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  1. Well that exchange certainly took it up a notch lol
  2. No fucking shit it’s not the same but equating the Obama normal and how bad it was with the Trump normal is not a legit comparison. I don’t really care to argue about all of the issues facing Americans everyday. Go make a thread about those things. The choice is Biden or Trump. If you can’t see the reasons to choose one over the other than I’m not the guy to convince you. I’ve tried. I’m done trying. If you still need convincing at this point then frankly my opinion of your intelligence is too low for me to take the time to try. Now that might not be pragmatic, but it will certainly keep me more sane. This isn’t that hard. Which is why I say those still pretending there is an actual choice here, can fuck off.
  3. You know it’s almost like I addressed that point in my post. You think normal puts more people in actual hell than a continued trump presidency? Because that’s the actual question. But you knew that already. You can fuck off to be honest. There was a time on this board where you seemed to be a level headed leftist voice that was truly necessary to this board. There’s actually way more policy that you and I agree on than you know. Where we differ is that you seem to have lost any ability to be pragmatic. There is one goal in November. Period. We need to make things better for millions of people in this country but right now our options aren’t make things better. The options are return to normal and continue the fight or make things worse for everyone, and I mean the planet not just this country. I would have loved a Bernie win in 2016 and I would have loved one now. It didn’t happen either time. That sucks but it didn’t. Let’s not make it worse by continuing with Donald.
  4. I tend to agree. It’s beyond embarrassing to have to continually tell people that, while normal isn’t perfect And it needs improving, it’s at least normal. We are currently in the fucking twilight zone and are watching our ideals (even if we don’t always live up to them) disappear in favor of authoritarianism. If you can’t see the sides here then wake the fuck up and look around.
  5. Then you’re an unbelievable fucking moron. The amount of people that buy into these stupid right wing propaganda plays is staggering.
  6. No one is closing unless it’s a national holiday. And it won’t be because Moscow Mitch says so
  7. Whether they finish the season or not remains to be seen but there is simply no way you can just void the season and restart as some suggested. Seems to be what he’s saying here. There has to be winners and losers declared no matter what otherwise how do you decide what league everyone plays in
  8. Why? What exactly is going to prevent red states from not allowing mail in ballots?
  9. You still think anything matters anymore. At some point you realize it’s not being nihilistic, it’s being realistic.
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