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  1. Yeah I’m starting to get pissed. This is so fucking stupid. I mean either stop all travel or don’t do this bullshit. It’s trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.
  2. Yup business travel is clearly safer than recreational. I’ve put off traveling for almost a year now, but I’m likely headed to Costa Rica in about 2 weeks. Don’t worry if I get Covid on the plane I will be staying there a few months, so won’t bring it back.
  3. Woah. I know the guy and know his wife or I guess now ex. Super cool couple. But I guess you really have to know someone well to talk about cannibalism.
  4. Go eat fish tacos at Sancho’s. You’re welcome. Edit- shit, I think it closed.
  5. Ah ok yeah. Like midtown I thought you got caught in holiday traffic or were in a bus. Or both. Most Ticos drive a little crazy. I can see where motion sickness could be a problem for some people.
  6. How did you go and what happened?
  7. Buy a couple of trailers for your workers and office and stick them in Aransas Pass or Ingleside. Do work in Port Aransas. HVAC, plumbing, remodeling, whatever. Profit. These guys that are good down here are making a fortune because most of the trades and contractors are terrible.
  8. Man, y’all have a pretty good team. Weird year. If you ignore the record and look at the scores it’s not nearly as bad as it looks.
  9. We completely went away from what was working in the first half and once again Shaka has no clue how to get us back on track. This team is ultra talented and there is only one reason why they might not make a run to the Elite 8 or beyond.
  10. Who exactly do you think we lost by waiting until we did? Firing Herman at the end of the regular season would have completely blown the class up if we didn’t have a hire in place. And we didn’t.
  11. spectrum is terrible. We should beat them convincingly.
  12. Wait, he watched the fucking replay on the hugeass video board and didn’t challenge? Is he legally blind? Holy fuck
  13. I liked it early on when the announcers were talking about KU’s only loss and our only loss. It was something like “Kansas lost to #1 Gonzaga and Texas lost to a pretty good Villanova team”. Uh, they are #4 you asshat.
  14. All the other “relationship” posts must be really shitty
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