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  1. Both Winners have been Paid. Thanks all for playing and we will do both contests again next year.
  2. Sorry guys, Had an electrical fire in the crib and been dealing with that.... Congrats BO on the win... DM me your paypal info to send over your winnings.
  3. That's beautiful Be sure to let me know your picks next week "if" you did gamble
  4. We have 13 entries which is more than I thought we would have on short notice. 1st $200 2nd $60
  5. That was the most entertaining regular season basketball game i have seen in a very long time
  6. I cant even imagine what this place would be like if we were in the 80's. And asking for a friend who is the Avatar?
  7. Bump.. Games start tomorrow. GL to everyone
  8. I just don't understand kids... As an OOS WR why would you choose UGA over LSU?
  9. Ya, 2 Doak Walker winners and a borderline NFL HOF RB.
  10. Any word on the 2 TCU decommits this morning? Was that expected?
  11. Is have one also if any of you degenerates want to get in another. $20 Winner take all. You can just delete this post @blacklab if this isn’t ok with you
  12. So does anyone have any names that we might be targeting to close out this class? Collins? Princely? Anyone else?
  13. Pony is based on MLB Rules. Leading Off Base Stealing Kids Pitch sooner (I think)
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