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  1. She has a nice ass for sure for being so slender. Plenty of ass shots during the whole series.
  2. It's taken me a couple episodes to get used to seeing Matthew Rhys in a different role. We binged watched The Americans a couple of months ago and I still got him burned in my mind as the character he played in that series. He's underrated for sure, IMO.
  3. It's 1:55 and I just want to say Fuck Chip Brown. Have a good day.
  4. Be prepared to wait for your money. I've had several mineral rights checks from my mother's former properties fall into the unclaimed property over the past twenty years. The irony I got a much faster response when mail was the only option to send the supporting documents vs downloading on their portal. I did have them reach out to me once about one mineral rights check that didn't show up on the portal a few years back. I don't know if they do this when it's a large amount above a certain amount, but I was surprised when they did so and very happy when I got that check.
  5. One upside is no Big 12 championship game. Can’t it be gone forever?
  6. Lmao! As far as the unit. 4 ton and 15 SEER. We did get some of duct work rerouted to move more air to far end of the house. Three years later seems to be working well.
  7. One thing I did hear and I should do some further follow up on this is that Tesla either self insures their product or offers insurance from a preferred carrier to cover any loses. It can be expensive and depending where you live on the outrageous side to insure these things on your home insurance policy. Hence this is one reason I don't think I see too many of here on the coast because windstorm coverage is already out of this world and is increasingly hard to afford or get especially if your structure is older and the roof is more than 15 years old. At least on the replacement cost end of it.
  8. I've seen the shingle thing and have to question how in the heck those things withstand the elements. Like you said it might not be such a good thing to have them covering the most significant part of your home. I'd stick to the conventional panels which sit on top of the existing roof.
  9. One unit for 3500 sq feet? I have a Lennox going on it's third year. No issues yet at least with the A/C. When we had it installed, it immediately had issues with the heat for which was due to a recall where the parts that were sent for the recall were crap which they replaced during the system install. Lennox acknowledged the issue with the recall parts and the A/C company got it turned around quickly and it's worked well without issues. My home is 2300 sf and my utility bills have been cut by 40%
  10. Anyone familiar with Tesla's Solar panels ?
  11. How much do these things add to your Homeowners insurance premium?
  12. You will be hooked now. It's a regular week for us if we don't have an out of state vacation planned. Even if we do, we will do a four day weekend.
  13. I’m 48 and I’ve gone to Concan/The Frio for years mainly staying close to Concan and several places which are too many to mention. This year we stayed just a couple miles south of Leakey at Rio Bella just down from the Alto Frio Baptist Camp. They have a very nice set up there with an Irrigation diversion damn which forms a nice lake like area which is about waist deep but gets deeper in some spots away from the damn. Good fishing as well if you want to catch and release with the kids. Upside is the area is not as crowded and that’s fine with me. The other thing that was cool about staying up River this time around, we took an evening drive up to Camp Wood and holy crap it’s a fun drive. Why I never did this before? And that pic above of Patricio Swayze’s kind of lit my interest in maybe making a quick weekend trip to check the Nueces up that way. Much prettier than the mud hole near me down here for sure.
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