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  1. Couple of cute gurlz at least. "... Better hope ur gettin laid in web3..."
  2. The Let's Go Brandon meme crypto coin is going to bring him down? Lulz
  3. Hopefully it was more of a fixed fee agreement rather that strictly a retainer. We don't have to get into the "what should it cost" BS again, but... I just paid probate attorney $4,400 in Harris County, but I don't expect to have to pay any additional fees. Couple MM estate with real estate.
  4. Loved "Dining, Dancing, and Drugs" on the wedding invites!
  5. Rare 6 tries-no yellow Wordle 282 6/6 [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834] [emoji834]
  6. All GREEN for St. Patty's Day... Wordle 271 3/6 [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  7. I am in the market for the Monica Lewinsky version though - the one where the cigar disappears every 10 seconds.
  8. Also doubt the value of the insurance claim would only be $500 with rental car. Pay cash and consider yourself lucky that he didn't insist on going through insurance.
  9. High risk-high reward... Wordle 251 3/6 [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834]
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