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  1. Lincoln Project should be working on its response. Not sure if Trump could look more disinterested. They probably woke him from a good nap to do this.
  2. Sure, buddy. Trump asked for MAGA night at the White House on Saturday and nobody showed up.
  3. Wonder if things will get more turnt up tonight in Minneapolis tonight in light of this conflicting autopsy.
  4. the same people who have remained silent about George Floyd's death, and who have been complaining about the protesters, will be cheering for joy if RBG dies during Trump's term. they won't be able to hide their glee.
  5. "We have the Supremest Court. So Supreme. More supreme than under Obama. They were weak. Some say its the most Supremest Court in the history of the country. I did that."
  6. Lincoln Project just dropped this on the Bunker Bitch.
  7. We watched City Slickers last night. That movie takes on a different meaning when you’re in your late 40s compared to seeing it as a teenager. It’s a lot more relatable. Still funny. And I had no idea the son was played by Jake Gyllenhaal.
  8. 2020 is defined by Trump’s failure to follow Obama’s guidance on pandemics and police brutality. Can’t let a black lib tell him what to do. Hope it doesn’t become a trifecta.
  9. Certain parts of Dallas now under curfew. 7 pm.
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