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  1. I’ve been using Taylor’s guide for restringing acoustics with good results. They recommend 2-3 wraps on the bass strings and 5-6 wraps for the treble strings. For the low E, A and D, cut the string one post length past the tuning key. For the G, B and high E, cut the string at one and a half post lengths past the tuner. https://www.taylorguitars.com/support/strings/changing-steel-strings
  2. This is gonna be badass. Congrats AUTF! Can’t wait.
  3. I heard on the Horn this morning that Herman isn’t doing his usual signing day press conference today because he is traveling and also because Collins’ announcement is happening so late in the day.
  4. Add Rakestraw who arrived yesterday for his OV.
  5. Mizzou is continuing to push hard for Rakestraw. In-home visit last night.
  6. Abor is an athletic kid who also plays basketball. If you watch his hudl, check out his highlights against Southlake and Karic. https://www.hudl.com/profile/11871536/Omari-Abor
  7. Is Texas in touch with Omari Abor? If not, we oughta be.
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