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  1. The good news is you can now just laugh as heartily as you want, every fucking time you hear the word "principle" or "fact" come out of a Republican's mouth....
  2. Balcones was just about free to join a short time ago, but is down to one course. So think of maybe $2500 to join and $300 a month. At this point I imagine you could get in for perhaps nothing to join. This will be your most affordable option I imagine. Great Hills sounds like the ticket you are looking for, it used to run $10-14K in stock plus fees, if my memory is correct. Again you might find a covid deal here as well. I think you would be nuts to go from your location out to Twin Creeks on a regular basis. At least Balcones you could run all the way up Spicewood Springs. IF I were going to twin creeks route I would just move out there.
  3. I need to go back and look, but perhaps two months ago I explained that I wasn't going to post much, due to my frustration with the mind boggling stupidity of our President. At the time I said the only thing that might change things is (paraphrasing - you can search for my exact words) that the only thing that might change our incredibly stupid path was a "bunch of flag waving, MAGA hat wearing, rural white good old boys." Well looking at the Super Spreader event that Trump is holding tonight pretty much assures this is going to be the case. Because each one of the fervent, not-mask wearing, flag waving more patriotic than you, dumb mofos, are gonna kill a lot of Republican great grandmothers. Most folks are gonna survive now, but the very old are still gonna die. Crazy to thing think that only the President can have a super spreader event. The tales of the hospitalized from Trump events are about 4-5 weeks away. So sad that an insecure mans ego, will change so many lives unnecessarily. You do need to watch FOX to watch what is America's only foreign controlled broadcast network is profiting on. Lot of extra dead folks gonna lay at the Tump/ Murdock alter. Sort of funny as I watch FOX's coverage of the orange man, a big wind shift made the crowd air flow into Trumps face. Irony.
  4. So what are the rates like now- got a call from our current lender on refi and I asked about cash out rates. We fall into the "excellent" 720 and 810 score category. They came back with 3.99% and 1.75 points on 80/20 cash out with $1250 in origination fees and them covering all the title and transaction costs. Or 3.99% no points to drop the rate. Our credit wasn't spotless when we did the last refi two years ago, but seems like with the points I should be getting closer to 3%, but I wasn't looking for the loan they called me.
  5. Like I said a second ago on the Texas Opening up thread- Abbott KNEW what the right thing to do was. He CHOSE to risk the lives of those he was entrusted to protect. Probably got some of the data back that folks like my wife's team has been collecting on Nursing home staff, and patients. This thing is going to get really ugly, and while I applaud FINALLY doing the smart thing and ordering mask wearing, there will be so many needless deaths due to his choosing politics over safety.
  6. FINALLY - Texas declares mandatory mask wearing. To0 bad we were so fucking politically motivated rather than science motivated. We could have opened up sadly and not set the economy on the open close roller coaster the GOP preferred. Sad thing is Governor Abbott knew what the right thing to do was the entire time. HE simply chose to risk the citizenry to avoid mean tweets.
  7. i always wondered if it was better just to pick a putter and stick with it. I do know that the bet way to win money is with crappy looking gear and playing in golf sandals...
  8. So what we need to do is send all the unemployed pedicab folks to the island to ferry folks back and forth. Tough way to make a living.
  9. Imagine if we did not have a weak, feckless President who had some grasp of history? Russia would be on it's heels, China would be playing defense against a 12 nation TPP agreement, and we would have had teams on the ground in Huwan fighting the virus at it's source. These are the sorts of things that could have been relatively easily achieved if our President was a world leader, and not merely a luckily elected GOP leader. Instead we have have Russia, the one country Trump NEVER speaks ill of, puts bounties on the heads of our servicemen. China has no worries when it asserts complete communist rule over Hong Kong. And the virus rages unnecessarily, the deaths are far more than necessary, and the economic cost to taxpayers, is far beyond what needed to be spent. But the GOP did get to keep a corrupt man in office without even the slightest desire for oversight or even the smallest modicum of principles. Sad that if we had simply not abdicated our role in the world and instead decided to to divide ourselves for narrow partisan victories... we would be living in a different world.
  10. Well 3+ hours (of a few miles) should get you into the beautiful blue waters of the Southern gulf of Mexico. But I will tell you what amazes me. That after going to Port A my whole adult life, I bought a house in Corpus two years ago and eventually discovered The Padre Island National Seashore. Not sure if it's just the bend of the coastline between there and Port A. Or perhaps the lack of tractor grooming and a more natural contour with is responsible. But the difference in water quality and clarity can be amazing. For actually only a few miles down the road. The deal for me with Port Isabel is that if I am driving that far I need a week stay at least. Though I used to love the one hour SW flight when I had a buddy living down there. Might be time to make another trip down. I always loved staying on the bay and having the guide pull up to the back door. The very first keeper trout I ever caught was a 28-1/2 incher. But it was my first bay trip and I didn't even take a picture, just filleted it along with the Reds. Didn't know what I had caught. Even thought the locals kept telling me "nice Trout." A tip of the hat to Ted and Eric.
  11. The best single piece of evidence that the Republican Party Texas internal polling looks very bad for the GOP? George Wallace lifelong admirer Senator John Cornyn is now publicly supporting a national Junteenth holiday.
  12. I just bought a travel trailer and am about to break in my inverter generator today. We are definitely going to head down soon, but fuck Thursday through Saturday night, too many dumb shits on top of each other. Our plan is to do Monday through Thursday and haul ass my early afternoon. Every day I take a look at the Malaquite Beach Cam from the national Seashore. Just to check out the surf conditions. I just did a search and SeaGull Condos actually has a great webcam up now https://www.seagullcondos.com/live-surf-cam/?ref=portaransastex
  13. just use a conventional corkscrew unless you simply do not have enough hand strength to pull out the cork. There is a sort of beauty to properly opening a bottle of wine. The resting of the edge of the blade upon the lip of the bottle and rotating the bottle until a beautifully clean cap of foil is removed. Then you simply insert the curved tip ever so slightly outside of dead center of the cork so that the screw moves gracefully down the center of the cork. Knowing by touch that there is no need to put the screw in past the useful use of the lever. Then putting the lever in place, smoothly pulling the cork right to the edge of the bottle and gently pull out the cork with smile and panache.
  14. I guess it's only fair that the EU bans travel from the United States. What amazes me is this information, the stock market... Rises! Bama Chick- thanks for sharing, some personal observations. Imagine what the levels of alarm would be if we were actually trying to figure out how many people were positive, rather than trying to figure out how to mute the real number. I need to go back a month or two and repost my assertion that we would be exactly here, because of a determination so simply do out best NOT to do widespread testing. Biting us in the ass and will be even worse in August, September, October.... as the problem and solution are still largely the same. Without smart UNIVERSAL wearing of masks, combined with a massive boost in testing capability AND CONTACT TRACING (which is basically non-existent now) beating this virus will be about a likely as thinking that low tides never rise.
  15. Well sadly we as a state have shit the fucking bed. And I don't mean a little surprise shart after a 4 day drinking binge at the beach with the only food being convenience store breakfast tacos. Texas has fully adopted the Trump plan. Don't anticipate a fucking thing, and hope for the best. So the initial squirt that surprised you in bed, now leaves us in bed with the only comparison being a the red liquid that Don Corleone left a Hollywood producer laying in. We simply do not have the supplies to test. We do not have the staffing to test. And worst and most importantly we simply do not have the WILL and MORAL AUTHORITY to test to protect our citizenry. A good example is Nueces County. Where Covid 19 hospitalizations saw a 50% increase in a single day. Positive tests were 205 in a day, to raise the total to 2120, or 9% increase of the total in a single day. But the bonus of all bonuses is that they are shutting down Tuesday (tomorrow's) testing for people that had appointments at the downtown location because of.... a lack of supplies. All this if front page info on caller.com. And let me be very, very clear here. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg. The reality is much worse than the reported numbers. But the rural folks have not seen enough friend and neighbors fall ill yet. So they will laugh at the stupidity of masks and wave their flags and proclaim their superior patriotism all weekend. The spread is going to be exponential, in small town Texas. Now it won't happen overnight but it will take a few weeks. And of course the State of Texas is not at all prepared... Simply because of politics.
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