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  1. It’s a two week delay. If he got arrested yesterday, the mugshot will be released on 08/26.
  2. Might not be documented on this thread, but she also wants to lock up the dirty homeless people who are giving each other haircuts and barbecuing on public roadways.
  3. Totally in. The old APD booking thread at TOS was what brought me to that site and introduced me to the weird wacky world that is Surly. Thanks Mitch! p.s. I scrolled through the 29 pages of available mugshots (July 8-22) and spotted a few familiar faces including Dirty Vegas (Richard DiGiacomo).
  4. The Austin Acoustics. You can see a bunch pics of a mini-camp they had here: http://www.texreview.com/2016/01/austin-acoustics-mini-camp-for-legends.html And one pic of FitLump...
  5. Looks like things have been fairly tame so far despite lots of open carry folks downtown earlier. A few skirmishes between protesters and cops on bikes and horses, but nothing major. Buses were finally spotted, but turns out they were full of DPS troopers, not protesters from Portland.
  6. The documents that were released on Thursday were not all of the documents that were set to be released. Another set of documents related to Maxwell’s 2016 deposition were supposed to be released on Monday pending a decision by the Second Circuit of the Court of Appeals. The Second Circuit delayed the release yesterday. FWIW, two judges who granted the delay are both Clinton appointees.
  7. Larry King asked them in 2005. They told a similar story about meeting at a party during Fashion Week.
  8. I found one mention of this on Twitter. Sounds like BS. But to Art’s point about something bad brewing...
  9. I wouldn’t call this “proof”, but the New York Times wrote an article last year about Trump and Epstein’s relationship. According to NYT, Epstein was the one claiming that he introduced them. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/us/politics/trump-epstein.html “But while Mr. Trump has dismissed the relationship, Mr. Epstein, since the election, has played it up, claiming to people that he was the one who introduced Mr. Trump to his third wife, Melania Trump, though neither of the Trumps has ever mentioned Mr. Epstein playing a role in their meeting. Mrs. Trump has said that her future husband simply asked for her phone number at a party at the Kit Kat Club during Fashion Week in 1998.“ (Melania told story about meeting Trump at the Kit Kat Club in a 2017 Vanity Fair profile.) Also from the above NYT article... “Roger J. Stone Jr., the former Trump adviser, wrote in his book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” which was published during the campaign, that Mr. Trump “turned down many invitations to Epstein’s hedonistic private island and his Palm Beach home.” Once when Mr. Trump visited Mr. Epstein at his Palm Beach home, Mr. Stone wrote about the scene of underage girls he witnessed there. “The swimming pool was filled with beautiful young girls,” Mr. Trump later told a Mar-a-Lago member, according to Mr. Stone. “‘How nice,’ I thought, ‘he let the neighborhood kids use his pool.’”
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