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  1. MSNBC producers just told Ali Velshi off-camera that they’d been told that gas lines had been cut and they needed to leave cuz it could blow.
  2. Here’s a link live. Not sure how long it’ll be up.
  3. Nice. Just in time for F-Hole Friday!
  4. I’ll be surprised if we see a manifesto in this case. It didn’t seem thought out or carefully planned. The shooter said something about how he was gonna be the Westgate 2020 Shooter, and mumbled some generic statement about getting back at society. I only saw about a 30-second video clip, but it really felt like he was just doing it for attention and social media clout, which is why I didn’t post the link to the video Twitter.
  5. Looks like two or three injured. Shooter arrested. Media staging will be in the Cabelas parking lot. The irony.
  6. The shooter streamed it on Snapchat. Just watched part of the video on Twitter. Fuckin nuts.
  7. One of the comments refers to Kelvontay as “Moochie” so I looked it up and found this article. https://www.panolawatchman.com/sports/football-preview-dixon-ready-for-big-senior-season/article_56a0f8b4-c3ac-11e9-941a-93700accefe9.html “When I was little I used to go nibble food off of other people’s plates,” he said. “That’s what they started calling me and it stuck.”
  8. A Gretsch with P-90s and a Bigsby for under four bills? Yeesh. That’s tempting. Cool color too.
  9. That’s correct. 501 W. 26th St. Behind the hole in the wall.
  10. I was living in west campus when it happened, but couldn’t remember when so I looked it up. It was December 14, 1996. A week after the Big 12 championship win over Nebraska. https://www.austinchronicle.com/news/1997-01-24/527261/
  11. My dad had a class with her at North Texas State University around 1968-69. As a kid I would flip through my dad’s old college yearbooks and marvel at the black and white pics of her in there. Total smoke show.
  12. I was briefly reunited with my ‘94 Riviera today. It’s on semi-permanent loan to a good friend of mine. F-hole Friday
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