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  1. A...definitely. She's been greasing the wheels for a while now.
  2. Citizens United was also a nice gift from Roberts...and largely how we got Trump
  3. Guillotines seem a bit too good for this lot...I think hanged, drawn, and quartered is more appropriate.
  4. So God is what they're calling the Electoral College these days?
  5. I thought it was established a few pages ago that that's bad
  6. Serious question. Is that a job, or a hobby? Cause the way you describe it, sounds like a hobby.
  7. I used to work in the film business and I smoked out with him in Canada once...dude is cool as shit, but way the fuck out there with conspiracy theories.
  8. I posted this in the bat-shit crazy thread, and Woody Harrelson is spreading this bullshit. Hey budtender...I'll have what he's having!
  9. https://twitter.com/DeAnna4Congress/status/1247154716255162370 https://twitter.com/DeAnna4Congress/status/1247135912343023616 I can't embed tweets, but these are gold...and the comments from Trumpers are even better
  10. Not sure if Q, but certainly qualifies as bat-shit crazy... Woody Harrelson among stars sharing conspiracy theories that tech companies are using 5G to spread COVID-19
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