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  1. I sure hope Lefty sold all his shares before the bottom...
  2. Ha! Just Googled "best mattresses for sex" and it returned: "Callo's Mom's"
  3. I figured family/friends could deal normally with SAs and NCAA only kicks in for "boosters". Is that generally correct?
  4. He's known the "family friend" since the summer before he started at OSU. Heh heh.
  5. Um,... Fitlump "liked" Kim k's tweet:
  6. Weren't those as a repub? Which "party" has his network of support?
  7. I wouldn't do it WITHOUT kids. She'll drive you crazy unless she has shit to do.
  8. I said "white 'Americans'". I understand how continents work. You read like shit.
  9. My point was whether Paula White/Pence/Evangelicals will take this as a hate crime against Christians. I guess they were white "Americans", so it doesn't matter anyway I guess. Ya'll figure all these victims were US Citizens?
  10. Isn't this 3rd thread now? Serious q since CR: are Mormans considered Christian enough that Pence types will get bent over this?
  11. Did you walk in on a robbery of your airbnb? If your phone was password protected, you should be OK, correct (unless they come back later for your fingertips I guess)?
  12. So 1:20 for sammiches starting at 7pm tonight.
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