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  1. Point taken. That's the catch though. To actually have a football season the NCAA would have to admit they're employees and set up a bubble, testing protocols, online learning, etc. Which isn't going to happen. So here we are.
  2. Professional vs amateur sports? What’s the difference between them and why might community infection rates affect their ability to go on in different ways? Real high level thinking for you here, I know.
  3. Trumper says what? Yes, the president ordering the production of tests in February would have helped. Yes, everyone wearing masks starting in f'in April when the CDC changed its guidelines would have helped (spoiler alert: the real reason they didn't recommend masks was we had a shortage and again, the president didn't order their production in February like he should have). Yes, a harsher economic lockdown would help. There is absolutely NO reason to have indoor dining and bars open right now. Let's get infections down so SCHOOLS can open, not a stupid bar. Yes, getting our collective shit together instead of everyone being selfish fucks would have helped. Any other questions? Literally every other developed country in the world has done those things except the US. It's not hard at all. It just takes a small bit of leadership and a small bit of collective responsibility. The WWI and WWII generations would be ashamed of us.
  4. The problem is the mid tier admins are the ones who decide whose blood spills during the bloodbath. So they will continue to get paid $200K to be the Assistant Associate Vice Dean of Conceptual Development while they replace tenure-track professors with adjuncts and grad students.
  5. That's the one. https://www.complex.com/life/2020/07/canadian-health-officials-suggest-glory-holes-for-sex-during-covid19
  6. The Canadian government suggests using gloryholes during the pandemic. The more you know...
  7. Which is why this shit ain't happening. Maybe a week or two but I doubt even that. Campuses are gonna be hotspots in no time. You're not gonna stop 20 year old kids from partying.
  8. Johnny Manziel vouches for strip-club wings that landed Lou Williams in quarantine https://nypost.com/2020/07/27/johnny-manziel-vouches-for-strip-club-wings-lou-williams-ate/
  9. Baseballs approach was clearly dumb from the start. Unfortunately college footballs approach is likely to be even dumber.
  10. LOL we should have played the season this summer when it went away like a miracle!
  11. We're so fucked Hope all the morons enjoyed going out to a bar for a few hours.
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