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  1. Medical discharge with lifetime pay. That kid is the luckiest SOB. Wish that happened to me.
  2. The Platform is must watch. Really enjoyed it.
  3. Fuck you Corona. Put me on Furlough today. And I work in the Industrial Field. Bunch of bat eating idiots.
  4. What a clusterfuck and fail from a lot of people
  5. Mariners cancelled all March home games
  6. That’s sad. Poor person had it and no way of knowing it or treatment and then dies. Great job by our fantastic government of being on top of this. 75k tests total. Pitiful. Maybe if we as a country keep our head in the sand long enough this will all just blow over.
  7. An HEB manager told me that first hand. They are not allowed to shake hands etc anymore with customers. If one employee is confirmed the entire store shuts down.
  8. So I go and get my haircut today. Lady tells me her mom goes to the same church of someone that tested positive. The church called the Mom to ask if she made contact with her. Then I get to work and co-worker tells me someone in his daughters school college class was also confirmed. This shit is getting a little to close for my likening
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