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  1. Dubon, with 3 years of control, should replace Diaz, who’ll be a FA, on the next year’s roster.
  2. He’s been working at LF as well.
  3. I’ve never understood why AT&T doesn’t put the name of the batter, in addition or instead of the pitcher, on the information banner. It would be especially helpful against teams like the Yankees without names on the uniform.
  4. It says “let’s see if Meyers is a real big league starter before the trade deadline”
  5. Very surprised at the Chas option. Thought for sure it would be Manischewitz. I guess Dubón will be getting some center field starts as Jake’s backup.
  6. If he went to Texas at all, it was probably The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  7. Wut? He’s struck out 4 times in 7 ABs.
  8. @Helobious I guess we’re damn good thieves to be able to steal 2 games like that. Oh, and you need to have a lead going into the 9th to be able to use your new hall of fame closer.
  9. This crew doesn’t know what a swing is
  10. Castro adds nothing to this team. Terrible offensively. Mediocre defensively.
  11. Maton’s demeanor is perfect for a reliever
  12. Wulaw’s lofty hopes and dreams for Meyers are being crushed
  13. Dubòn did great as a replacement. Hit .417/.533/.750 in those 5 games. Also was very good defensively
  14. Hey 3putt, what’s tonight’s lineup?
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