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  1. Played out at Indian Creek in Carrollton today. Course is in great shape and a fun layout. Recommend for any Dallas area folks.
  2. Your momma so fat, after a meal she smokes a turkey.
  3. Well great, now I'm going to have to risk my life and go to HEB to get stuff to make tacos tonight. Btw - I would eat the hell out of those fried tacos.
  4. Any recommendation for a controller when playing on PC?
  5. Jimbaround


    The UAW rep sounds scared shitless of the possibility they won't be able to wet their beak.
  6. Apparently the Little Pappas Seafood House was a test kitchen for new menu items. I am guessing their small footprint and the 50% capacity limitation did not make the math work for profitability.
  7. Barnaby’s did great there. Had to move because the lease was up and a new tenant offered to pay double rent (apparently MF Sushi if that’s what is goin in there). Barnaby’s was given the option of staying if they paid the double tent; they declined. We will see how well a high end sushi place does there.
  8. Well, he does make a great salad.
  9. Damn, I sure do love some high proofs, but my poor liver...
  10. I feel your pain. She won’t use multiple boards, but she’ll make a salad or something with multiple ingredients and NOTHING is put away or cleaned for hours (dirty cutting board, dirty knife, package of lettuce, half used cucumber, half cut bell pepper, salad dressing bottle, salt, pepper). Boggles my mind. It’s like she thinks the salad will go bad if she took one minute to put the ingredients away.
  11. I had called my Specs contact to get a bottle of Taylor Single Barrel for a golf weekend. She said they got their shipment the week prior and they were put on the shelves, but that she would call around and find me a bottle and let me know. She never called and I just figured she couldn't find one. Fast forward a week and she calls and apologizes that she completely forgot about my request and said he coworker found a case of Amaranth in her office (she's been working remotely since COVID started) and offered me a bottle. The others were already spoken for. So, dumb luck on my part really.
  12. No, allocation. My specs contact found a case and hooked me up.
  13. Picked this up today:
  14. Jimbaround


    I really like the Stags’ Leap Petite Syrah for around $30 as a good value play.
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