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  1. POTUS was a riot. If you’re around catch this limited run for a vulgar, raunchy good time. Company was as expected too-both. Lenk was robbed not getting a Tony nomination. How I Learned To Drive was devastating. Mary-Louise Parker is the best stage actress in the business and put on another masterclass with this traumatizing play. And here is a pic of random buildings. We probably won’t be back until fall cause fuck the city when it’s above 80 degrees.
  2. Also I broke at least two idiots umbrellas walking back to the hotel after Company tonight. If you hold an umbrella eye level around me without raising it up over my head I’m breaking one of its arms.
  3. Too dark for good pics but Quality Bistro was on point. Green garlic escargot, medium-rare filet mignon and pistachio crème brûlée.
  4. It’s one of my default quick eats - walked over to the one by Grand Central. Enjoy your trip!!!
  5. Our room at the Bryant Park Hotel this weekend has a balcony so tonight is Lps Tacos No1, Shiner and the city. Incredible.
  6. Can’t wait to follow along. Stop at Fortnum and Mason’s if you have 10 minutes after dropping off stuff at Brown’s.
  7. That golden spaghetti - I need it in my life.
  8. It’s 42 outside right now. Good luck y’all.
  9. Tha beef dish was absolutely revolting to look at yet alone taste.
  10. It’s all fake. The NW was fishing - the child molester was running it. Sig was in Norway for probably 2 weeks tops.
  11. Fake rage? Get the fuck out of here. I hope no woman in your life is ever in a position where a birth of a child will kill the mother and baby. I hope there is never a rape that leads to a pregnant 13 year old. The government should have no right over a body. But we know the GOP is all for state rights over women and minorities while using the false mantra of “come and take it.” No one will come and take it because they’re hellbent on making America into a 1857 shithike for anyone but white males. The belief used to overturn Roe can be used to overturn the Civil Rights Act. I fully expect the Voter Rights Act to get tuned down next. The Constitution to these fucks was written for white men to make decisions without anyone but white men in mind. So again get fucked. But I hope you don’t get pregnant cause people like you aren’t worthy of raising a child.
  12. Fly-by post to say fuck this country, fuck Mitch McConnell and fuck anyone who supports the oppression of a gender and is OK with taking away a constitutional right.
  13. That court is absolutely perfection. Even the URL and Sm handle is clean. Still dislike the black seats but whatever.
  14. I stayed at the Peninsula in Chicago in December 2019 and had a Rolls Royce take us to OHR. This thread his home.
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