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  1. Yep... It's almost following the script.. It will be 125 degrees plus on that turf..... Even if we played a 7PM kickoff it will likely be hot as hell both in the stands and field. Warm beer sucks.
  2. Make sure your last Will and Testament are in order.... Another close call reported in Mexico City air operations https://news.yahoo.com/another-close-call-reported-mexico-202211741.html
  3. Agreed. I live in Corpus ( at least for three more years) and the international schedules are pretty good for most of the major destinations from Hobby from what I've observed, save for a few destinations I've checked. Mainly on the return flights where the layovers can be four or five hours from Cabo or Puerto Vallarta.
  4. aggy can’t play the ESPN conspiracy to keep the aggy down card no more
  5. Kill the LHN now…. Just damn kill it.
  6. I’d use them for flights to the Caribbean or Mexico. You can be pretty sure those are going to be direct non stop especially if you are flying out of Hobby. I think even SAT and ABIA have a handful of SWA direct flights to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.
  7. It's like SWA is going back to the day when it primarily flew Texas and bordering state routes. Hou>SAT>MAF>ABQ was one I was familiar with. But it was OK for the most part because you stayed on the same plane and knew this was what you were buying regardless of the routes SWA flew. Unless you were flying between Hobby and Love, you were going to have a stop or two. Even getting to DAL from Austin or San Antonio required a stop at Hobby at times. But hey, saw this morning SWA was improving the quality of their interior,, installing charging ports on all seats, and speed of their WiFi.. So take that American and United. LOL!
  8. Will do. Depending on the day, VivaAerobus has a flight from SA to Monterrey, so that might an option.
  9. Related Airlines concerned about safety in Mexico City’s airspace https://thepointsguy.com/news/mexico-city-airspace/ On second thought... maybe paying the extra few bucks to by pass Mexico City Airport is worth it until they figure something out.
  10. At first I thought this was feminine deodorant spray. Ok mind leave the gutter.
  11. Kind of Mexico City related. Thinking about making a trip to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta, but flying out of San Antonio on a Mexican carrier which has a change of plane at Mexico City. How is the transfer process at the Airport from an international to domestic flight? The fares are fairly good right now vs US based airlines, but thinking is it worth the headache if connecting is mess.
  12. That's good to know. I guess if they are using batteries in Zero Turns now, that's a good indication they have the power to do heavy duty stuff.
  13. Use the ATM once you land at the Airport. Also think about getting an ATM card not linked to your main back account. Charles Schwab has an account you can open and you get your ATM fees refunded. You also get a better exchange rate. I’d stay away from non bank ATMs. Of course many merchants will take your green backs. But they will bargain with you better with Pesos. There are laws in Mexico which limit the amount of foreign currency deposits by merchants and individuals in their banks , so anytime they can take Pesos, they accommodate in order to make room for the stupid Gringo who insist on paying with Benjis
  14. So how well do these thing cut through St Augustine/ Floratam grass . And I'm talking about thick shit after a good rain.
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