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  1. You mean she wasn't a top executive in a Fortune 500 company? Consider me shocked.
  2. See if you're not in the cabal you're the enemy, and everything you say is taken in the worst way possible, disputed, misquoted, generally they act just like much of the media does today, they can't abide dissension from THEIR world view. Just tell us the name of the city, Onboard, so that we can check news accounts to see what has actually happened there.
  3. Successfully recruit the #1 Running back in America? Or was this a rhetorical question?
  4. Leave it to somebody in the Trump administration to say out loud what everyone else in the Trump administration is thinking:
  5. Good for money laundering purposes should a recruit need that sort of thing.
  6. The fact that Daniel Maples is carrying an unholstered pistol in his waistband into a freakin' Costco is something that I would think any future employer might consider, given the fact that he appears ready to snap at the slightest provocation.
  7. Holy shit. Too bad his name is Daniel Maples and he's lost his job because Daniel Maples seems like an asshole with a big propensity toward violence and, with a name like Dan Maples, it sure seems like Dan Maples might have a hard time finding a job. Fuck you, Daniel Maples and the Dan Maples assholery you rode in. If Daniel Maples has a brother with a name like Dave Maples or D. Maples, he's probably an asshole, too.
  8. He was a great musician. He was also a cool dude before he got old people's disease from Fox News. Million Mile Reflections is a great song.
  9. Woman: Black people made me throw that molotov cocktail at the police: https://nypost.com/2020/07/04/alleged-molotov-cocktail-tosser-blamed-attack-on-black-people/
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