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  1. I’m just saying, your position of getting joe Biden in jail would be much improved if I had $200 in my pocket.
  2. Biden just needs to send Ben affleck as his chief negotiator.
  3. Wow, two disaster scientists in one picture!!
  4. Obligatory Constanta “was that wrong.gif”
  5. Doit .gif then change all the PlayErs names to aggy player names, and post it on Texags
  6. Amazon deal of the day is lifestraw for $12. That’s as cheap as I’ve seen.
  7. In their defense, they were TRYING to shoot an innocent bystander
  8. Yea man, these hobos squatted in my house. I m not sure why they decided smoke weed and crack next to my collection of antique gasoline tanks... those were worth quite a bit too...
  9. What’s the earnings amount? I’m surly poor so solidly in the 5figs.
  10. Noob question: what is the reason to “back door” into a Roth vs just starting a Roth from scratch. I’d be putting a starter amount in it from my savings then adding a couple hundy a month.
  11. That’s what I did. Fidelity was easy since I already had an account. Went with age based pure index. I wasn’t going to sweat a .01% different here or there going through a shit load of different plans. now I play the waiting game. question: Let’s say my kids don’t go to college, is there such thing as a “boats and hoes” school I can attend later in life?
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