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  1. She’s gonna rip apart the currently somewhat friendly interior crew in about 8 hours, and I can’t wait.
  2. State College over Pittsburgh/Philly? aggy made this map.
  3. Hey it was the Sabine Cardinals’ first-ever playoff victory. Have some respect!
  4. How the hell are these not yet mentioned? Put them in the fridge, then eat. Their dried carrot and dried okra chips are excellent.
  5. Ben Platt gave the best single performance I’ve ever seen on Broadway (we’ve seen 60+ broadway shows in nyc). But this show otherwise didn’t strike me as great as others think. YMMV
  6. He’ll be fired after next year’s 4-8 campaign.
  7. This is awesome. Too bad Baylor will beat the shit out of Texas and their program is better than ours. Fuck me.
  8. They’re going to win 4 games next year, might as well cut bait.
  9. This one appears to be over. Off to dinner I go.
  10. Sabine beat the Fightin’ Briles 20-14, holy crap. Think it’s their first playoff win, ever.
  11. I’m an hour and half from that cesspool but yea it’s a beautiful fall day. 30, sunny, light wind. Perfect.
  12. Longview wins 41-10. John King apparently pissed at how poorly the Lobos played.
  13. Lobos up 34-10 at half vs Temple. Have a season high 383 yards of offense at half. Should be a bigger blowout
  14. 95 should be charged with battery.
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