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  1. Kind of interesting that for things like this there it's no consideration of cost of living. How much does 75k in NYC or SF compare to eagle pass?
  2. I can't confirm but I'm 43% sure it's these hacks:. http://www.blacklab.com/home/index.php
  3. Use it or lose it!!! They give you the time, they WANT you to take off weeks at a time.
  4. Does your cousin still own that hog farm?
  5. I watch that and just get sad that we gave up a 21 point lead with 8 minutes left.
  6. Can your ask for a contract? 12 or 18 months? I have no idea how shit works in the real world, I work for government.
  7. Yea, I was thinking, how they gonna know how much you might make ok the side, or how much your wife makes. I'd tell them your wife makes 200k and you didn't get shit from Uncle Sam.
  8. Busted sandal in San Antonio has a pretty cool deal going for beer to go " $3 in-house credit with each 6 pack or 32 ounce growler fill $6 in-house credit with a 64 ounce growler fill $25 in-house credit with any slim keg purchase Not valid until the taproom is fully open.
  9. It's a good idea to drink what you got in case you die, if not all your buddies are gonna drink it ad your funeral.
  10. She has just moved the air freshener outside to our patio because the smell was too strong inside.
  11. Sort of minor, but someone in my house put an air freshener right next to an open window. Y'all guess who that was.
  12. Went to that heb too when we lived with my grandmother. She lived in Braun station. Their gas always seems to be like a nickel cheaper than anywhere in the area .
  13. Will I get arrested I take my bike out to a public park this weekend? The rules seem pretty confusing.
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