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  1. Sometimes I feel like there are only about 5-10 topics discussed on this forum
  2. if you're noticing a 1.5% increase in black people you might be somebody who 'notices' a lot of things
  3. Austin1) San Francisco Bay Area2) Los Angeles3) New York City
  4. That is true in my experience too. There are emerging roles via tech that Liberal Arts backgrounds have a fair amount of utility in.
  5. this shows that 8% are social sciences and history, 6% is psychology, visual and performing arts is 5% and communications is 5%. That's nearly a quarter that are varying levels of bullshit. Of course many of those folks go on to have successful careers, like myself, a history and geography major. But I found my way into tech and learned a lot on the job. I can't honestly attribute all that much of my degree to doing this. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, I suppose. But that is a pretty nebulous ROI for 50k in debt.
  6. Where does the 5% come from? That seems pretty low… Also I think the point is that much of the anecdotes here about getting a good job with non-STEM/specialized degrees/whatever are becoming increasingly less relevant. A 45 year olds experience is not relevant to a 21 year olds in todays competitive landscape, where every kid their age has a degree. Not to mention taking that bet saddled with 50k+ of debt.
  7. Go swing a stick downtown and you'll hit a "head of a digital agency"
  8. add zoom to the tech layoffs (including a good friend of mine) https://techcrunch.com/2023/02/07/zoom-layoffs-impact-15-of-staff/
  9. Yeah was about to post layoffs.fyi is a pretty good source for tech layoffs. Tech recruiters were definitely making bank, even though it is a job that almost anybody could do. It is such a boom time job, 2020-2022 everybody was hiring so much that every person "breaking into tech" was either in recruiting or sales, with the former making over 6 figures to DM people on LinkedIn.
  10. anecdotally, it seems like 50% of them are recruiters
  11. my first vehicle (2006) was a 1984 Chevy C10, not unlike the below but not nearly as nice I loved that thing, feels about as wide as it is long. We sold it for around $500 when it started having rust in the fuel tank, which my dad and I both regret to this day. These things are selling for 30k plus now.
  12. pretty good edit, but could use more saturation imo
  13. Can those of you who drove into work today name your employers? Would like to avoid ever working for them.
  14. maybe when he was a rookie: https://nba.nbcsports.com/2021/05/13/shaquille-oneal-says-he-weighed-395-pounds-when-winning-third-lakers-title/
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