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  1. I bet Toyota had a ton of people that liked the idea of an FJ but wanted it slightly bigger with 4 doors... "Well come take a look at these 4Runners over here..." Would not be surprised if Ford saw an increase in Explorer sales because of this.
  2. Went to buffets frequently as a college student. Double Dave's was pretty common. Something like $8 for a Buffett and a pint. Cicis Riverside when we were desperate. A good Indian buffet was a yearly occurance. Now that I'm old I just can't do it. I get full after 1 plate of food. Haven't been to a Buffett in like 10 years unless the salad bar at mcallisters counts.
  3. This idea has merit. Could even use empty MS and HS campuses to spread out the elementary kids.
  4. You crazy dawg. I can handle the heat as long as I'm in the shade, but I can't imagine standing around a golf course for 4 hours.
  5. Yea, I guess for a car like this the dealer doesn't care of you walk away, they will probably be able to sell it quickly.
  6. I find it interesting that you and probably thousands of other people would buy a car sight unseen and never having driven it.
  7. You know, this little gear mounting rail is a small detail, but something I like. With all the gadgets and shit people bring Into their cars, here in the 21st century we are still mounting that shit with auction cups or shitty vent clamps or lighter plug mounts. Wish car companies would band together to create universal and solid mounting system. Then car companies can fight over who has the most accessory mounting points. (Like I'd really like a good way to mount a tablet behind my seat for my kids) Rant over
  8. Yea, you won't really know he's masculine or not until he's 8 or 9 and starts to play with moms make up and high heels and listening to Cher. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  9. They seem to have closed the reservations for garner. How long ago did you make those reservations? I was seriously thinking about renting a pop-up for a few days.
  10. Either you're a patriot...or you're not. The choice is yours. I love the U.S.A., but I hate 'merica.
  11. Wait... "I don't like people telling me what to do" so I'm gonna do what some random internet person tells me to do and tell my family to buy Goya Even Though I don't actually like the product? Wtf? The logic in that statement makes my head hurt.
  12. The desire comes from suburban mom's trying to one up/keep up with each other.
  13. So you paid for and extra line and data service but only use it to swipe credit cards?
  14. It'll show up on your appraisal next year.
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