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  1. Hopefully by actually informing yourself.
  2. Your comment about TV wasn’t subjective. She’s had a TV career. You can get in whatever discussion you’d like but they generally go better if you know what you’re talking about. Which seems to never be the case since everytime you post in here you get pantsed on basic facts. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings snowflake.
  3. Thanks. Maybe just stay out of discussions that you don’t know anything about. Which at this point seems to be most.
  4. It must be hard to never know what you’re talking about
  5. Oh look a completely unrelated topic you’re using to deflect. Shocking.
  6. You’re aware that Psaki had a career in TV before taking this job right?
  7. Yea I’ve always thought she looks like shit. Unless you’re into the bimbo look
  8. Your point doesn’t make sense because there’s no evidence this team is any different. No one is rooting for us to lose. That you think this is a potentially great team shows you haven’t been paying attention to this or previous seasons under Shaka. It’s really fucking stupid for you to think that pointing out the problems means rooting to lose.
  9. Trump is backing himself. He’s going to run again no question
  10. Well we haven’t been those seeds at all under Shaka so not sure your point
  11. No reason to change the logo tbh. Especially not to Kobe. To me if you were gonna change it there are only two contenders. Russell, for that he did for the game and civil rights, or Jordan, because he’s the most famous athlete in history.
  12. The question was about talent. If you’re drafted in the first round you have talent. Some coaches get that talent to perform. Others don’t.
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