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  1. Did a pretty good ride at government canyon yesterday.
  2. It's probably not a big deal, but never hurts to ask.
  3. Let's order him a bunch of pizzas!! Seriously wonder how many days a year he is actually at those offices. I'll put the O/U at 0.5
  4. They coooould just make a shitload of money and bribe a senator. I think that might be the easy way.
  5. Thanks for the tips. Was able to snag it early this morning. Probably gonna get a controller and Mario maker.
  6. Which Mario? Target has a deal tomorrow for a switch and Mario kart for $299, if I can snag that, that's one game . Im interested in Mario maker, is that worth it? What controller you recommend?
  7. So, are we supposed to believe Kyler is the same height as Tebow? He has to be sitting on a suitcase in these commercials.
  8. Of I could, I'd rep this a thousand times. A plus reference.
  9. Vince young. QB draw. Someone else can pull up the video.
  10. I'm hoping to pick one of these up for the family. What's a good game for a 6 and. 8 year old? Also what extra accessories are recommend?
  11. She must be really stupid. Do your job and maybe Biden keeps you on. Fuck around and now you probably get fired in a few months. Of course I'm sure Trump will be loyal to her and hook her up with a sweet maid job at one of his hotels.
  12. I think you over estimate how many redneck gun nuts are in this state. I knows it's a lot but it's not a majority. On the other hand if that quote gets played over and over the. Yea probably 100% of the redneck gun nuts will show up to vote.
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