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  1. I would reface the thing but the wood on the bottom two panels is so rotten that there just isn't enough good wood to tie to. Right now plywood is wedged under the second panel at about 70 degrees, and the second panel is now rotted to hell as well. My Hillbilly engineering analysis is that I think I could put in a new door , panel by panel without clearing out the garage, by removing the rollers off the back of the door. Then somehow spread the bottom of the existing rails to allow me to slide in the rollers into the rail, the reattach to the back of the doors. I would have to clear out a little bit of the shit to be able to get in and hinge the panels together, but I think it wold work. Now whether I can open up the rail enough to insert the rollers is a different question as these rails I am sure are heavy duty from the 1970's. If she got the outside handle option I could probably cut a slit to allow the door lock to slide into the existing rail. Then she could lock it, and the next time it would be opened would be after her death...
  2. I think she really needs to go option 2. I told her to talk to the code guy and I am sure the neighbor who is complaining would be thrilled beyond imagination if I put up the cedar. The evil side of my brain says just do it. Let code enforcement get after her, let her beg for my help, and use that leverage to get her to sign a contract on he Mom's house for my saving her. Unfortunately for me, I am just not kind of guy. And yes, I was already having her try to call the code officer.
  3. i wouldn't pull a permit for it. But with code enforcement officer already up her ass, I don't want to pop it up and then have code enforcement officer pissed off. She has to satisfy or have a plan by the end of the month, and she texted me yesterday. The existing "fix" is some plywood painted and wedged under the second panel to hold the garage door up. I have to remove that wood to be able to put in a frame. I think the second I mess with the plywood the door may just fall apart. I'm sure my masters in hillbilly engineering will devise a way to support the door. But I am almost hoping the code guy insists on permits, or the dumpster and do it right option.
  4. Here is the situation: A former teacher of my kids and a neighbor who is retired got tagged by the code enforcement department for her garage door. The thing is literally falling apart and if I lived next door I would be calling. Catch is the garage if full of shit, I mean tons of crap, basically she's a hoarder. So there is not way to get into the garage, or room to properly hang a new door. I'm mainly trying to help her out as I really, really, really want me to sell me her Mom's house in my neighborhood. I have helped her with some maintenance on that house so my greed is a partial drive here. Mostly I don't want to do anything that might make Code Enforcement look even more closely at her as who knows how nasty the inside of her house is. She could find herself in real trouble potentially if the code enforcement guy saw the inside (I assume it's bad). The house I covet is full of crap, so I assume her residence is too. So I gave her two options: Option 1: Frame out the doorway and simply put up stained cedar siding. It would look great by comparison and fit the neighborhood. But I am guessing a permit would need to be pulled for that? Option 2: get a dumpster and replace the door properly. Option 3) Pics of the old lady before any answers! I and every normal person would opt for option 2, but option 1 it is! So how hard would it be for me to pull a permit with the City? I have an LLC I use to pull permits in Corpus but that's an easy in and out deal with them, as their primary concern is that construction is windstorm certified. I'm Sure here in Austin it's not a couple hour deal. Just trying to help and old lady out.
  5. If you go gas run the god damn ethanol carb gunking shit out of there to save your carb. I will say that I bought a Greenworks battery chainsaw and could not be happier. Works maybe 45 minutes at a shot. Which is more than enough for me before I need a break. Actually I was very surprised at how comparable it was to my old McCollugh I had for years. But no mess, and no trying to restart up in a tree.
  6. Texas is gonna turn Blue it just depends when. There has been a pretty large surge in voter registration since Trump got elected. DO you think they have manufactured a bunch of new old angry white guys in the last 4 years?
  7. So if I went down in the next couple weeks on Baffin? I Guess out of Bluff's Landing? Two guys- maybe a third, haven't done Baffin before. Larger trout hunt. Willing to wad, but not sure if I want to add winter wade gear to the arsenal for a single trip. But not that big a deal. I thought about hopping down the last the weekend of Feb 29th, to just hang on the beach and chase a few pomps and oversize drum while I caught a buzz. Was gonna buy one of the ghost shrimp suckers and see how those worked int he surf this time of year, while the wife walks on the beach.
  8. Look at the exchange between myself and 'lil Johnny. I realize why most of the time you ask questions rather than provide answers. Lil Johnny asks me about "What charges!?!" (very loudly and indignantly! I quietly reply, (paraphrased to shorten,) "I would start and look at obstruction of Justice, put him under oath and ask Trump three questions. With three questions the man will lie and commit perjury. I point out Trump refused to answer a single question related to obstruction." (hint: think about the title of this post and what Roger Stone is convicted of, lil one) Lil' Johnny replies off-topic "Let them impeach!"(very loudly) . For some reason Johnny did not understand that all I did was answer his prior question on what crimes to prosecute. Nothing more, nothing less. It's like when I was trying to teach 7 year olds to kick a soccer ball. Some kids whiff again and again, simply because for some reason they are unable to process the words being said to them. It's frustrating as a coach but you understand that it's an 8 year old child you are trying to help. It's weird to me, because I aways thought that 8 year old kids grow up and their understanding of words improves. Hard for me to understand. Maybe this is a subject on which you can enlighten us Johnny? It's sad that so many Republicans are not much more than angry 8 year old children these days.
  9. Isn't it always funny how lil' Sack never ever manages to answer a question. Like when was the last thime you got laid? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GOT LAID????!!!!???! (with vehement anger) i would start with obstruction of justice questioning. Remember lil' Johnny that Trump refused to answer a single question regarding obstruction. Easy place to start, and fruit will be borne quickly once Trump is sworn in. Hell just Put Trump under oath and ask him three questions about ANYTHING and the odds are he will commit perjury by the third question. The good new for Trump is Republicans are so used to not wanting to know the truth, that believing a lie is so fucking easy ,now it's habit.
  10. This is what happens when an immoral man, with an immoral family is allowed to gradually move the bar, over, and over, and over again. Barr should be impeached and disbarred, but again the GOP loves corruption. I mean it really, really loves it. Especially the Ted Cruz/ Mike Pence wrap yourself in the Bible corruption. Stone must have some incredibly damning information on Trump to pull this sort of banana Republic bullshit with Barr.
  11. I think that revoking Presidential Protection for convicted felons should become part of law. Clearly all Republicans would vote for such legislation given the near universal position on not wanting felons to be allowed to vote after their sentences were served. Seems like it would be an easy yes vote. If nothing else it would be bun to hear the debate on how the law is "targeting Trump!" To which the response would be... "How can you target somebody who has done nothing wrong?" Trump is going to be far and away the most costly President in our nation's history. Probably a factor of 4 -6 fold of all prior presidents. I honestly do not mind if felonious President are given special treatment to protect them in Prison. I do however seriously mind picking up the tab for a convicted felon's protection.
  12. I know we provide ex-Presidents with lifetime secret service protection. Does this extend into incarceration in Prison and beyond? Asking for a friend?
  13. It's about what I thought, from a percentage basis. i think they were more interested, during their long friendship, in fucking very young girls that were not legally able to drink.
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