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  1. It's a surly miracle. Mr. Blacklab, tear down this thread!
  2. So, the right rages against socialism, but is totally fine with giving tax money to religious institutions that are exempt from paying taxes... because that's totally not socialism
  3. Mark and Patricia McCloskey are both personal injury attorneys. Also both SMU grads...figures...no idea where the Dem rumor came from but their background and profession (PI) both scream GOP to me.
  4. Have they removed all the printers in the US since I left in January? And how does where a ballot is printed matter? I haz confused
  5. Now imagine the reaction from Pubs if Obama walked off Marine One with his tie undone.
  6. Today is the first day back for Premier League soccer and all the teams have BLM jerseys on...pretty awesome.
  7. Forgive me if I don't automatically take the police version of events as the gospel given the history of cops killing black men
  8. What the in the ever-loving fuck is going on with the cops in America? You'd think they'd want to be extra careful these days, but I guess not. The US might just be beyond repair at this point.
  9. On a serious note, I think BLM kinda fucked themselves, from a PR standpoint, by making Michael Brown their beachhead. They should have kept the focus on Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.
  10. America just can't handle successful people of color.
  11. This. I have a strong feeling that my status will change from expat to refugee within the next year.
  12. To be honest, I've always found it a little embarrassing that our school song is set to the music of I've Been Working on the Railroad. I'd be 100% onboard with getting rid of it even without the racist history.
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