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  1. This is a good way to put it. I've been tying to follow what the plot is for this season and I can't get a grasp other that Taylor is being to quiet and Wendy is on a power trip. Trying to keep my interest in the series...
  2. It's seven days and they are pretty much sticklers to that rule unless you can prove they didn't do any work they are claiming on their final time sheet. Then it was suggested to us if we came to this situation, you pay the not disputed part of the pay and then go to battle on the disputed part. We had a few occasions where this occurred, but deferred to just paying it to save the headaches of a possible TWC audit down the road. It might have been a 8 or so hours so it was like just pay the headache to go away so they won't give you a bigger one down the road. If they filed for unemployment, we often didn't get charge backs because we had our duck in a row. And yes we had former employees try the PTO argument against us and it worked in our favor.
  3. Season 5 just started. Will it be the last?
  4. Shower curtain bro while you wait for a replacement... That's how this is going to end up. Save time trying a temp fix.
  5. You need to go get a room with Joe Buck....
  6. We adopted an older Lab from a rescue three years ago. She's the best dog I've ever had. The best thing is she was out of the puppy and young dog stage, so she didn't demand the attention and exercise a pup or younger dog requires. Very good with children and other animals. The only con is she sheds like crazy. We do have two Mini schnauzers too, but she tend prefers to be by herself and loves to sleep. The other two can be royal pains in the butt at times, but I wouldn't trade them either.
  7. But can we still have the Fire (fill in the coach) threads in the fall? Just for fun.
  8. I'm trying to feel sorry for Timeshare companies, but my sympathy meter is empty.
  9. I think it's due to the child tax credit being less once the child hits 17 or something like that. Which is BS for the simple fact nothing has changed with their status as most are still in school and living at home.
  10. Two Options. Put a spray nozzle on your hose and when he's not looking, put the fire out from your yard. This is assuming you are talking about an outdoor fire place or fire pit, not the indoor variety. The next time the wind is blowing his direction, find some good smoke producing wood like mesquite and give him a taste of his own medicine. Throw some useless paper in there and let him enjoy.
  11. Navarro saw her as someone wanting to shake up things via a power play which sowed some doubts about her being loyal to him down the road. Especially if the Feds or some thing out of the blue started to influence Helen and thus cause discord between Helen and her client.
  12. It's possible. With all the senors in the higher end models to detect when clothes are dry and how much water a load actually needs, they might be susceptible to what you suggest. It's a royal pain in the ass to get one fixed too. Service comes out and looks at it and then has to order the part which takes a few days and then you have to reschedule a service call for them to fix it.
  13. My Samsung dryer we had for only five years crapped out on us again, so I said to heck with it and bought a Maytag dryer which is pretty much an old school dryer. Wish I would have done this five years ago and not been drawn by all the special features the Samsung had which we hardly used anyway. Jeans and towels actually get dry quicker and without a second cycle unlike with the Samsung which took its time. And it doesn't produce as much lint for some reason ( I hope that is good). Will do the same when the matching washer goes out eventually. This is the same washer which was recalled due to the lid flying off during certain spin cycles like for bedding. Samsung/Home Depot did the recall service and extended the warranty, but I don't dare use the heavy duty spin cycle. Samsung might make good TV's and Phones. Washers and dryers... not so much.
  14. It does snow in Austin occasionally. I'm in for snow game at DKR.
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