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  1. I've heard a few people mention "Shithouse" and I caught it on Showtime the other day. I really enjoyed it. It's nothing new, a story of a college freshman figuring it out, but it is smart and surprising and feels authentic. Definitely a cut above similar type movies. I read about it later and the main actor, who also wrote and directed it is from Dallas. He's in his mid-20's, which is really impressive. Jay Duplass saw a short he made and shepherded the movie through the process. It also won the SXSW Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature, so it has some legitimacy. I wish
  2. Have I got a book for you: https://www.amazon.com/Was-All-Lie-Republican-Became/dp/0525658459
  3. This is probably right. Also, with all the driver changes and team evolutions, they build on eachother well.
  4. Agree on Shortie's. We went last weekend and had a good meal and a good time on the patio. I liked the no touch ordering concept, at least for now. Can't remember which pizza we ordered, but it was pretty dang good. Not the best, but will definitely put it in the rotation for a place for a casual family meal. Also ordered a sandwich to try it out and it was fine. The bread was really good.
  5. Watched F1: DTS seasons 1 and 2 last March and season 3 last week. Thought I would give an actual race a try and enjoyed it. My 4 year old daughter sat and watched for 45 minutes, which is a record for sitting still if it's not Bluey or PJ Masks. I'll stick around for awhile and pepper you pros with dumb questions and terrible noob sports points, if that works for you.
  6. My wife and I use "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it" pretty regularly. She was incredible as Lucille. RIP to a legend.
  7. F1: Drive to Survive continues to be incredible 3 seasons in. Season 3, Episode 9 is just unbelievable shit.
  8. Literally the least we could do.
  9. Christ, this is the perfect example of a “ref show” game. Brutal.
  10. Not the most eye catching game but job done. On to Wembley.
  11. Got a call from a friend this morning that Milam County had a ton of extras so gave them a call and got my first Moderna out there. I’d say fully half of the people out there today were Austin people. The guy checking me in said he had someone in from Dallas County earlier. What a fucked up roll out. Where’d we land on drinking after the shot? Friday is cocktail night and that Vieux Carre is calling my name.
  12. With the S-curve that means KU was the #1 3 seed right? I have to believe that we are above them but KU, so who knows.
  13. I get really frustrated with this team pretty much every game, but that was a great win. Dug deep multiple times and made it happen. One of the best of Shaka's tenure. Hopefully, we can carry that forward.
  14. 4 points at the under 12. Don't think that's going to get it done.
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