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  1. How is this even a debate. The Lakers have two of the five best guys in the league. The Nuggets have one guy in the top ten. It’s no comparison.
  2. Ummm wut? The Lakers were clearly way better than the Nuggets. We just had a series to prove that.
  3. If you’d like to make some arguments based on logic and facts then I’ll be all ears. When you make arguments based on how some mythical sky man feels then you aren’t making much argument.
  4. I’m not going to argue with your delusions.
  5. Telling people to wear masks is apparently much more difficult than scheduling some hearings
  6. Well see then you would have to defend your positions and some mean people on the internet might take some of your internet points.
  7. Do you think BT and I agree? Twicehorn? Anastasis? Or the numerous conservative posters who still post in CR? Oh I guess I’m sorry for “invading” your echo chamber. I believe I was responding to the person who started this website before you chimed in. I’m sorry you’re too scared to have debates anymore onboard. The CR misses its swam.
  8. Oh no, I lost some internet points. I guess I couldn’t ever just... create a new account.
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