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  1. Well, the biggest expense is paying the ranch manager, as well as his utilities/internet. Then costs on the cattle themselves, winter feed, vaccinations, etc. They've had to dig new wells for cattle tanks, fences always need repair. And there is always stuff breaking on a 60 year old ranch house that doesn't get lived in 3/4 of the time. Plus one-time expenses like getting a new ranger and new ranch truck.
  2. Got back from the NM ranch sunday. It cooled off just in time for us, days where in the mid 70s, nights in the high 50s. Absolutely perfect. Been dry out that way lately, monsoon hasn't really been as good as they need so the grass is a bit bare. Most of the landscape shots are from when we took the Ranger up into the Cibola National Forest which abuts the ranch. On the high elevation parts the Very Large Array (VLA) is off in the distance. Didn't see as many elk this time, only saw a few females and babies run across the vega. Did see some mule deer like the one in the pic.
  3. Does anyone have any recs on gps watches? My rangefinder broke and I was thinking of just getting a watch instead.
  4. If I could just get internet access out there we’d already have been holed up this whole time during the rona...
  5. Heading to the wife’s family ranch in Catron county New Mexico tomorrow. About 4K acres with 130 head of cattle. In laws live at their ranch in Driftwood, but spend about 2 months of the year in NM. There’s a full time ranch manager out there and he also raises and trains horses. More Elk than cattle in that area. Selling elk tags is the only way my in laws break even out there.
  6. I was pissed to hear about Bluebonnet closing. There's not enough cheapo goat tracks around any more. Sometimes I just wanna go play a $20 round. Every course doesn't need to be "the finest golfing experience in the Hill Country". Sometimes I just want a laid back 18 sticks in the ground
  7. Not sure if this has been covered, but what does a hospitalization count as? If somebody goes to the ER and says I think I have COVID, then gets tested and recommended to just go home and isolate, does that count? Or is it only if they are being admitted due to severe enough symptoms to require staying?
  8. Gonna be in ruidoso in a few weeks. Anybody play inn of the mountain gods course? Any thoughts?
  9. Was on pace (if I got a bogey) to shot a personal best of 85 today but ran out of light. 41 on the front nine. Hit a gap wedge to within 2 feet for a birdie on the first hole that really set the tone for the round. Feels good, man.
  10. Yeah, I’m gonna have to let you know how that one feels...
  11. I was on pace to shoot my best ever round yesterday at Forest Creek but ran out of light for the last two holes. Just needed to bogey the last two holes to get an 87. Hit probably the best iron shot I've ever hit on the par 5 16th. After slicing my drive left (I'm a lefty) into the bunker I got out but didn't quite round the bend to have a clear third shot into the green. As mentioned before, I struggle to get the ball up in the air, so I was anxious hitting straight over the tees, but I stepped up and hit a 9 iron 155 yards up the hill, dead straight with tons of clearance over the trees. Birdie putt from about 12 feet away (didn't make it of course). Not much feels as good as when you hit an iron right in the center of the sweet spot
  12. I definitely draw the ball at times. Especially long irons, sometimes more a hook than a draw. I’ll give it a shot with moving the ball forward and being open. The frustrating thing is if I’m not drawing it I sometimes it a straight push...so I get scared of opening the club face...
  13. Wedge is about an inch towards back foot from center, 7 is right about center, 4 is about 1-2 forward from center
  14. Been lurking this thread, thought I'd actually enter the conversation. I've made a ton of progress over the last year and a half after actually getting some lessons and playing/practicing consistently. I had been an on again off again golfer since I first started playing in college 10 years ago. Have been shooting in the +-90 range now for the last few months, with a low round of 88. I've become much better off the tee, able to hit drives mostly straight to about 250. This alone has made the largest difference, as I'm not losing balls or having 300 in after a skulled tee shot. Where I need to get better to really lower my scores is on my longer iron shots. Anything above a 7 iron I really struggle to get enough air under it to land soft. Even with shorter irons my ball flight is too low, and I struggle to hold greens, which leads to lots of tough chips after initially hitting the green but rolling off. I really struggle to take a divot, I just can't seem to get a steep enough angle of attack I guess. Not really sure what the issue is, I have begun hitting ball then turf consistently, just not steep enough I guess...
  15. Log Cabin restaurant is a great breakfast spot, Casa Blanca is solid Tex/New Mex, and The Village Buttery has the best buttermilk pie I’ve ever had. Grindstone Lake is a nice place to hike and/or swim in the summer months. The drive up to Bonito Lake and Camp Monjeau is very nice.
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