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  1. UTSA has the best football product on the field in the UT system right now. I don’t think they would beat the Horns, but they would certainly give us hell for 48 minutes much like they gave aggy a scare a few years ago during the SEC cupcake week in November.
  2. Yep and he’s only a Sophomore. UTSA will be in the CUSA championship in a couple of weeks. That program is only going to get better and Sincere being around another two years is going to help big time.
  3. Fire one on Tuesday 12:01 AM and hire the other one of Wednesday at 12:01 AM
  4. Every once is a awhile a Tom Herman finds his nuts....or twice.
  5. You think? You might be right. It got them to giddy up on facility improvements. Having said that I hope LSU can pull it off tonight and the playoffs becomes another chapter of aggy fools gold.
  6. So we lose a woke sports anchor.... Are you sad?
  7. Why are they wearing Clemson’s uniforms today?
  8. Our defense will make the KSU third string Qb look like five star recruit and the Heismen Trophy winner for 2020.
  9. Calling all Katy High haters.....especially those from within the Katy ISD. Lol
  10. Lol. Cut me some slack. Posted after a long drive home around 1am. Probably would have been half drunk if I didn’t have to drive.
  11. The fake punt from our 20 something yard line? Yea sure Tom.. No respectable team in America no matter what level practices on a fake punt for two weeks. Tom you are an idiot to think people would believe that nonsense.
  12. Dammit I hope LSU can find their shit tomorrow and upset aggy. We will lose to K-State because we suck donkey balls when we play K-Stste, we swallow them when play K-Stae in Manhattan
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