way out the door. Whether we’re in the CFP or cotton bowl doesn’t make a shit. This is a great team and it has been an awesome ride. The future is bright.
  7. We only have to suffer 1 more game with Big 12 refs, and then we'll be done with that horseshit forever. If we win next week, I like our chances in whatever bowl game against anyone.
  8. Texas 41 tech 13 combined passing 528 We’re gonna beat the fuck out of them. This is our year.
  9. Xcalibur


    Why not? FSU has shown themselves to be mortal. They won't lose this weekend, but I think there's a reasonable likelihood that they lose to Florida or even that they'll be upset by Louisville in the ACC CCG.
  10. I don't feel bad about still having this anger. Gideon cost us 2 national titles. Colt doesn't get injured if we aren't having to make up that extra 30 yards in lost field position.
  11. Your writing style is very obnoxious. Self-identifying as a hell raiser and then shadow boxing online against amorphous “blue hairs” isn’t going to garner you a lot of sympathy. You paid for the seats, that’s where you should sit. Maybe Texas will make all the OU fans leave at halftime again and you’ll have the run of their end of the cotton bowl to yourself. Either way, I think youll be in better company than you realize. Being as drunk and obnoxious as possible is the sooner love language.
  12. That 2004 loss was the lowest I'd ever felt after a TX/OU game. I felt so sick and empty. It was utterly desolate. If we lose on Saturday, I won't feel as bad as I did in 2004 because I know that this year we will have the opportunity to rematch the fuckers and likely make the playoff anyway. In all likelihood, we will have to play them twice this year regardless. This game is still everything, and our team will treat it as such. But beating them in the cotton bowl is not the end of the story this year, as far as us playing OU is concerned. I don't know what to think about this game. OU has a good schematic offense, but the defenses that they have played against so far are not in the same stratosphere as what they will see from us on Saturday. So their usual tricks won't find near as much success against us. But they are definitely high on themselves and believing that they are better than we are. I get the sense that they will experience a rude awakening on Saturday... but it's a heated rivalry game so who the fuck really knows at the end of the day. I view this game as kind of the reverse situation of 2011 or 2012... in both of those seasons we had good starts to the year (eg, some dominant wins and media hype) and we rolled into Dallas against a higher ranked OU team believing that we were going to pull the upset because we were pretty good too. In both years, we got our asses completely handed to us, and our hopes and dreams for the season came quickly crashing down. That could be the fate of this OU team after Saturday. I think they still have a ways to go to being elite status again, but I think that Texas is already there (finally). We lost 55-14 and 63-21, respectively in 2011 and 2012. Let's just say that we "flip the script" this time, to borrow a phrase that Brent Venables has really tried popularizing this week about his team. Texas 52 OU 21 Texas rushes for 238.
  13. Do you mean... it's a SARK difference?
  14. We don't "need" them to keep winning. Texas needs to keep winning. That is all that matters.
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