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    Gonna end up with Cosby-level of victims.
  2. Saw a guy on tiktok claim that NFTs are just a way to launder crypto profits. Artist creates several and sells one for a high price and that sets the value for the others that are donated or generate a loss somehow.
  3. Loitering around Fair Park is always a great idea, even before COVID. Yes, there were tons of FEMA, tons of Nat Guards, and tons of volunteers. I think it has more to do with the fact that they are only doing 2nd shots-not that FEMA moved in. Once Biden comes through with more 1st shot doses, it will be a better scene for volunteering.
  4. Afraid Dannie Goeb is next Republican Governor up doh. Just realize it will get WORSE before it gets better.
  5. Damn, those are TORCHED. Sorry bud!
  6. What city? Dallas County allows volunteers to get one (if available) after 15 hours... Dallas County allows volunteers to get one (if available) after 15 hours, but last Sat they had over 100 extra doses so all volunteers got one regardless of hours AND tens of YOUNG randos off the street who were tipped off also got one. Everyone I know who has put in 15 hours has gotten one. I know some who got it after 5 last Sat (they promise to do their addl. 10 hours though, I swear). Pretty reliable way to get one on Dallas if you are so inclined. I can give more deets on the DL if anyone is s
  7. Google says 1.5MM expats live in Mexico. How long is that arrangement going to be safe if US tourists to resort towns aren't?
  8. woohorn


    Never trust a politician with nipple rings. Wait, never trust a DUDE politician with nipple rings.
  9. He hasn't trusted 'em since they took the top wing off.
  10. My main pump just hums, so I ordered a new motor/seals Monday, but it hasn't shipped yet and I am worried. Assuming I can replace just the motor myself and the rest of the pump still works, no telling what the heater, etc. will look like when I turn it on.
  11. Rumor yesterday was that guys at the club said he was late for his taping and guys at the hotel said he was burning outta there to get to the club. Anyone hear anything more that that, or are we just assuming now that he was ripping (as opposed to being oxy'd)?
  12. If you are close to both, Microcenter has been crushing Fry's for 10 years. A few (more) huge boxes are gonna be sittin' empty for a long time. I won't miss the shitty customer service, bag checks, and always ridiculously long checkout lines.
  13. Can't believe leos still have road closed and are still measuring shit after 5 hours. Also hard to believe the story took so long to break in this age of Twitter.
  14. Heard from friend in Dallas that they didn't lose power because they were on same grid as W. Do y'all think that vip, SS, etc. rate that much when ERCOT is shuttin' grids down?
  15. Pool is set to run 24/7 in freezing temps, but our first power outage was long enough to freeze pipes/pump. I didn't think to kill breaker and once power returned, I think the pump burned out. Hard to believe there isn't some failsafe for a modern pump to stop if water is frozen, but it looks and smells fried. Pulled heater, polaris, pump, and filter drain plugs for when it thaws, but I haven't even looked at skimmers or tile line yet.
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