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  1. I became friendly with some nice people who put everything they had into a Quizno's. They got fucked in the end. Corporate decided to add a limited menu of much cheaper csandwich special to compete with Subway's $5 foot long deal. But they had a SUPERIOR sandwich! So the revenues went down, as did profit margins. Then the geniuses at corporate decided interior makeovers were what was really needed to compete... the poor folks lost everything. The bottom line is, does the Franchise brand provide enough built in profit to deal with the other BS related to losing some degree of total control of your operations. You might kill with a franchise. Usually buyers see a certain safety in relying on the experience of the franchiser to make the reach to profitability less daunting. It's a cost analysis deal only you can do for yourself. I personally think the best current restaurant business model is the non-traditional delivery and pickup only model. Your kitchen space is much cheaper, so you pour money into advertising to create "traffic." In fact I have a friend who has owned several deli's and if not for delivery and catering would have not survived the gradual rent increases here in Austin over the years. The delivery only model allows for much more affordable storefront space, because you "visability" is via advertising rather than prime real estate location. The no tipping delivery model of TSO Delivery in Austin is the model I am thinking of. The pandemic launched them into hyperdrive, but the model was solid and steady prior to that from a growth perspective. Roughly 80% of restaurants result in failure. Franchisers are selling a much lesser chance of total failure and complete investment loss, via their systems and branding. But the cost is only as good as the systems and branding, so do a LOT of research!!!!
  2. We are witnessing the last gasps of the GOP. Now there will be something in the future called the Republican party, but young voters will remember it as the party of traitors. Simply because history will show this to be the case. Unless you think Trump wins, never leaves office and GOP dreams of a minority controlling the majority last forever with the death of democracy, this is not going to end well for the GOP. The bottom line is the most loyal and dependable Republican vote is where the venn diagram circles of uneducated whites and racist whites overlap. Those circles as a percentage of the electorate are not getting bigger demographically, they are shrinking. Not to say the Trump Presidency had not given the this block a lot of enthusiasm, but it has also awakened college aged kids to vote again. Only a racist grandpa, and his corrupt friends can generate that sort of enthusiasm. So I am optimistic!!!! The seat on the court is gone, but the Dems will simply add two, maybe 4 seats, via legislation coming out of congress, passing the Senate, and signed by the President. It's possible that the disaster Biden will inherit may result in split party rule again in 2024, but the chances of the GOP threading the needle and getting control of all three branches.. Pigs will be flying... When the Dems get control of all three, after the big "win" in jamming through another GOP justice, the court simply will be expanded. I personally would make it a 13 judge panel, and place 4 new judges onto the court. Will it permanently fuck up the Senate? McConnell has already done that, but like McConnell and the GOP have guided... use your power, and use it without thought of consequence. The fly in the ointment? The traditional GOP Presidential handoff of damn near everything being fiscally and economically fucked up. But if the Dems take all three branches, I would make structural changes to negate the theft of Supreme seats. OF course Russia could change a lot fo votes and the GOP Senate would be perfectly fine with that to be honest, so there is that risk as well. But the most likely outcome is that Trump and McConnell have awakened the sleeping giant, and ask the Japanese how that worked out?
  3. Went down Thursday for my maiden RV trailer trip. We planned on staying a week, but were chased out Sunday 10 am from IB McGee. Beach was closed Sunday morning and water was up to dunes except for a tiny strip where the beach is widest closer in town. Saturday was tight and when the tide came in the dumbass alert went way the fuck up with shit tons of sedans with their tires already 3 inches down in the sand and no movement to save the vehicles. Tons of kite boarders and a fair amount of surfers and windsurfers put on a show Saturday, but that was the highlight. Unfortunately when the beach disappears with the higher tides, is simply squeezes more folks into less space. Hopefully Sunday it will all be nice again with the wind laying, the green water moving onto the beach and trying to fill my freezer with Redfish. I have a friends socially distanced (hopefully) birthday party Saturday our I would go down Friday as I think the weather is gonna be perfect into early next week once the sand and silt all settle. I wonder how much effect the tidal surge returning to the gulf might have on fishing? We at some hummus at Lelo's (an excellent different choice) and some good drinks about 4 pm, and then were the first on the list at La Playa, when it opened at 5 pm. Trying to avoid crowds but the food is so good and the crab stuffed Portobello shroom is off menu but worth asking about! Plus the beef fajitas are never disappointing. Can't wait for the next few weeks of playing in the surf!!!
  4. I'm basically the same. I tend to shake my head several times a day at the obvious stupidity of others. I also watch News controlled by American's or clearly identified as foreign news, rather than unknowingly loving a foreign controlled news source like Fox news. I also know facts, and I have principles and morals that I taught my kids. I also do not think principles and morals are completely flexible depending on if my current party controls the Presidency., or for X amount of dollars. I don't worship money, and care about my fellow man, have a sense of fair play, don't cheat... especially at golf... Does all this give me away as currently non-Republican?
  5. You are sort of looking at two separate processes. A brick job and a window job. Since you are choosing the window size you are either going to go Custom or find and existing size. Either way you might consider your brick layout when considering size. If you can choose a size so that when they replace the brick your brick ends align cleanly with the window edge you have a cleaner looking finish. As opposed to perhaps needing to cut 1/3 of a brick off one side and a half a brick on the other side for the window size and position you want. I am going to look hard to try and find a manufacturer that has a size close enough that they normally produce. Something to think about since you are choosing the size, probably mainly using the look from the inside to determine what you want? Basically the installer is gonna know out the brick beyond the hole size you want, and reframe the opening and put in a new header for the wider width (assumption). FLASHING PROPERLY is huge, and is an area that is screwed up an awful lot. What good is a new window if when the rain is windblown you have leaks?
  6. I just looked online and the same trailer I bought for 1/3 more without all the extra shit I got. I am telling my friends who are interested in joining us to just wait 18 months, and them buy something manufactured BEFORE March of 2020. RV construction is notoriously crappy even when put together by the "A team!" The covid B and C team assembly... I can only imagine what you can't see when the visible quality is shit. Demand is crazy high but it's only gonna last for so long. I view RV trailers sort of the way I view, bikes and treadmills, you are crazy to buy new. But SELLING in this peak demand and buying back in 18 months is probably a financial winner for you! My Dad said the guy across the street sold a boat with a book value of $4600 for $9200 this weekend. Boats and RV's are ridiculously priced right now, so get them money while you can if you are a seller!
  7. The wife and I bought a 2017 Coachmen Freedom Express 246RKS back at the beginning of June, and finally made our maiden voyage to Port A this weekend. Unfortunately due to tide surge they forced us to leave Sunday morning at 10AM. So a 3 day stay instead of a week. IT was frigging awesome for what we want.I got a killer deal for $15K from the most detail oriented owner you can imagine. AFTER we settled on the $15K price, she discovered that the warranty she was transferring to me has a cash value of over $1400, which I knew she did not know was an option when we settled on price. I thought that simply her taking the refund and splitting it with me was fair. So I saved another $700, then she gave me a $300 surge protector and a bunch of other stuff she was going to keep for a future trailer, but decided just to give it to us. You know you made a good deal when the prior owner has every receipt, every manual, and laminated check lists for set up and break down. I figure I would have spend at least another grand on things that were included like sway hitch and the like! I did a shit ton of research and got lucky, as I wanted an aluminum frame, and azdel instead of wood for rigidity and less expansion and contraction due to moisture, since the coast is our main go to. I wanted light, sealed underbelly, good insulation and a 15K BTU AC. This baby checks all the boxes, and with my 3500 watt dual fuel generator beachfront camping on PINS will be green lit before too long. For us this little trailer was perfect! Basically a couples trailer and from our spot the beach was maybe 150 yards away, and I could get a little glimpse of the surf from the kitchen window. From the dinette window we could see the big ships coming and going at the jetty. Ultimately the trip was a success, with my only fuck up, failing to screw down the latches on the propane access cover which blew away on the way back yesterday. I even managed not to get any shit on myself with the blackwater tank drain and flush. We are gonna be at Port A most weekdays that have good weather and good tides from now until the end of October. The tow down was easy but with a ferocious headwind and side winds along with heavy traffic on the return, my portion of the drive on I-37 was a bit unnerving. I need to make the hitch about an inch and a half higher but other than that the first voyage was perfect. Our plan is to just rent a spot for a month and zip back and forth to Austin depending on the weather. I too will be in Port A for the OU weekend which has been our tradition for right at 20 years now. Now I just need to figure out how many redfish fillets fit in that freezer!
  8. Since I like hillbilly engineering I will toss my two cents in as a starting point that I think might get you a good ways down the road. Since directional freezing seems a key component, along with water quality let's tackle the tougher of the two, as they have distilled water all day long. 1) Buy a large rock tumbler and put it in my outside freezer. Toughest part may be keep vacuum with the freezer seal. If I am obsessed I am getting a drill and going through the side, and resealing the hole with AC mastic for air tight seal. 2) find small round balloons, rinse them out very well and fill them with the distilled water. 3) Place a few balloons loosely in the tumbler container, and turn it on. I was thinking that if you only put a few in the container they could roll around and randomly directionally freeze? 4) Peel the balloon off and enjoy your "near sphere" clear cubes! I guess my big assumptions are that the balloon will peel off easily? I can't decide if the ice will stick firmly to the ballon, if so I imagine just holding the sphere in your hand a second to re-soften the rubber, would allow it to peel. The other assumption is the balloons don't burst and fry the tumbler. I thought about taking the sphere molds, plugging the hole and build some sort of mount within a cylinder for the tumbler to turn, but what the hell is more hillbilly than balloons and a rock tumbler! 6 lb capacity can get you enough cubes to get pretty lit
  9. Too bad the initial statement is simply scientifically so clearly not true. But I might think that perhaps... just perhaps with the US still putting in just under a thousand folks in body bags a day, we should still give a fuck about this virus? Young kids are gonna be stupid as shit. Some folks agree with Pilot's error and we shouldn't worry about the virus, as honestly it won't kill most of us. Certainly is not going to start killing a majority of young college or high school students. But unfortunately we can't limit infections in groups that are young and/or stupid. I have always said that we were going to have a very, very tough time completing a college football season. Simply as I do think that parents whose kids are not being paid will "give a fuck" about their kid playing against a team that has a raging covid infection running through it. I could be wrong here. But with the amount of stupidity in general of young people it will be interesting to see if we do indeed just to the "fuck it" route. But I just don't think so. IF the football kids with the most covid related resources at their disposal, won't give a shit and blow all the precautions, what about the rest of the students. I hope we get more than a couple weeks of games, but I would be surprised to not see a lot of games disrupted, delayed, rescheduled or (hopefully not) cancelled. I sort of see kids wanting to party in college like a rat wanting to keep hitting a button to get free cocaine. It's just gonna happen, repetitively!
  10. The best damn thing about Tumble is the killer Margaritas... the Big Larry in particular, We go to Burnet a fair amount, and it's one of our faves now. But how many days a week do you want to eat spicy chicken? Everyday is the answer... But... bowels.... They have a smoking happy hour deal, and took over the Lake Austin Magnolia cafe location.
  11. horn4life

    Vince arrested DWI

    Guys I simply bring race into because if you don't think the chances of being pulled over being black in a fancy car , are more than being white in a fancy car, your "reality" is incorrect. Sort of like our local black billionaire getting pulled over several times a year in his fancy car going to the airport... Is sheer coincidence.... My black friends have ALWAYS been pulled over at a much, much higher rate than I have been. I wish this wasn't the general reality, but it is. Feel free to pretend it's never a factor... Do I think Vince was sober? No fucking way. I will also say if you are going to drink and drive, buying a fancy car to draw attention to yourself is.... unwise.... no matter what your ethnicity.
  12. IF our country is still a democracy come December, it's gonna be fun to watch the Trump family start to bleed out before they all move in mass to Russia.
  13. All this tells you is one thing. The Trump campaign if fucking broke! These fees before were always picked up by the campaign, or via other non Trump pocket sources. It is NOT a coincidence that Trump is refusing to brag (release) about his fund raising numbers. It must be embarrassing next to Biden's massive haul. So if Trump supporters can't pay for Trumps defense somebody has to! Only LOSERS pay for their own defense, pay their taxes, or serve in the military when called by their country.
  14. horn4life

    Vince arrested DWI

    My wife and a girlfriend got a pic with him two or three days before the arrest. Vince sure as shit coulda been drunk that night. He also sure as shit could have been a black dude in a fancy car... Odds are it was both. That's why I tell folks if you are gonna do illegal shit, it's super fucking dumb to drive things that draw attention to yourself. The pussy ain't worth it in the end. But the odds are about 4-6 times higher of being pulled over in a killer ride if you are not white. Still the cost was what... a $100K forever.... before expenses. Glad he is not going to jail.
  15. I will be honest I don't hate the Trump supporters. I do hate how very easily they are manipulated, I also hate their complete lack of principles. And I highly dislike their eternal allergy to factual information.
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