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  1. I'm going to quote myself here. Here's a good article on the Austin pivot to helping eachother out: Austin restaurants must pivot from feeding the public to feeding employees during shutdown It includes a section from my buddy who owns Patrizi's. He raised his people's pay and turned his new restaurant into a service kitchen for people who need food. He's an amazing human. Throw him a few bucks by picking up food at Patrizi's or send some money for his service kitchen (vicandals on Venmo)
  2. Been enjoying this all night with the family. Margo Price, as always, was the queen. She was high AF.
  3. https://www.takeouttracker.com/ Good resource for Austin restaurants with takeout and curbside takeout (depending on your comfort level). Please support where you can. My buddy from college owns Patrizi's. He was about to open a new restaurant and this will be a huge set back. He's done well, but he's the type that will make sure his people are fed before he is. So a little worried he's going to run himself into debt.
  4. I read a review of an Isbell album that said he is a very efficient songwriter, and that hit the nail on the head. So many examples like the above. He can take one line in a song and paint you a picture of a person without actually describing them. I always think of the line "...and bitch about the weekend crowd" from Elephant as a very efficient way of showing you who these people are.
  5. Not so fast, my friend.
  6. Man, Jones and Ramey hit a wall tonight. They were both awful
  7. The Shield is up there. Both for its' quality (and fantastic ending) and the influence it had on what basic cable could do.
  8. If we could just play Tottenham all year, we'd be challenging Liverpool for the title.
  9. Stringer


    Thanks for posting. I just saw this the other night and have played in no less than 20 times since. Awesome cover. I've looked into her other stuff and it's pretty good. It doesn't really come across here, but goddamn she is a beautiful woman.
  10. I'd be interested to know how this squares with his Christianity that he loves to talk about.
  11. Agreed. "You are not my colleague. I work for the American people and you work for Donald Trump."
  12. I don't think I have ever watched Jake Fromm and been overly impressed.
  13. That VAR No Goal was good for Chelsea, but they need to stop with that shit. That is so minuscule.
  14. Hey guys, We are taking our 3 year old to her first game, so need 3 tickets. Lower level west would be great if you have them, so she can see Bevo. Thanks, Justin
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