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  1. Also, sorry to derail the thread. Back to yurcich talk. On another note, is Sam allowed to change plays? Seems like colt did it frequently. But also in these days of checking the sideline at every snap seems like QBs don't do that as much.
  2. Yea, that's true, but still the more people you come in contract with the more chances you take. Sure Sam was probably sucking in tons of tech DLine breath, which is maybe 10 guys total. But if he's shaking hands in a crowd, all the sudden he's huffing tech walk on receiver breath too. Just saying they are taking so many precautions(3 tests a week) not shaking hands with the other team would be one of the easiest precautions since it's literal doing nothing extra.
  3. I doubt any of the players are worried about dieing. They don't want to sit out for 2 games because they get a positive.
  4. Spoiler alert: Alan watched next week's game
  5. I'd be surprised if he plays next week. I would hope the medical staff doesn't mess around with neck or spine injuries. It's not like you can just tape them up.
  6. I just assume that's the kind of thing that doesn't immediately hurt like a broken bone. He's probably feeling it this morning.
  7. Well, their not wrong on the second part.
  8. I totally meant to do that as a sarcasm.
  9. Simplest answer: Mind is still their best bet at QB.
  10. In all honesty I'm a little surprised the players aren't wearing any mask on the sidelines during games. They showed Sam and the team shaking hands with the tech players after the game. If I'm b12 I probably put a pause in sportsmanship this season and have teams immediately exit the field .
  11. Is moonshine and Kool aid considered a cocktail?
  12. Also screw anyone justifying lsu's loss saying they lost a bunch of starters. I'm not going to check, but I'm pretty sure lsu has significantly higher ranked recruits, plus, what is it, 3 seasons under the se coach... A national championship coach. Vs a first year coach who never even sniffed a conference championship game, with no spring ball. Would not be surprised if lsu had a mack brown 2010 level meltdown. Probably not, but maybe.
  13. Would not be surprised if they fabricated some positives in the summer so could miraculously recover then not have to be tested for 90 days . Someone needs to ask orgron if he actually believes the virus exists.
  14. They gotta get back to watch the college football that trump brought back from the dead.
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