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  1. Hamlin 48---Anson 6----final. Hamlin has only given up three td's so far this year.
  2. I clicked on the link, got instructions to pick up my delivery. Damn, it was a box full of cash from a Nigerian prince whose email I had answered. First round on me.
  3. Hamlin bought their own production equipment and are live streaming home games. All the sponsor money goes to the booster club to support boys and girls sports. ETA: They do audio on YouTube for the away games.
  4. And if IIRC, Albany only had one first down in the first half.
  5. Albany didn't score until around mid-4th after Hamlin put in reserves.
  6. Hamlin 42 @Albany 6. Final.
  7. I agree and I know a bunch of them. It was a generalization. As far as your stress and bp I was talking about the IED thing.
  8. Slorch, never said they did. Read it as it's intended. Just a generalization in the difference in when we were kids. We are obviously around the same age and the things you talked about I agree with. By the way, thanks for your service. That would not be good for your blood pressure or stress levels. Glad you're still with us.
  9. I hate when that happens.
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