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  1. Details. When do y’all play and for how much ?
  2. Can this be played on phone ?
  3. Our Pony league will be starting June 1 - July 17. Practices starting next week. All assuming Abbott goes into Phase 2 tomorrow as planned
  4. I don’t read spoilers but Often times when I watch these episodes I tend to notice things so I have a good idea who is going home which sucks. During interviews often times you will notice cast members look like they have been crying. Jordan was that way. Then after tori was eliminated they show him breakdown. Also if they have interviews in the same clothes it means they didn’t last long. That was Tori and that black top. Another clue I often notice is when a person is going home they spend a lot of camera time on them on a particular episode. I know I know. CSB
  5. Train to Busan. One of my favorite Zombie flicks. It’s great. Part 2is coming out soon.
  6. Our Pony league is going to try and play out the Season in the Summer and start in June. That’s the chatter at least.
  7. Medical discharge with lifetime pay. That kid is the luckiest SOB. Wish that happened to me.
  8. The Platform is must watch. Really enjoyed it.
  9. Fuck you Corona. Put me on Furlough today. And I work in the Industrial Field. Bunch of bat eating idiots.
  10. What a clusterfuck and fail from a lot of people
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