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  1. I’m sure your going to get free Tix from someone
  2. Rough week brother
  3. 3–1. See you boys next week
  4. joeycovers

    Texas Bowl

    Odds are we finish 7-5. Same for ATM. Lets hope they don’t avoid us and we push there shit in. Need something to salvage this mess of a season. Am I the only one that wants this?
  5. Just remember this.. When everybody discusses how "superior" the SEC is and the grind of it is unlike any other conf. In the 3 seasons before and after Missouri and ATM left the BIg 12 they had the following record Missouri conf record was 15-10 in B12 and 16-8 in the SEC which included a Top 5 finish ATM conf record was 13-12 in the B12 and 13-11 in the SEC which included a top 5 finish
  6. I never post my picks on here but here goes OU/BU Under 68 Texas +7 Michigan -13.5 UCLA +21
  7. This product is amazing. Kids love it which makes my life easier. Netflix should just quit on kid programming on focus on adult shows because every kid aged 4-12 will be on this.
  8. I mean i dont "think" Minnesota is a top 4 team.. But until Iowa, Wisconsin or Ohio St beat them im giving them benefit of the doubt. Here is what i want to see happen just for the chaos 2 Loss Uga beats unbeaten LSU in SEC title game 1 loss P12 Champ 1 Loss big 12 champs 1 loss Minn beat Undefeated Ohio St Clemson upset in ACC title game I know some of it is far fetched but the crying and begging from all of these teams would be great.
  9. Minnesota was a 7 point Home Dog to Penn St. Nobody outside that state expected them to win. If they played again this weekend they would be underdogs again. Point is on field results should trump everything. I remember watching 02 Ohio St get "lucky" week after week. Then they were matched up against big bad Miami and everyone including the oddsmakers thought it would be a blowout. They found a way to win (controversially). Every since then i give teams credit for finding ways to win games like that. Of course sometimes teams get exposed but until then when all else is equal as long as that loss column has a 0 that means more for me.
  10. Because then on the field results mean nothing if we are just going to base it on opinions.
  11. Based on what exactly? They lost to Stanford and Cal plus the only 2 ranked teams they played. Sounds to me like a middle of the pack team in a terrible conference.
  12. Which team is better? I hate when this question gets asked.. It doesn't matter who i think is better or who anybody in that room "thinks" is better. You must take that out of the equation and rank based on what they have accomplished. To this point Alabama and Minnesota have played terrible schedules with the exception of LSU and Penn St which Minn won and Bama lost. 0 Reason Minnesota should be ranked behind Alabama. If Minnesota was named Michigan and Bama was named Vanderbilt does anybody believe MIchigan would be 8 and Vandy 5? No chance. Following Teams have 0 wins vs current Top 25 teams #3 Clemson #5 Bama #6 Utah #7 Oregon #23 Iowa Another joke is Clemson, Utah and Oregon are going to walk into Conf Championship game weekend without beating 1 ranked team all year. Clemson will have 0 wins vs Top 25 teams and Utah and Oregon will only have 1 and thats will only be the winner of the game. Do i "think" they will win games vs Team X? I have no clue and we wont even find out until the CFP This entire thing really needs expansion or just go back to the top 2 because this playoff system is a joke. /rant
  13. Updated 11/12/19 1. Ou vs Texas 7.25M FOX (4th highest watched CFB game this year) 2. Ou @ KST 4.21 ABC 3. Ok St @ Texas 3.64M ABC 4. Iowa St @ OU 3.17 FOX 5. Texas @ WVU 3.16 ABC 6. OU @ Kansas 2.98 FOX 7.TT @ OU 2.81 FOX 8. Texas @ TCU 2.58 Fox 9. WVU @ OU 2.54 FOX 10. Baylor @ Ok St 2.23 FOX Top 6 Nationally watched games this year 1. LSU @ Bama 16.64M CBS (Crazy high number for a regular season game) 2. ND @ UGA 9.29 CBS 3. LSU @ Texas 8.63 ABC 4. Texas vs OU 7.25 FOX 5. Auburn @ LSU 7.18 CBS 5. Oregon vs Auburn 6.86 ABC
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