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  1. Cool. I may not be watching the game objectively but those calls were objectively correct. Which is of course the point here.
  2. Then tell me where I’m wrong
  3. Cool so there is no reason to bitch about the outcome of any of those games since the right decisions were made. The first City goal probably should have been stopped for hands but in no way should it have been a penalty for city since, you know, their guy handled it first. And that yellow Mane got when his foot clearly got stepped on was an awful decision by the official. Again, if you were watching objectively you would see that but you’re not.
  4. Yea I think it’s more that everyone is tired of yoladu bitching every time LFC wins a game. The complaints, every week, are fucking transparent bullshit. LFC is the best team in the world right now and a lot of that is in thanks to great scouting by Soton. Sucks to suck. And MiB is right on both points. 1) It hits Silva’s arm so any handball claims are dubious at best. 2) Salah was clearly onside.
  5. Great, annoying single fan continues to complain about the big clubs.
  6. Great ball. Say what you want about Hendo but he’s been big in big games
  7. That was my point about Lebron. Bron could absolutely thrive in those leagues but he would take a beating doing it because of his play style. My original point was that load management is a real thing and the whole “well the 80s were so physical and guys played every game” argument misses the point. It’s not about whether guys could survive, it’s about prolonging their quality.
  8. Steph would be just fine. The guys more likely to struggle would be guys like Lebron that rely on physicality yo get things done. Stephs shot would still be the best ever.
  9. And then their bodies broke down and their quality of play declined.
  10. That will likely require getting the first overall pick. Of course they might actually be bad enough to do that.
  11. What’s happening here
  12. I’ve actually been pretty happy with B/R Live. I don’t get to watch a lot of the games live due to work so having the games available for replay is great. Plus they show LFC TV which is great.
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