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  1. so how does Jamie Tartt return to AFC Richmond? something is going to happen in the last match against Man City. Richmond will either draw or win to avoid relegation. Jamie gonna shank a PK on purpose? doubt it. but something wonky has to happen in that game.
  2. yep. Trump rules the executive, McConnell runs the legislative, and Barr influences the judiciary. that's a triumvirate of evil.
  3. Mittens didn’t want Trump to be mean to him on Twitter anymore.
  4. Cameron is on Trump's short list of potential SCOTUS picks. Cameron is gonna do Trump a solid by taking all eyes off of Ginsburg's replacement and switching it over to the riots in Louisville. and there will be riots.
  5. and every single member of the Dallas media disagrees with McCarthy. hell, i used to disagree with you and TxSooner, but i'm on board now. you two were the first guys i thought of when it went down.
  6. This will be a full throated talking point tomorrow. If Rush says it, it’s good as gold.
  7. holy shit. never heard of this place. i know where i'm going this weekend. thanks!!!
  8. switch it to sour and now we're talking. i buy two of these bad boys at a time. they last a few months. i can only eat 1/2 a pickle at a time, but they are glorious. i also jar the juice. great to sip on after a long run.
  9. This guy needs to get got. I’m donating to Harrison today.
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