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  1. What Huge said. This was more like finding an old bottle in the back of a random liquor store. I can’t imagine how long that bottle has been sitting there.
  2. Had a couple of these at Lynn’s steakhouse in Houston for $14 each. I think he upped the price after we took a picture of the bottle. This was discontinued in 2013 but this label is even older than that. It tastes like bourbon should taste.
  3. I'm going to be in San Antonio in a few weeks with the kids. Should I take them to the River Walk (they are 5 and 3) to ride the boats around? Thoughts on family tex mex (Taco House looks awesome, but I need a sit down joint)?
  4. Played out there a couple of years ago. It was fun but there wasn’t much of a clubhouse or anything. However, if I could do it again I would have gone a bit farther to Wolf Creek
  5. That’s pretty cool. Boulevard Bistro was our go-to occasion spot back in the day.
  6. In reference to the lesson discussion: I bought a GolfTec package late last year. It wasn't cheap, but it's helped immensely. I know everyone uses video for lessons now, but it's nice to be able to go and practice and video yourself. It's helped me a ton in self-diagnosis when out on the course. My biggest issue was my backswing was so long I was striking the ball inconsistently. I had to fix my brain to realize what felt like a 1/4 backswing was almost full, and that I didn't need an exaggerated backswing to obtain the same distances. The difference in the accuracy in my irons i
  7. What ever happened to the inside out game with a big man in the post who can take high percentage shots or dish out for open threes if double-teamed?
  8. Who could be anti-duck? They’re delicious.
  9. LOL, I bought three bottles of Billecart today and I thought I was restocking.
  10. We used to stay at the Hard Rock all the time and I never felt like I was so far away. I love what they are doing here and I hope it leads to success so others will follow suit.
  11. It was after 4:00 and I decided I would like some Blanc de Blancs Champagne.
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