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  1. So you are saying that they brought tv’s into classrooms of elementary through h.s. kids and let us watch, knowing that it was going to explode? Yeah, that didn’t happen. We were already watching because a teacher was on the mission.
  2. Also in addition to the bearings in rudders and shafts we replaced all the batteries. Bottom paint was last year so we just got a Tico bottom job while we were hauled out. Everything else is in very good shape except now one a/c unit is on life support. It needs to be replaced. The other 2 are good. In the meantime paying a Tico to recharge it once a month. The math is heavily in my favor. Next will be new screens for the radar/gps/sounder but can work with what we have for now. This could be done really cheaply, but we are still running on tech so old you can’t even find them anymore. Three screens @ 300ish each if you find them on EBay but they just aren’t there anymore. Our radar unit is commercial grade (we can see birds from a few miles away) so it is still good but probably need to throw a new transducer in when the screens get replaced. On the bright side all of my fishing tackle is still good to go.
  3. Wear your mask properly man. So I’m done with the boatyard again and in addition to fixing those issues I think I’ve got more coats of wax on the boat than I’ve ever seen. The guys are bored. And I still can’t go fish. Or go to the country at all. They are trying to get something together that would allow boat owners into the country, but I doubt that gets anywhere. The marinas there are nationally owned and they want to prevent an exodus. I already know a couple of boats that have left for Mexico. 415F5A84-29ED-4A2E-A65A-6448BAA6D1C4.mov 72C1B7F5-F3F1-42F7-A486-51205824C17A.mov
  4. It’s really never been about that. They are trying to limit the number of tourists coming down and a full or partial beach closure does work for that. The unintended consequences however weren’t well thought out. edit- *knock on wood* despite the large number of tourists in Port A we still really haven’t had an outbreak here that’s spread to locals. Corpus has had the HUGE problem, and it’s not tourists driving that. To expound any on that would go too CR for this thread.
  5. Well so far, the sand is there in piles ready to be pushed down to block vehicles but they aren’t actually doing it. I’m thinking this is a political/control issue between the city of Port A and the county and both sides may be willing to see what happens this weekend. The closure to vehicles is set to expire Aug17 so maybe everyone is just willing to let it happen. Or more likely nobody has any clue what to do.
  6. I’m lucky. Family probably breaks down roughly half Republican half Democrat. My first cousin got married recently and didn’t invite anyone. This would have been a big wedding. There was a Zoom family party a few days later and there will be a real party whenever it’s appropriate. Nobody made a big deal out of it one way or the other.
  7. What? If you mean they aren’t letting in U.S. citizens right now then yes. But it’s a barrier for any tourist from here, not just someone looking to relocate for the 90 days allowed. Also, for awhile now you can pay a “fine” and stay longer than the 90 days assuming they ever let us back in the country. I have no clue what you mean by an address to use or a blood relative (unless you are a father/son/brother/spouse of a CR citizen) as that’s never been an issue to gaining residency or citizenship. You just need money.
  8. Well I drove the beach late afternoon and it does look like they are preparing to build sand barricades actually on the beach to keep people from driving more than 500’ past the access roads. This should get interesting.
  9. And we didn’t even need to do it for 5 months. 6-8 weeks would have worked. But here we are. October is going to be a bitch.
  10. I brought this point up months ago. To be clear the general public can definitely get a test now but they may wait 7-14 days for a result. It’s a really bad look and it’s way way more than 70 tests per team. By the time you test the teams, coaches, staffs, stadium people, tv people, etc. I’d guess you are looking at well over 1000 tests to play a game. And they are talking about doing it multiple times a week. Talk about tone deaf.
  11. Username checks out. Spelling does not.
  12. Maybe I thought people needed to listen to the song as they read the thread. I’ll ask you next time before I post something that’s already been mentioned.
  13. Yup, so fucking stupid. I’m betting this means Canales is going to extend the order past Aug 17.
  14. What are you looking at exactly? It’s been dropping for weeks now and the linked graphs in the tweet show that.
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