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  1. I figure auto manufactures always overcorrect so prices should plummet in 2022.
  2. Any idea what the SEZ Field Club, Living Room Box, or Loge Box ticket/seat gifts run? The pricing info online just says "Call The Longhorn Foundation for Availability"...
  3. So he wants to be in it? Man, was he just born to be in it?
  4. My biggest problem with oaks is the shade. Pool is too cold in summer and have to use a floating bubble cover to reduce heat loss at night. Your cover prevents that, but you may have enough direct sun. Leaves are a pain for 2 weeks and pollen is rough for 2 or 3 but manageable if you keep up with it. Thought those full mechanical covers were to save kids. Also what happens to rain?
  5. Hope it's not anything like what TCU went through in 2012.
  6. President of University of South Carolina has resigned following a tumultuous weekend in which he plagiarized parts of his speech (from Admiral McRaven) and uttered “University of California” during his commencement address. This comes barely a month after infuriating the school's largest donor by failing to acknowledge the death of her mother. He was apparently widely disliked by most students/faculty who were just waiting for him to fuck around so he'd find out... Copying McRaven: Wrong USC:
  7. I managed to watch the whole thing and couldn't believe all the elitist hanger and rural Malibu imagery. She was also waaay too flippant. Her "rural" Malibu mansion was saved from the wildfires because her illegal immigrant gardeners kept her sprawling garden in order? I predict she pulls out before actual election.
  8. Is this a joke? 40+20=60 7+8=15 60+15=75
  9. Lost my long-held Navy parking last season even with diminished cap. I can't imagine how low I am going to get dropped now. I can't handle parking with the poors-the door dings alone...
  10. WTF? Last year was less than half capacity w construction. This year should be close to full capacity with construction. Parking this year is going to really fucking suck this year. Maybe you are just going to have to trust me on this one, sport.
  11. Moody Center construction.
  12. Even with the schedule, parking is going to suck this season.
  13. Speculation on this thread is that he diddled the younger daughter he didn't murder also.
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