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  1. Screw each and every one of you fucking pussies. We're winning out and Herman will be back next year.
  2. Holy shit. I didn't realize that I am so easily persuaded. After watching those folks and the conviction and how pure that conviction is, Kanye's my man. My hope is he gets The Rock to be his VP because that would be badass. Fuck you Putin.
  3. I know I'm weird but I would not hork down on her. Even if she was just some woman who I met at a party, I don't think I'd hit it if I had the chance. There's something off-putting about her.
  4. Excellent in conception, intent and spirit Good in execution. Grade: B
  5. I have a problem with it because then you've got John Q. poll worker deciding what is and isn't allowable free speech. It's a societal tar baby.
  6. Nobody said that. That is a strawman. Having said that, if the United States completely shut down its economy and all people stayed at home for 10 days, a gigantic dent would be made it its progress. If all people stayed at home for 10 days and managed to stay 6-8 feet from other people, the virus would die until such time as it was imported again. The point being that two weeks of pure "hell," ---- well thought and and well prepared for ----- is preferable to months and months of ongoing misery. The Swedes are going to find this out the hard way.
  7. You would think that one of the first things experienced international business travelers would check is "will the adapter be compatible here?" I mean, it's a consideration everywhere you fucking go with a laptop.
  8. Get over it. I write emails on the toilet ... with my dick.
  9. Makin your way in the world today takes everything you've got ...
  10. I have several friends who've agreed to never shop Home Depot again.
  11. It would not look good for the Donald's re-election if Christie had died after contracting the disease in the Rose Garden.
  12. Biden's ratings kicked Trump's ass: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/16/media/town-hall-ratings-biden-trump/index.html If there's one way to get Donald Trump extremely annoyed, tell him that somebody else did better in the TV ratings.
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