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  1. Anyone else having issues watching on a fire stick? Just keeps buffering and won’t even load show/menu. Upstairs and iPads work fine.
  2. I go about once every two or three months. If I run or play a lot of golf I get some serious calluses. Those birds do wonders with their little cheese graters. I don’t like them to do shit to my nails.
  3. If you're staying at the Marriott there are plenty of places relatively close for dinner. There is a big new mall (Ventura) about a half-mile away that has a bunch of restaurants. I was only there for a week for work and didn't do much outside of work, and dinner. A couple of places I went: Jardin de Asia is solid. Cool build out, asian fusion place (I don't recall with what it was fused). I went to El Arrieo for steak (nothing spectacular, but a nice enough steak) I never felt unsafe walking around or going for a run.
  4. Jimbaround


    Price is right too. I was down there in Nov and they adjusted prices somewhat to the currency devaluation but in Jan 2019 I bought six bottles for about $20 each. Still, at less than $30 it’s a great value. I also bought some Catena Zapata last time I was down and $80 was a lot better than I was seeing in the states.
  5. My office is less than a mile as the crow flies. Apparently it shook our building pretty good and knocked a bunch of lights down on the top floor. There's dust all over my desk and office table.
  6. The chasm between a grilled and microwave hot dog is immense.
  7. This dude really likes the stuff, but you're not going to get anyone here to bite for a $30 discount. Maybe offer for $50 and you might have more takers (not me, not a scotch guy).
  8. I have five United Airlines beverage vouchers that expire at the end of this month (1/31/2020). If anyone wants them and can use them let me know and I'll mail them to you. Drinks are $9 a pop on United flights.
  9. That's whats going in at that spot. Shit, they've been under construction for ever. Nice to have another cool place within walking distance.
  10. I don’t see them overturning this. It’s fine though as Bill would waste that time out somewhere else anyway.
  11. This really depends on how far you want to travel. If you want to go to SEAsia the Vanna Belle is pretty sweet in Thailand. There's a bad ass Westin in Jakarta where the lobby is on the 54th floor. Similar Westin in Singapore. I echo the comments on the Ritz and St. Regis properties though. The Ritz in Muscat Oman is an old palace that was recently redone. Pretty cool city, Muscat.
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