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  1. Of course. And he knows the same people who bitch about him and Garret will turn around and dump cash for those jerseys and other merchandise and the cycle of mediocrity continues. Damn I wish I could run a business like that. Easy money.
  2. True. But one can have more input and play the chess game with the other enough to sway it more favorable to them. There are some chapters who will get on the good side of some of the power schools knowing this time of year they can get in line for the higher revenue games. The Houston Chapter is one of them and if you seen them in action compared to other chapters during playoff season , they will call stuff other chapters don’t. A few years ago we went to state and used the Houston chapter twice with one of them being in the state title game. We never once got called for a chop block in any other of the playoff games with Refs from San Antonio, Abilene, and Waco. But the Houston Chapter was all too flag happy.
  3. Not the first and not the last time Aledo has been on the receiving end of some benefits of the doubt type calls. Some of the ref chapters favor Aledo so they get picked to call these games on the later rounds. Especially from the Houston chapter.
  4. He still does post on several of the message boards. More so around this time of year and going into the off season because their is less teams to cover thanks to the playoffs. I love the fact he's not a native Texan and he embraced the culture on several levels in the state. He walked right by me down on the field at the Alamodome a couple of Saturdays ago and I've should have told him how much folks who follow high school ball appreciate his work.
  5. San Diego to Beaumont? Lamar must be paying Morgan a big stack of Benjis to make that move...... I mean a huge stack.
  6. I was surprised it occurred as fast as it did. I mean during a holiday weekend too. If I were CDC, I would have told Tom this. Look, next year is the year. Either you right this shit and you will be on the path to long term employment at this university. Or did you just see how Charlie Strong's gig at USF ended? Well, that will be you because you will bomb at the next school which won't be a P5 and then be relegated to coordinators job for the rest of your career or even something lower on the coaching tree. One thing some Mensa's do value is their legacy to some extent. Some, not all....
  7. Sources..... Any time I see a story were sources are referred to several times, I just assume the crap is just made up.
  8. I guess Lamar wants a predictable offense? https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-lamar-fcs-tx-considering-multiple-coaches-with-fbs-coordinator-experience/
  9. Yes he has while many of his counterparts show almost contempt for any high school football outside of the DFW area. In fact he was at the Alamodome for two consecutive weekends covering our playoff games. He'll go to remote parts of West and East Texas to cover lower classification games as long as their is good food in the area too. Tepper ,on the other hand, reminds of the prick you might know who thinks he knows everything and speaks like he indeed does, but you know he's full of chit and just want to slap him around.
  10. Plus let's not forget, led by eSECpn and cSECbs pundits and regional media writers, they hype up a number of SEC teams in the pre season polls so they are ranked going into the season. They probably get at least eight teams in the T-25 and another few receiving votes. So when they play each other and one of them loses, they don't lose poll position until maybe they lose a third conference game and aggy along with the rest of them get to rinse and repeat the phrase the only teams they lost to were ranked. But like in aggy's case this year, let's totally ignore they didn't win one game in conference against a fellow team with a winning record. The same pundits and regional media writers noted above will rank their sorry asses next July when the first polls start rolling out. Them and everyone else in the SEC SEC SEC , except maybe Vandy and Arkansas.
  11. Will do. With football season now over for me with my high school team ousted from the playoffs Saturday, my Netflix/ Amazon Prime catch up watching season begins.
  12. This. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I actually thought Matt Damon played the role of the confident and take no bullshit Texan real well. Might have been one of his better performances??? I will say the movie kind of kicked started my interest in Formula One/ GP racing which is cool cause I need a diversion from football and college basketball.
  13. UTSA is starting to put some major dollars into their overall athletic program. They just broke ground on a $44 million campus athletic complex which will include an indoor practice facility. Also plans are in the works for a new convocation center . A campus football stadium would be ideal, but probably years away if ever. Chances are better San Antonio replaces the Alamodome in hopes of attracting an NFL team and they use whatever facility is built. What would have been ideal is UTSA and the Northside ISD building a large facility where Dub Farris Stadium is located, but that stadium was built long before UTSA football was even a possibility. I've seen UTSA from the school I once considered attending in the late 80's to what it is today and my oldest currently is finishing his Senior year there. It's grown big time and I know they have students now from all over the world attending. But in someways it still feels like the commuter school it was back in the day. It's not like UT where the city grew around the college and state capital and it still has a college town vibe. UTSA used to be out in the sticks until the 80's and even into the 90's until the La Cantera/Fiesta Texas area started humming. But you still don't have alot of stuff around there which keeps the student body close or around campus (within walking or biking distance) like you do in Austin or other college towns of all sizes. Concerts are held Downtown or AT&T and other venues away from campus. Same goes for trendy places to eat and hang out. They have some close by like The RIM, but that requires car ride.
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