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  1. Breaking News: Republicans are anti-American scum Knock me over with a feather!
  2. What an absolute tragedy. RIP Jake
  3. Dude no one cares about this other than you. That includes me. I literally don’t even read these rants. Just stop.
  4. Bro you write paragraphs of text to me about things not related to basketball multiple times a week I don’t even fucking read them. This is a one way rivalry or whatever you think it is. Just stop
  5. That’s a fair point. It’s possible. I’d be happy to be wrong if it makes the Horns a better team. My guess is he will just lose minutes as Beard tries to coach him and he keeps being himself. I was never a huge fan but he lost me after the WVU game blowup on Jones. Then I watched him do the exact same thing he yelled at Jones for multiple times the rest of the year, including against ACU And he hit that one 3 against ACU in the 1st half and then immediately ballhogged throwing up bullshit for the next 3-4 possessions. At this point I’m fine with the loss as it got us Beard, but
  6. I’ve discussed my issues with Ramey for months now. It has nothing to do with you narcissistic personality disorder is a helluva thing
  7. Yes. If only we can get the guy who lost us multiple games, including the one to Abilene fucking Christian, to return to the team That will be key 🙄
  8. How do you have such detailed knowledge of which NCAA schools require student athletes to do “real work” and which do not?
  9. I think you both have me confused for someone else but who cares?
  10. LOL you think anyone is reading that?
  11. Can we get Derka to promise to keep his Shaka obsession to this thread and stop talking about our former coach in other threads? If so I heartily endorse it.
  12. Exactly how long do you plan to obsess over our two previous head coaches for?
  13. Oh man I want the guy who looks like he's going to eat some shrooms and brownies at the Phish concert just as soon as he's done dominating this basketball game on our team!
  14. "Paul, if you don't come into work on Friday, don't bother to come in on Monday..." "WOO HOO! Four day weekend!!!!"
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