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  1. I'm at a restaurant right now and there's a sign that says "occupancy load:166". Made me think of South Austins mom.
  2. I think I used "get defensive" or something like that. It's not that hard, each page or video has a timer. Skim the text, half assedly watch the video, use common Sense on the quizzes. Occasionally you might get a question like "in the previous video what color was Suzie's sweater", then you just back up and watch the video again. A friend of mine found out you can occasionally copy the questions Into Google and there are websites with the answers . But generally unless you are a dumbass the quizzes are easy .
  3. Best slightly under .500 team I'm the league!!
  4. Gross, they'd probably end up intercoursing each other.
  5. It's a bright sunny day in South Texas. Why don't some of you go outside and breath in the sweet fresh pollinated air, get some sun in your flabby white chests and try to enjoy something other than young men in tights bashing their heads into each other. At least until 3pm today's games start.
  6. ^thats ok, when I finally came to the modern era and got a fridge with an automatic ice maker, unopened the little valve and sunuva bjtch leaked. Ok, turned it off went and got a replacement, had to shut off the main valve at the street, replaced the fridge valve, hooked it all up, opened the main valve and that pos started leaking. Had to have a plumber come in early June to replace the main valve for $600.
  7. Daaang. I felt like a real trashy loser taking my kid to a monster truck show once. Can't imagine this.
  8. You can try a sphearo which let's them focus on the programming part and less the engineering part.
  9. No but he didn't get to bring his calf with him.
  10. Or maybe he's an ex longhorn that would love to come back to his school. Plus not living in Oklahoma. But probably a raise too.
  11. At my in laws hood, it's something like 30 days per year, not more than 10 consecutive days. That's for minors,.or maybe under 25. Adults can stay more. Exceptions are made for a spouse that is under 55.
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