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  1. Stringer


    Thanks for posting. I just saw this the other night and have played in no less than 20 times since. Awesome cover. I've looked into her other stuff and it's pretty good. It doesn't really come across here, but goddamn she is a beautiful woman.
  2. I'd be interested to know how this squares with his Christianity that he loves to talk about.
  3. Agreed. "You are not my colleague. I work for the American people and you work for Donald Trump."
  4. I don't think I have ever watched Jake Fromm and been overly impressed.
  5. That VAR No Goal was good for Chelsea, but they need to stop with that shit. That is so minuscule.
  6. Hey guys, We are taking our 3 year old to her first game, so need 3 tickets. Lower level west would be great if you have them, so she can see Bevo. Thanks, Justin
  7. Why the fuck did he pull Grienke? Fucking ludicrous.
  8. Between Correa's game 2 play and the last 2 innings, our defense is a MASSIVE part of this series.
  9. Three guys went with the guy on the out route. NO ONE went with the guy in the middle of the fucking field.
  10. The way we've hit all series, runs are more important than an extra out.
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