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  1. Only gonna post the pic once, but you see the point. No budget for a white or tan swimsuit...
  2. I think he likes complaining that Congress is attacking a President while abroad and violating an unwritten rule against it.
  3. Why was Liv wearing a one-piece bathing suit in the tub?
  4. Why was Liv wearing a one-piece bathing suit in the tub?
  5. Used to think Liv Tyler was pretty hot. Now her face is Meg Ryan. Edit: not watching, but I saw promos because they have been pimping for a while.
  6. Didn't US double tap Soleimani convoy and take out a bunch of "first responders" (lookie-loos)?
  7. I wouldn't worry about either UT or UNT, but... for campus/college/sorority experience, UNT FTW because UH is such a commuter school (unless her family lives in Houston).
  8. Furk. Plus, it's his LEFT shoulder anyway. Sure looked like a wire under it doh.
  9. They are STYLISH vests, that's what kind. Love how the product description has to point out that they aren't bulletproof... "The PU Restricted Icon Vest by LV Premium Outerwear features: US Sizing Waist strap velcro closure and shoulder velcro closure Sleeveless Back pouch pocket design Print detail Velcro panel detail, included removable velcro patches Imported THIS IS NOT A BULLET PROOF VEST."
  10. Damn. It is KREEEEEPY how this guy's attorney is staring at Maddow...
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