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  1. I think Duke listed him at 265. And even if he was he still needs to lose weight. It’s just unnecessary, especially given the way he plays, to carry that weight.
  2. Yup. 285 is what I’ve seen. Needs to play around 250-260 otherwise it’s just too much wear and tear I would think
  3. I actually thought it sounded like she just doesn’t know sports and started saying Knicks but realized that was wrong and tried to roll into Lakers.
  4. I think you can leave the line where it is but eliminate the corner three and it basically solves the issue. It takes away the incentive for big men to drift out to the corners which helps get back some of the old post game. Also keeps rim protectors closer to the rim.
  5. That’s what we should have done last year when he still was having to deal with Westbrook
  6. The amount of athleticism in our back line when those two play is incredible. Matip is a better CB imo but because of the sheer athleticism of VvD/Gomez we are just so hard to score on. Gomez makes a few more mistakes than Matip but he and VvD seem much more willing to take risks farther up the field because they know that no one is going to outrun their partner to the goal.
  7. I think allowing the state the power to execute its citizens is in general twisted so yes.
  8. It’s been explained several times in this thread the reason for lengthy appeals. Im asking in your fantasy world why not just make murder non parole and don’t allow them to give any media appearances? That seems like a simpler solution than the death penalty which still leaves the chance that you get it wrong and kill an innocent person.
  9. The rare trade where it seems to be a great deal for both sides
  10. “Idiots heavily invested in maintaining a broken system” is not why you’re idea is a fairytale. Due process is but that’s besides the point. If parole is taken off of the table for capital murders, why is the death penalty necessary for “riddance”?
  11. Again, your entire premise for the cost and deterrence points is based on fairy tales about what you think would happen if your fairytale scenario was the law so there is no point in debating them because the rest of us are debating reality. So let’s talk about riddance, so if we took away the possibility for parole your riddance problem is solved while still leaving the possibility of not killing an innocent person. So if “riddance” is the goal it can easily be accomplished without the death penalty.
  12. Dude, how many times must it be stated that those are proven untrue. Cost - sure your dreamland is cheaper. It also isn’t possible so why are we discussing it. It costs more to put someone to death than life in prison. Riddance - Life in prison accomplishes this. Deterrance - Is not effected by type or severity of the penalty as has been proven many times. So please, just give me one reason other than vengeance. If vengeance is the answer then cool that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion but stop pretending it’s anything other than that.
  13. You keep saying they need to die? Why? What benefit does society gain from them dying that cannot be gained from life in prison? That’s the entire point here. It’s unnecessary and vindictive
  14. This is my biggest point. We should take their concerns seriously but the legal system doesn’t exist to satisfy victims, it exists to protect societal structure.
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