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  1. Seems fucking crazy doesn't it. Instead he managed the system EXACTLY AS IT WAS DESIGNED by Abbott and the GOP. So the reality is he was fired as a scapegoat and without any cause other than political cover for Gov. Abbott.
  2. So... on top of fucking up the access to power. The ALL GOP Public Utility Commission didn't do what they should have and the citizenry got GOUGED for $16 BILLION extra just to add another layer of GOP incompetence to the misery. No wonder Abbott is willing to kill people to distract from his mess. https://www.chron.com/politics/article/ERCOT-overcharged-power-companies-16-billion-for-16001160.php
  3. It's almost as if the state that had a complete power grid breakdown and the state that still have major water issues, are trying to distract us? 😉 OF course with both states also being about fighting it out for who can be the "shitty vaccine rollout champion" that's just one more reason to unmask!
  4. Sounds like this link sort of verifies what VolenteHawk was saying. https://appletoolbox.com/lost-access-to-your-apple-id-email-you-can-still-change-it/ Right now my oldest daughter and I are still linked via this old email for Apple store. I assume that once we unlink only one of us will have access to the purchases from the original dinosaur account we started oh so long ago. I need to see if she has a lot of purchased apps, which I doubt.
  5. Thanks- Sounds like it might work. I was assuming I might have to copy it manually to some sort of drive and then upload to new computer. But worth a try. I just bought a new iPhone 12 Pro, after hanging onto my 7 forever, with enough storage to hold the iTunes library and more. So figured try now to migrate over or just say fuck it and commit to Apple taking another chunk every month. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201455 Looks like an email is sent to the old address to confirm change confirmation IF I am reading the link correctly. However it also seems like you might be a
  6. Thanks for the link - Won't the Apple ID when changed want to send an email to the original email on the account to validate and confirm the change? The one I do not have access to? Usually I get some sort of confirmation email confirming my desire to change the password, to confirm it is NOT a nefarious password change. Since I no longer have access to that dead email account might I accidentally lock myself out? I'll read through ore carefully. It also takes forever to try and start that old computer as it tries to run through updates that are long dead. I need to kill the auto u
  7. Honestly while I was extremely lucky to get a Moderna first dose, and even luckier to get a second, I think right now I might lean toward the single dose J&J vaccine. Just to not have the extra days waiting for the second dose. But fuck take ANY dose you can get. The more of us are protected at least to some degree the more we move toward herd immunity. I guess in my mind the potential advantages of the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines is the ability to likely quickly develop booster for the new strains. My science mind is curious about whether the Federal Gov will test whether or
  8. Now it may not be worth the effort, but 8 to 10 or so years ago I had a huge amount of music I had copied into my iTunes account. My first instinct was to say fuck it, but I thought perhaps I could breath some life into that old dell running I think Windows XP and somehow upload the music to my cloud account. The catch is that the old email address for the downloaded music is a dead email for one of my kids from when we all shared the same account for music when they were teenagers, in their 20's now. So it seems like with my cloud account being my Apple email and the old user name being a
  9. What is funny is I was visiting with some Trumper neighbors a couple nights ago and they thought his post election fundraising was fantastic! And they were so impressed. I said, "lots of rubes." Which they did not quite know how to digest.
  10. Like I was saying last night, if I get one the variants I am going to go party my ass off at every country and western bar I can find!
  11. Not as all similar. In one instance Trump is simply being an asshole for ONLY political purposes. I am simply expanding on the existing policies. We were rewarding good vaccinators with more vaccines were we not? By giving them greater access to more doses depending on efficiency. We are talking about specific STUPID choices made for ONLY political reasons that will cost lives in Texas and Mississippi. Both of whom rank near the bottom in getting the vaccines they have in hand into the bodies of citizens at 45th and 44th in the state rankings. Ultimately the primary reason Abbot
  12. Actually I think you and I are both right. Biden should declare a national mask mandate. States that comply get vaccine doses, states that don't lose half their vaccine doses. This would allow Abbott and the other Republicans helping their citizen arrange for funeral plans to reverse course. Or they can yell freedom, and reject 50% of the vaccines they could be receiving. After all State Governor's do have the FREEDOM to reject half the vaccine supplies for their states, if they don't like masks. So Texas could start getting full supplies in June, after all the other states are fully
  13. Honestly isn't it time for the federal government to simply throttle back access to vaccinations in states like Texas that are not serious about fighting the virus? IF I were President that is EXACTLY what I would do, and I would be on national news explaining my decision. That basically we want to give the most help to the states that want to protect their citizens and actually prevent the spread of the virus. No need to prioritize vaccines in states that don't care.
  14. If Abbot has learned one thing from Trump, if you can do something to distract that is fucking crazy... then you can avoid scrutiny for your fuckups. Abbot would rather make the story about "patriots and freedom" NO MATTER HOW MANY TEXANS IT KILLS rather than "we really fucked this ERCOT shit up didn't we!"
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