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  1. I’m not gonna quite Hornsby but holy racist Batman! Dude is black therefore he’s from the ghetto is quite the hot take
  2. Watch. Coleman will become all-ACC if he grad transfers
  3. I’d call it theft. Shakas stealing millions from us.
  4. Apparently I was being overly optimistic
  5. Strategy?!?!? You think shaka has a strategy?!?!?
  6. Final score might end up 80-40 or so Then again 40 might be a stretch for us tonight
  7. Can we just fire Shaka already? This is embarrassing
  8. He’s f’in terrible and we focus our offense on him. It makes no sense.
  9. Isn’t ESPN+ pay per view? No one is paying to watch this team win or lose 45-40
  10. Settle down fellas. You can’t just fire a guy who won the NIT! 😃
  11. Febres has had about 2 good games in 3 years here and our entire offense is based around getting him shots. It makes no fucking sense.
  12. Shaka has no offensive gameplan whatsoever. There’s talent on this team but it’s gonna be another wasted year. We might not even qualify for the NIT. Nevermind the NCAAs
  13. He should never play football again. It’d be stupid to.
  14. Could you maybe go post on a Volunteers message board instead since they’re your favorite team?
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