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  1. Huge pet peeve of mine they serve you in a give-away Grand Mariner glass. It’s similar to getting a nice fancy beer served in a Texans Bud Light pint.
  2. Is a titter considered a store?
  3. Yup, total fluke too, but strange things happen and I'm not complaining.
  4. I’m not sure where this should go, but I can’t imagine Shank wouldn’t enjoy this with a cold bud light. This popcorn is from a place in Dallas and it is spectacular.
  5. Went out and walked nine yesterday. Hit 7 of 7 fairways from the tips and... not one GIR (not even on the par threes). I just could not get close to the hole with my wedges.
  6. Holy shit that's brutal. Unfortunately I can empathize.
  7. Maybe it's the Four Roses single barrel, but this one is killing me right now.
  8. Played the La Cantera Resort course last week. It was misting rain for the first four holes, but it dried up a bit after that. The course is fun and pretty wide open (typical resort course). Greens were a bit slow due to the rain, but all-in-all the course was in good shape. I was crushing my driver and only missed two fairways, but putting on a hilly course is not normal for this flat Houston guy. I had 31 puts (6 three putts), but somehow managed a smooth 80. I was pretty happy to drive the green on number 7 (hole with the tee box on top of the cliff that overlooks Fiesta Texas
  9. I just got some new clubs from Golf Tec. I liked the experience. PM me and I can get you "free" fitting if you're interested. Otherwise I liked the guys at Golf Galaxy on Richmond, but they didn't show the stat comparisons as well as the Golf Tec guys. I know a bunch of people who use Club Champion, but be ready to bend over and take it right in the wallet.
  10. I’m pretty sure it’s a Honda, but I don’t know which model. Kind of looks like a Passport. 61k miles though so probably a 2017/18.
  11. I’m guessing you went to the Cloak Room. If so, you knew what you were getting into so you really shouldn’t be surprised.
  12. Thanks, I'm playing with my Dad so I think I'll switch to the Resort course.
  13. I'm headed to La Cantera next week. Thoughts on whether to play the Palmer or Resort course?
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