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  1. Dow Jones was down about 1,000 points when he tweeted this. he's seems to be at his most unhinged when the stock market is falling.
  2. Republican congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky is gonna hold up the stimulus bill.
  3. nut liquor beat donkey punch for the E-Brake. i thought that was an upset. and Clarence was hysterical.
  4. They went against him and re-elected a Dem governor is my best guess.
  5. U.S. Open is postponed to later in summer.
  6. Dan and Jake are doing the show from Dan's house. Dan talked about it during Wake and Jake.
  7. yeah, apparently one Quincy's buddies ran his Twitter and that dude put Q's phone number on there. his buddy then warned him. he's like, "You may get some weird calls." Dan and Jake called, and greatness ensued.
  8. tons of Asians have set up shop there in the last decade. some of the absolute best Asian food in the Metroplex is in Plano. and more recently, so many Californians buying up big ass houses in Frisco. but, i'll see believe it when i see it.
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