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  1. this is gonna end up like Kyler Murray. hopefully Nolan doesn't transfer to OU.
  2. Jive Turkey

    Dallas | BBQ

    i haven't been to Hurtado's yet, but I went to Zavala's on Friday night. Wife was out so I was on my own. Decided to drive to GP to see what they had at 7 pm. They had brisket and turkey, which was good by me. Sold out of ribs and sausage, but that's fine. Since it was just me, half a pound of brisket and half a pound of turkey was fine. They were both great. Brisket was solid. Also got some of Pop's beans. Those were great. I prefer charro beans to baked beans with my cue. I'll definitely have to go back to try other stuff. Flour tortillas are a nice touch, too. Reminds me of eating brisket at grandma's house for Christmas.
  3. This was a beauty for Comoros. Made things interesting.
  4. the old decommitment announcement from the uncle.
  5. and now Cameroon scores. just a matter of time.
  6. good lord. and against the host nation to boot. i've got it on. Comoros has kept it at 0-0 into the 29th minute.
  7. he was responding to a COVID related tweet and said that most of his extended family has been wiped out by COVID.
  8. this might be the best NFL game i've ever seen.
  9. Cowher said the team with the ball last will win. let's see.
  10. yeah, they were prepared for that. well-coached team that executed to perfection.
  11. went back and found a few 2018 draft grades for the Bills. pretty funny in hindsight: SB Nation Somehow the Bills managed to move up from the 12th pick without having to give up their second first-round pick this year. In that regard, it’s a good move by general manager Brandon Beane. That alone bumps the grade up slightly. However, taking Allen over Josh Rosen is a surprise. Allen has the tools, and fits the stereotypes you often hear about playing in a cold weather city like Buffalo. But he’s been an inaccurate passer throughout his career and needs to be coached up. Ultimately, if Allen becomes successful, it doesn’t matter what Buffalo gave up to get him and a lot of draftniks will have egg on their face. Grade: D+ Yahoo! Sports Taking Josh Allen over Josh Rosen is going to haunt the Bills for years. - Nick Bromberg Wow, the Bills gave up a haul to take a QB with accuracy problems. - Jason Owens
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