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  1. Nice meeting everyone too. Thanks @immamacfor the beers and tacos. See y’all at the next one. For some reason we didn’t take any pictures at the tailgate but here’s the game. Hook ‘em.
  2. Just plug it in to the USB port. Just got to our place downtown, walking to dinner soon. See y’all tomorrow.
  3. There are a bunch of papers and articles on this. The NY Times had a great one but got bored with it. The U.S has been pretty consistent at 20% higher than normal so yeah, we are already somewhere around 850,000.
  4. Evidence just in case. Note the lack of license plates
  5. Rental across the street from me showed up today with a 20 foot box white truck that screams I want to blow this up, pulling a 15 foot aluminum boat. And a support suv. Still not sure how they got it all parked over there but they managed. Pretty sure they are eco terrorists from Oregon. They are playing good music right now though so I will wait till tomorrow to go interrogate.
  6. I like that 1 just went ahead and numbered herself to save us the trouble of arguing over it.
  7. Dad was from West Virginia and got a scholarship to play basketball in the 60’s, otherwise I’d probably be a coal miner or railroad worker. Mom went to UT also so I was raised a Longhorn. Technically my first game was when my mom was 6 or 7 months pregnant but the first games I really remember well were the Earl years. I loved going down on the field after the games. I nearly went to Claremont McKenna to play basketball, but a drunken RoundUp weekend changed my mind. I was at UT during the Gardere years so OU sucked, but other than the one shock the nation year we sucked. I’ve never rooted for any other college team, and never will.
  8. I think we got half an inch to an inch of rain. No flooding. Wind stayed in the 20’s with gusts to 40 for a few hours. It was nothing here.
  9. No big damage but pretty much every boat lost their outriggers during the Cat2 that just went near Cabo. These boats are in the Los Cabo marina which nearly took a direct hit. Going to be a scramble to get everyone new outriggers before October when the 3 big money tournaments are. IMG_0091.mov
  10. Also conspicuous lack of Paul in that video.
  11. Cabo took a glancing hit from a Cat2 Thursday., Los Cabos or San Jose took almost a direct hit. It’s hard to get much info out of there right now but I know a bunch of boats got messed up. Anyway, if you are traveling down there soon check with the hotel before you go.
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