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  1. "At the beach at Waikiki, that's where you'll find me Here on the southside, Beach Boys paradise Duke's on Sunday"
  2. Find rent house that is not registered and use owners name. Had one for a while through the rent house next door (ha) under the real (out of state) owners name. Didn't know about the postcard thing but it went through. Maybe renters ignored it or didn't spaz b/c name matched the owner. ND did eventually shut it down once I started obvious troll posts.
  3. Think backdoor roth is method to get around roth income limits. Prob here is the "coverage under other retirement plan" limitation that should also preclude any type of roth (inc backdoor iirc).
  4. Not eligible for trad ira, not eligible for roth. Whoever said nondeductible is correct, but you'll need to amend.
  5. Is Stone gonna drop his appeal? I assume his request for a new trial has been denied, or could his appeal end up in a new trial? It would be sweet if he could be convicted again.
  6. Parking gonna suuuuuuck this year with construction. Also, Northernmost 1/4th of LBJ says rideshare lot. Is that new?
  7. No opinion, just that Cowboyz had a chance to get it over with before the most recent round of "record" signings. Good for KC though.
  8. I get the hate on polaris 280 because it is always there, but don't robotic cleaners have to be put in to clean and then taken out and stored? My 280 runs a couple of times a day and I only have to empty the bag once a week. What advantages are there to robotic cleaners?
  9. I am. Knew $150 was the number to sell at, but 130 is better than 110.
  10. I'm about done with bynd... (for now)
  11. What are you running away from? Always figured dealers handwashed cars (p-t utes or whatever). I guess some have cheap gas station automatic crap.
  12. Read article about how for profit skin graft companies make millions by just taking the skin off donated bodies and not using other parts. Kinda turned me off to the whole process although burn victims WITH insurance prolly benefitted also.
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