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  1. I am guessing that University isn't anywhere near Wall Street...
  2. I've seen 84 months (yikes) at 0 interest, but I too would expect deals on the price. Factories are shut, so maybe they are tryin to hold the line on inventory?
  3. Good time to buy an oil tanker or cargo ship though, huh? How's the market for those big-ass LNG tankers right now?
  4. Greater than 240,000 total then?
  5. Ok, you never tested positive, but new test showed antibodies. Will your results show up in any published statistics? For example, are you now going to show up in latest number of infected cases, even though you were infected a while back?
  6. Doubleheader with 2011 Texas game on LHN. 3rd qtr just started.
  7. Even though you (probably) can't get sick (for some unknown temp period), if you carry on as usual aren't you going to spread it from your hands/clothes to others who are susceptible like your wife? Just saying it doesn't sound like a complete hall pass unless you want to strip down in your garage every night and bleach your shoes like a front line intensive care nurse. Also, I assume that even antibody test ain't 100%. Is that pretty much for false negatives?
  8. woohorn

    Tiger King

    Olny seen parts, but did Bala ever bang (or get sex assaulted by, whatever) Doc? She seems pretty sympathetic and truthful.
  9. Think he has always suggested that Hildog (or someone not even running this go around) will come out of a "brokered" convention, but that is just to play up narrative about how fractured dems are.
  10. Offer him a nickel for each.
  11. I figure one of the biggest fuckups was comments minimising significance instead of telling US travelers to come home, cancel SB/Mardi Gras.
  12. I'd be interested in how many of those n95 masks were purchased by the labor union in the last 90 days?
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