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  1. 13 days ago this fuckface promised he’d sign a complete new health care bill that overhauled the entire system in 2 weeks. I wish the Senators working overnight tonight the best. Oh wait, he was talking so he was lying.
  2. It’s more a political party imo. The GOP in 2014 will openly flank Q and go mainstream with the message.
  3. Calling Kiko was set up. How surprising he is being fired exactly as Malia!s yacht chef boyfriend is coming to visit for a while. And Sandy hovering over nachos on table and telling the guests they are unacceptable is about the most Bush league thing a manager can ever do. F her,
  4. This is no way an attack on you. At all. How the living fuck can the education system allow anyone to not know one of the greatest Americans to ever live? I bet you learned intricate details about the battle of Gettysburg but nothing about the goddamn freedom marches. It’s maddening. /rant
  5. One of the greatest Americans to ever live. A true hero. Gone. When we need them the most.
  6. I’m sure all my 2nd Amendment loving Facebook friends who do target practice videos all the times against Democrats are on the way to Oregon now to fight back against a government overreach. Oh wait nm anyone like that is a fraud.
  7. As someone married to a former Rangerette and a guy that worked in Tyler for 2 years, this hits home. I am so happy This passed unanimously. I should go check out that Smoaky high school forum to see how the local idiots are handing this news.
  8. This is what happens when the people in power realize the power is quickly slipping and they’ll do anything to maintain power.
  9. Buffets have always skeeved me out. Always. Pizza ones were never really a problem for whatever reason though and in high school we would tear apart Mr. Gatti's. Holy shit, good times. I think most of buffet places go to quick-action where they serve you directly, like a high-end cruise ship buffet (no one touches anything, they serve you whatever you ask for). But the places like Ryan's and so forth who are a step below MREs and Doritos out of the bag, they gone.
  10. I think it's the opposite - stations not airing this are purposely doing so to NOT advertise Peacock. This special is part of a Peacock ad, it's introducing the service and shows on it and new shows coming out.
  11. We have a guy who openly wants to fuck his daughter as president. What else do you expect?
  12. Sandy should teach management class. Who knew telling everyone right off the bat of a conversation "I will fire you" is the perfect way to effectively manage a team?
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