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  1. I’d murder a grandmother for a #4 with grilled jalapeños and guac right now. Living in the northeast has a few disadvantages, food being the biggest.
  2. We’d catch them often on Lake Fork crappie fishing, we’d cut the line and restring. Fuck those prehistoric things.
  3. Enough coat talk, it was 13 here this morning and I just wore a LL Bean fleece (no hood, I’m not in an episode of The Wire) over my long-sleeve button up. Back to the thread purpose. For Christmas I asked for and received silverware (long story but it’s the same our favorite restaurant in the country uses and, to me, it’s the perfect size/weight). Three weeks after taking all the old silverware out of the drawer and placing in a box for Goodwill, it’s still sitting on the counter. Mrs. Canderson has made at least three trips to Goodwill since then. Tonight this happened: Me: the old silverware, can you put it in the box you use for Goodwill items so we can get it out of the house? Her: I’m not ready to get rid of it yet. Me: Why? It’s not like we have an emotional attachment to mix-matched silverware we had in college. Her: I want to make sure the new silverware works okay so we aren’t stuck using plastic knives. Me: It’s silver it’s not going to break. Her: You don’t know that. I ... give up.
  4. “Four score and seven years ago” had me dying.
  5. I trust CDC is more focused on finding a basketball coach than arguing against the dumbest people on planet earth.
  6. Why would he take a demotion if he’s not getting fired? I think they have to a Randy Bennett type run. I don’t see any big name or school coach coming to the tire fire that’s 2nd (or 3rd if baseball starts not sucking lol yea sure) most important on campus.
  7. From what I think is one of the best concert films ever - Vulfpeck with Chris Thile at a Madison Square Garden. If the direct link doesn’t work, go to 20:14.
  8. Washington State hired Nick Rolovich, he was Hawaii’s head coach.
  9. This is a much better cinematography experience than good movie experience. Germans aren’t ever that poor of shooters, and like Dunkirk you get zero emotional attachment to the cast. Worth watching because how it is shot and the expert directing, but the parts are better than the sum.
  10. Have had the CSR since launch and will keep it. To me and my situation it still provides better value than the AmEx Platinum or Citi Prestige.
  11. The Scranton-area Chili’s has closed. https://www.timesleader.com/news/768959/wilkes-barre-twp-chilis-suddenly-shuttered-on-saturday Long live the Dundies. This thread brought to you by Dogfish Head gin.
  12. Peruse greggo’s twitter feed and you’ll question if he’s actually with us. Dear baby Jesus that guy is so fucked up.
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