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  1. Pennsylvania had 540,000 people file unemployment claims LAST WEEK. Unemployment will easily be like 3.5m in two weeks. Goldman can fuck off with their “projections.”
  2. Funny enough, it was in the original Senate bill. The House copied the R gift.
  3. His lie about closing the border to China is insanity. FLIGHTS FROM THERE CAME HERE FOR MONTHS WITHOUT AHY TRACHOMG OF PASSENGERS.
  4. This guy can’t stroke out soon enough. The irreplaceable harm he is doing is insane.
  5. The Ace of Aces


    Damnit. I’m legally blind, sorry about that typo.
  6. When car accidents become highly contagious, this might make some sense. This is the stupidest fucking argument I’ve seen here.
  7. Jenna does less work than the woman at my office who I swear had a lobotomy. All she dues is wipe off dishes and carry a plate of food.
  8. The Ace of Aces


    This pooped up on YouTube. Play to the end. A brilliant joke.
  9. Daddy calling it a hoax is even more sweet. What a vile family.
  10. Here in Pennsylvania everything has been ordered to close through the end of March. In way shittier news - and apologies if there is a thread on this but today has been hell on earth - I had a meeting last Thursday with a person who today tested positive. It was in the capitol. I thought Charlie Strong would be the most poisonous thing I ever came in contact with but here we are.
  11. I’d vote for a fireant over Trump, so they can have Biden’s head in a freezer next to Ted Williams and he’d still be a better speaker, leader and living person that the douchenozzle currently pretending to be president.
  12. Exempting the UK is key. They have more cases than any other EU country not named Italy.
  13. Basically everything the fuckface said was wrong. Insurance companies never agreed to cover treatment costs. The lobby issued a statement contradicting Trump, saying it was never agreed upon.
  14. Just the brown ones, I’m sure. It makes zero sense, it’s just to hurt the leaders who rail against trump. It’s just an excuse to fight with Germany and France. Fuckkkkkkkkk him.
  15. He couldn’t catch his breath, I bet he has the virus. He’s been surrounded by it for a week. I wish we had a president who could read, too. That’d be great.
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