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  1. I'm not so sure about that anymore. Maybe a ton, but not a shit-ton anymore. And I think that number's dropping steadily.
  2. Ok then, to almost actually dying... I was a big bike rider back in my twenties, and unless I absolutely had to drive, I rode my bike. School, work, shopping, everywhere. So one day I'm riding my bike to the bank to deposit a check. I'm crossing a crowded busy road with traffic mostly stopped at a light about a hundreds yards down the road. A truck driver slows and waves me across and I stupidly went, promptly being hit by a pickup that was coming up beside him. I was rushed to the hospital, but while I was in pain and clearly banged up, I didn't seem to have any actual severe wounds. They checked my everything and even x-rayed me - all clear - and I was sent home. One of my old frat buddies drove me home but I was obviously a mess and he didn't leave. Eventually my then live-in girlfriend, who was an ICU nurse, came home from work, saw me and started doing her own examination. My lung had slowly collapsed from internal bleeding, which she quickly diagnosed. And back to the hospital I went, where they stuck a tube in me and drained it all out. The reason it hadn't been caught earlier was that it just wasn't enough at the time for my lung actually fail and it to show up when they checked my breathing or on any scan. She said that if I had stayed home about another 3 - 4 hours longer, I would have simply died.
  3. Was just watching Bayern Munich play versus Union Berlin live right now. The only people in the stands are players, coaches, and stadium personel. The players and coaches in the stands are all socially distanced and wearing masks. Yeah I'm sure we can make that work in college football. Eerie seeing this though. Was just flipping through the sports channels and saw the word 'Live' (hadn't seen that in a while) and had to investigate. Soccer's not really my game though, but this gives a glimmer of the near future.
  4. So a white guy, a black guy, and an asian guy all walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Oh gosh. Not here!" and flees to another bar.
  5. Looks like some researcher stumbled across something he wasn't meant to be stumbling across.... https://www.yahoo.com/news/researcher-verge-making-very-significant-030320409.html
  6. Those first two pics aren't really showing the bikini pics that would do them justice in truly demonstrating how crowded things actually are.
  7. I don't believe this is a logical statement. The vast majority of educational systems in the world have their sports completely intramural or separate from the universities. I mean I know we're talking sci-fi alternate universe stuff here, but if the American educational system had left sports to basically separate 'leagues', never moving anything past intramural setups, we might be living in a world where this whole argument about who gets paid what would be moot and we would all be big fans of local minor-league teams instead of university teams.
  8. Looks like professional baseball has started up in Taiwan. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2020-04-16/professional-baseball-in-taiwan-begins-empty-stadiums-ariel-miranda Maybe China should have let the WHO listen to what these people had to say.
  9. You're obviously not from around here.🙂


  10. Alright, Obviously I missed the acronyms post. What HEB stand for?
  11. If the United States decides to follow the China model, then all of our infection/death rates will miraculously, unrealistically drop to near zero, and nobody with half a brain will believe a word the government is saying about the disaster. Meanwhile the bodies would be piling up and all of the residents of the hardest hit locations would be wondering why and how there seem to something like 50 times the number of dead that's been stated officially. I would recommend NOT following the China model.
  12. If Italy decided to follow in China's footsteps, then all we would be hearing from here on out would be pure lies.
  13. Well that's only wrong by an order of magnitude!
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