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  1. The wife has shown interest in getting one of the combo pressure cookers/ air fryers. I am more in the WTF do we need it for? I guess I could see how the air frying side of things and maybe being creative in that arena with different veggies could be interesting. I don't think I would ever use the pressure cooker, but I could be wrong. More than anything I just assume it's another counter top appliance that ends up rarely being used that looks cool on a shelf in the garage. If she wants it ,I will happily get it for her. If I go that route then I figure then I need to go with the larger sizes. As if we use it, using it for parties or when we have guests might be one of the primary times of use. We already have a duel fuel double convection oven and a convection microwave, other than frying I don't think we will use it, but convince me otherwise, so I can more gleefully make this reluctant purchase! Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't think you are even going to get a letter of censure. The GOP Senate's plan is to do a "bonfire investigation" where some things happened, and by golly gosh we wish people hadn't died, but there really was nobody accountable for anything.
  3. We almost always have some sort of thin crust when we go frozen. We also almost never just put it in the oven, without doctoring it up some. We might add some feta, cooked mushrooms and bacon we had left over like we did on a veggie pizza the other night. I tend to smoke a few chickens on Sunday's to nibble on during the week, and adding a little smoked chicken and BBQ sauce to a pizza is one of my go to additions. The other thing we do now that we used to not do, is put the pizza on a rack rather than the cutting board to keep the thin crust crisp. The only caution I will give you about adding ingredients is that you need to try and remove as much moisture as possible from whatever you are adding, or the pizza can get soupy. Pizza on Friday nights was a staple for my parents especially after my sister and I went off to college. I think they ordered delivery though, but pizza and a bottle of wine isn't a bad way to end the week (if it's not margaritas and tex-mex).
  4. Very good advice, just like presenting your girlfriend as something more can wind you up in a common law marriage. VERY GOOD POINT and THANK YOU! I'm not certain if the risk is worth the reward, as really there is no value at all currently. The only value that could be created is if I came in and just started cleaning the place up. Then use my marketing prowess to push more warm bodies into the place. The Kitchen is small as shit and disorganized. There is some dead equipment that is just taking up space, but that kitchen would need to be a huge part of my effort going forward. As I want to sell a lot of both food and drink. I sure as hell don't want to sell a ton of booze without some quality food. One of the things I thought might bring me an advantage was that the bathrooms being not to code are a barrier to entry for other potential suitors taking over the space. The landlord is planning on doing some pretty big upgrades to the space, and in my mind that means they are going to simply get the space ready to go for a new lessee IMO. However the Landlord has also shown a willingness to work with the current owners, so there still might be an opportunity. I think that if I could blacken the bottom line and show a physical improvement via simply updating the interior bit by bit. That along with a concrete budget and plan for further improvements I would invest in, might be enough to influence the current landlord to give the current owners some sort of extension option, with an escalating rent. However, without a pre-negotiated option to extend the lease, i'm not going to throw my money into the sinking ship, yet there is a real opportunity to increase the sales dramatically with a face lift and some good marketing. So how do I get from where I am to where I MIGHT want to be, contractually? They corporations has some loans on the books from the current owners, that they obviously would like to get back. Right now that money is just going to disappear unless I or somebody else highly motivated steps in. So the idea is to give me potential future leverage and ownership, but not take on any of their current liabilities. What's the best way to do this???? I was thinking perhaps executing some option to buy newly issued shares that would dilute the current ownership? Then buy out the current owners over time at a predetermined share price, after the corporation pays back the loans they have given to the corporation. Right now the owners are running the place simply hoping against hope that somebody is going to write them a check for the loans. Something I would never ever do up front. If I can sit down with the current owners and the landlord to perhaps come to some sort of option to extend the lease, I would be willing to start pushing some money in on remodeling and new signage and start my marketing campaign. As well as do the legwork and hire the attorney to push through the zoning change and liquor license. The zoning change would be valuable to the landlord if the current business goes under. So my thought is that if they truly do want to work with the current business, and they saw the ongoing remodel and re-zoning work they might work with them (us). Or they may have already decided to move on? Anyhow right now probably more risk than reward, but if I could get an option from the landlord to extend the lease... then maybe it would be worth the effort, but right now it's boat with a leak and they don't have the will or supplies to stop the ship from eventually sinking.
  5. my initial reactions was Craigslist, will give you the value of the item. Consignment is always and option, but usually it's not really much money unless it sells immediately which is rarely the case. I did look very closely to see if mom left her bong out. I think she hid it behind the figurine...
  6. the only thing i can say with absolute certainty is mullet shark wrestling would have been more interesting to watch...
  7. I personally am glad we are playing somebody I think is currently a better team than we are. I think that the idea of getting whipped may bring the kids and coaches together. I also like the fact that we should be able to get a little more healthy from a depth perspective. If they can't get up for the game then that's on them. The good news is we have an opportunity. A real opportunity to take a step forward. Was I disappointed in this season? I would be a liar if I said otherwise. But we still have an opportunity to end on a high note, and beat what I think is one of the better teams in the country. It's honestly going to be a gut check. The team is gonna see a team they played to the end as well as anyone all season is going on and play in the National championship. They need to get their level of play back to that LSU competition level again, and they have 21 days to do it! Kicking some ass in the Alamo bowl would be a very good way to finish the season. Getting our ass kicked in the Alamo bowl is not what the coaching staff, the team or the fanbase needs going into 2019. I think the kids and the coaches are gonna be motivated. I expect a good game and I think that we may end up coming out on Top here. If we do win we are going to have to play a good game. Not a good quarter, not a good half, but a good game from start to finish. Get a few kids healthy, and proper motivation I think our best game might again be good enough.
  8. NO lease no deal that's for certain. The landlord would rather just collect cash, they really do not want to remodel or invest in converting the space on their dime is my understanding, The current location is the only reason I am interested at all. I could ride my bike back and forth, and I drive by and see the spot underutilized. Probably won't work for one reason or another, but worth sitting down and finding out whether there's a deal to be made or not?
  9. I just want to know if Vegas is gonna give me a prop bet on the number of times the LSU defense has time out cramps?
  10. Thanks guys, yes on the lawyer, just not there yet. Still in the research and free advice on Surly stage!
  11. LOBO- yes Austin! So the concern on the shares of the existing corp are risky because of potential hidden liabilities, like lawsuits that might be filed, or non-disclosed liabilities, correct? Just trying to clarify. One of the main reasons I was looking at buying out the corporation was to avoid having to bring up the bathrooms to ADA code. I don't know if I can avoid this expense with an asset purchase? Or can I? My understanding was a straight purchase removed all the grandfathered code requirements. Am I wrong here? If I have to bring everything up to current code I can't afford really to do what I want without bringing in another partner. The place is making ends meet, but it's not thriving, and there is a lot of room to move a lot more folks though the place each day. The other fly in the ointment is the landlord. At first they did not want to renew the lease, but they also realized that the concerns regarding ADA code made it wiser to let the current tenant go month to month. Simply as they did not want to take on the expense of a new buildout. Or at least that's my current understanding. I would need to have at least a pre-negotiated lease extension option to really go all in, so there are a lot of moving parts. Thanks again guys for the input!!!!
  12. I may have an opportunity to buy into a business near my house that currently has a wine and beer permit, but no liquor license. The current owners have sort of aged and burnt out and the main reason I am looking is that I think with a liquor license, and some menu changes I could easily expand the monthly sales. There are a lot of other variables, in that basically I would be buying out the shares of their corporation, but the addition of the liquor license is the key component for me. I used to be in the bar business and have helped a few restaurants expand their footprints with some good simple advice they heeded. i have also seen folks go right down the rat hole, because they thought they were there to party rather than make money. I have a couple of smart folks i can get solid input (criticism) from, that I think will help reduce my risk. I did some research on the costs but I am simply unfamiliar in how the transfer of a wine/beer permit would work if I was buying a corporation? Much less the process of adding liquor to a wine and beer permit? My assumption is that it would be easier and cheaper to add the liquor to the existing permit, before I buy out all of corporation. I would NOT buy out all the partners at once as want some continuity in transition. Ultimately I would be the sole owner, and likely bring in my own operating partner. Anyone, anyone know anything about liquor licenses, bar/restaurant purchases, and the permitting process? Thanks in advance!
  13. In on 500 - only time I went to Aggieland was after the Bonfire Tragedy. Won't go again.
  14. The one thing you want to be certain of is that you are not buying something that is going to immediately have a major engine problem. The idea of having a mechanic do an inspection is smart. I would never ever buy a higher mileage used car without doing a compression check on the cylinders. Easy to do if you have access to plugs. But will lit you know if you have any head gasket or cylinder compression issues, which are you major issues you are trying to avoid. Don't forget the cost of insurance in helping this young kid out. My daughter's Young Life group did the same thing for a kid a few years ago. It was life changing for a kid who had sacrificed everything for his family.
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