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  1. In December Panama has good inshore and offshore fishing, but you’d pretty much be stuck at the lodge at night. Same with Guatemala but it’s primarily sailfish with occasional marlin mixed in. Costa Rica will be a mixed bag offshore. Should be incredible fishing for dorado/mahi-mahi, good chances at yellowfin tuna and sails, and if you go on the full moon some shots at blue marlin. Lots more to do at night. But none of those 3 places have very good diving. Cabo is Cabo, I’m very meh on it but it is what it is. In the states, south Fl and especially the Keys has some very diverse fishing, but no marlin. Maybe some blackin tuna.
  2. Those species aren’t good in Belize in any month. Belize is for bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, reef fish.
  3. Don’t bother with the deep sea fishing there. That’s all I’ve got.
  4. Well yes, but that wasn’t possible. A td on 3rd down would have left them 40 seconds or so.
  5. No problem, good luck. If neither of those work they might have other recs for you. They are definitely the best down there. Lots of other outfits there are just going to take you on a boat ride.
  6. https://www.elmatadorsportfishing.com/ and https://marlasportfishing.com/ are the two I always hear recommended. I tell anyone who will listen that no matter where in the world you are fishing, a half day isn’t enough 95% of the time.
  7. Exactly. I very, very rarely read anything in the CR and never post there. Out of curiosity I went to those 2 threads and scanned the posts over the last 48 hours and saw nothing weird. Unless imma already cleaned it up it sounds like what you said or a problem on the user end. One time months ago I was getting blank white spots on some posts where there should have been pics. Turns out it was a temporary issue with my internet provider.
  8. Well at least maybe this means he is now open to looking around. Anywhere but Boomer please.
  9. And you think fixing this will unfuck those 2 threads, or anything in the CR?
  10. Well yes that’s obviously one scenario.
  11. Yes, and I’m pretty sure the Ranger was female. Makes you wonder what would have gone down if she tried to run the license. They had someone on the news last night from the park service and he said something like ‘“we will be reviewing our policies regarding traffic stops”.
  12. That was pretty much my take too. It was what I was hoping LHN would be.
  13. Take Trace off the list. I have to eat there a bunch and it is mediocre at best. I’m sure they could find a way to make a horrible Tday meal.
  14. Uhoh. It appears that the couple was actually down on PINS before the murder and got pulled over by a park ranger for no seatbelt. Didn’t run the license - which would have shown his warrants from Utah - and then let him go with a warning.
  15. wow your word posts are even more of a beating than your picture posts
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