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  1. if Spurs get 3 points here, the race is on for the last 3 Champions League spots. ManU has a tough remaining schedule.
  2. "Get lucky." it did, Jordan. it did.
  3. Dottie doesn't want to get Gary McCord'ed.
  4. Remember when Gaetz said he was thinking about leaving Congress to go to Newsmax, and shortly thereafter his scandal popped up? Now Crenshaw says he’s going to be off of Twitter for a month because he had emergency eye surgery. How long before he is exposed as part of a scandal? Probably as part of Gaetz’s club.
  5. well, hell. weather delay. this could impact some things.
  6. yeah, commercials aren't the issue. i just want to see more action from all over the course.
  7. come on Jordan. gotta save bogey here.
  8. yeah, i've got the 4 panel multiscreen from ESPN+ on: feature group, 4-6, Amen Corner, and 15-16. i can't do CBS coverage just yet.
  9. Rosey is coming back to the field. just dropped one and staring bogey in the face on 5.
  10. That's number 33. they did say that Connors' ace was only the 6th on 6.
  11. Corey Connors with an ace on 6. he's 5 under now.
  12. even Phil was impressed. that's how good it was.
  13. holy shit. completely forgot about that bit. like so many things, it was funny at first but then got tired and lame.
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