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  1. Dubòn starting at SS and hitting 9th. Let the hate begin
  2. I’d be happy to simply see him in a game. He hasn’t thrown a competitive pitch in nearly 1,000 days
  3. Schwab saying Dubon starting at SS despite
  4. The PGA is getting lucky with the weather, avoiding the blastfurnace for the most part. Hell, Tulsa’s forecast for Saturday calls for a high of 67. Lots of wind also to amp up the fun.
  5. This is probably Castro’s last season. While I don’t think the Astros would do him dirty by straight up DFAing him, he might be open to “early” retirement by promising a smooth transition into the coaching ranks.
  6. Astros come in 4th in MLB.com power rankings behind the Yankees, Dodgers and Mets.
  7. ChiTownDoc does the superiority schtick a lot better than you. You’re more of a D level snob.
  8. I’d say @cabowabo They both strikeout a lot, usually only surface in losing situations and each has disappeared from my sight. One was optioned and the other is on ignore.
  9. Nah. MLB doesn’t need a pitch clock
  10. So I’m supposed to be impressed that the Celtics have won the Eastern Conference Championship twice in the last 34 years?
  11. And you sound like a typical Dallas asshole
  12. ^^^ no doubt a Highland Park Middle Schooler If he’s wearing a $125 golf shirt.
  13. I don’t know how they’ve done it because it seems they have allowed a lot of base runners, but the pitching staff has thrown 6 shutouts in the last 13 games.
  14. Yuli’s been on fire since he started battlng with his cane.
  15. Should be a fun final round. 12 players within 2 shots of each other.
  16. On to the next whipping boy. Who’s it going to be?
  17. To be fair, you say a lot of things.
  18. Ask and you shall receive. Siri sucks
  19. I’m almost hoping that it’s Siri, not Goodrum, that get sent down for Dubon.
  20. A’s score 3 in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Angels 4-3
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