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  1. I know it was windy as shit when we were down in Port A Sunday. Any Pics? I am trying to figure out how much wider the beach is after the big storm last year?
  2. I will come back to this thread periodically to state one fact. It took Hitler two tries to take over Germany. The second time he had the brownshirts, not unlike the group he inspired to storm the Capitol. It's impossible not to notice the racist tendencies of Trumps most fervent supporters. History often does repeat itself. Let us hope that more and more citizens rather than fewer and fewer citizens vote. If not, I can see no logical argument to believe the GOP would not allow for a 3rd, 4th or even 5th Trump term.
  3. Thanks guys- you are sort of confirming what my intuition told me, but needed some affirmation by those with some experience.
  4. Yeah I didn't initially trust ANY of the sensors. Simply as having ANY sort of overflow is a complete FUBAR. We usually are not coming remotely close to filling up the black on a longer weekend. This is probably the foundation of the problems with the sensor. I just used the flush to fill the black tank back up and pulled the drain a second time and everything was good on the sensors after that. Nothing better than shining a flashlight down the toilet to know exactly what the real levels are. My main interest was how much capacity was actually remaining after hitting the "full" sensor.
  5. First off let me say my Dad is NOT your average 89 year old. He's in probably the top 2-3% of physical health. I tease him that he needs to go break some 90 and over age group swimming records next year. Up and down stairs at home, you get the idea. This wreck happened a few weeks ago. Anyhow he T-bones a kid older sedan when he pulls out in front of my Dad's new Subaru. THANKFULLY the new Subaru, because I think he might have been even more severely injured in his several year old van. The long story short is a 16 year old stops at the entrance to the road, then pulls out right in
  6. HOW MUCH OVERLAY???? on the cabinet doors? If you do not know the answer to this question... you will fuck it up. The Kreg tool is pretty good, but you need to make damn sure you have the math right, and that you buy the correct hardware. The good news for you as that as long as you use the bore tool correctly, and buy the tight overlay hinges, you will be 2/3 of the way home. The other important thing I would do is create some sort of jig that I could clamp on to the upper cabinets to keep all the cabinet faces level. Just something to rest door on, to save time. You ca
  7. So... anyplace in Austin with large car wash bays I can pull my trailer through? I need a place I can just drive through and spray off the salt and grit from the coast. I usually I always washed it at the house with the power washer, and a ladder. But a large bay drive through is now on my needs list. I am in NW Austin but store my rig out off. My rig is not super wide, so an oversize bay with good height would likely work if I have to pull through. This weekend- Took the rig to the coast and so far so good. Almost made a monumental fuck up though. A lot of the time we
  8. What I like about the list is that While A&M was always our second biggest rivalry to Oklahoma. OF course we were A&M's biggest rival, but the A&M/ Baylor rivalry was something the Aggies always wanted to pretend didn't exist. There it is... right at #8. 😉
  9. Damn - glad as shit I called to add a day to my reservation at I.B. MaGee, they only had me down for Saturday night. That's a lesson for me, I am always going to call back and confirm after a day or two. I would have been extremely pissed to not have a spot, and NOT have brought down my generator... because I thought I had a spot. 😬 So word to the wise... you might check any reservations IF you made them verbally.
  10. Lelo's would be my go to for any kid related activities. It also have a really good hummus plate (and I am not that into hummus) but something green is an oddity in Port A. I have been pitching them for a while. We did unfortunately get a really over cooked burger on a Sunday, that I would have sent back, but we were trying to hit the road and clock was ticking. Overall one of my new faves, as they pour a good drink, and the food quality has always been good (except for that one burger and I know they would have made it right had i bitched). They also have Putt Putt at Kody's which ha
  11. Today it's called the twitter game?
  12. gotta go out tomorrow and look the girl over. Decided to pop down to Port A, and need to do a little maintenance before I go. Mainly make sure nothing is fubar, then get her to the house for a roof inspection. I guess the first roof "inspection" will be looking inside tomorrow, with all the rain we got. But need to do a real inspection and reseal, as with this winters cold and the future brutality of the coming heat, gotta take care of business. Here's fingers crossed for some decent weather in Port A. And hopefully some decent fishing.
  13. Looks like we are gonna head down next weekend. Just booked a few days at IB MaGee, gotta use that trailer! So if the weather is decent we are rolling down Thursday or Friday. I saw Starlite and the Moonbeams were playing Shorty's Saturday so probably will drop in for a bit of that. From a glance at the Island Moon looks like shit tons of people, and potentially lots of sea weed.
  14. I am about to start playing again. Like a lot on this thread my first real golf goal (besides winning money on this particular hole) was to break 90. The guys I played with regularly years ago moved away, then kids, then coaching, and then... But gonna pick it back up again. I basically quit after making a hole and one day after Ricky's Heisman run vs A&M, and then taking down and old playing partner nemesis for $680 at Forest Creek about a year later. Only reason I ever picked it up honestly was my wife's family had a family reunion in New Braunfels at Landa Park, and it was fun.
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