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  1. I got mine at the CVS by my house last Friday and they didn't ask me anything. I do get my prescriptions filled there and the Moderna shot shows up in my prescription history so maybe they were able to see I take medicine for asthma and type 2 diabetes.
  2. CVS has opened up appointments two days in a row so I would check back daily. Elgin still has availability if you're willing to make the drive.
  3. Austin filled up quick. Got one in Georgetown.
  4. Thanks for this. My in-laws picked up appointments in Canton.
  5. Good luck with the call center. I’ve tried them four times this morning. It answers and immediately puts you on hold for 10-15 minutes and then starts ringing and eventually hangs up on you. I emailed them to get confirmation but haven’t heard back from them yet.
  6. I had an appointment for today and I received an email last night telling me it had been cancelled because the weather has delayed this week's shipment of vaccines. What was even more frustrating was while I was reading that email on my phone I received a text asking me to confirm my appointment for today.
  7. Greinke pitched yesterday so wouldn't that put him in line to start game 3 on Tuesday?
  8. I played in a work league for 19 years. I quit four or five years ago after getting burned out but got a little bit of an itch again after hearing my co-workers talk about it as their draft got closer. I joined a random Yahoo league and it only took two weeks to feel the sweet sweet sting of fantasy football courtesy of Chris Carson's touchdown reception late in the fourth quarter Sunday night. I lost by a couple of points. Fuck fantasy football indeed.
  9. I got egg sized hail here in Georgetown. Since my car is the oldest it didn't get put in the garage. I need a new windshield and it looks like a golf ball. I'm surprised I didn't lose any windows on the house as loud as it was.
  10. Thank you for the updates. Will they keep going until someone wins or would they call it after a certain inning?
  11. Flurries here in Georgetown for a bit. Starting to collect on the cars. It's not much but it's still nice.
  12. Hinch just said in his post game presser Urquidy is starting tomorrow and White will be designated for assignment.
  13. Thought I'd read somewhere James, Peacock and maybe Valdez were going to battle it out for the 5th starter spot this spring training. Personally I hope James gets the spot.
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