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  1. Hot, cold, whatever. Warren has no chance of defeating Trump. Doing well in a meaningless debate counts for bupkis. Or is it bupkus?
  2. Do you know how much he's already spent to help Dems? A lot.
  3. I'll tell ya what, I've always wanted a Pres candidate to call for gubmint funding for sex-change operations for those poor souls in federal prison, and to have a trans teenager vet the future Sect'y of Education. God Bless Elizabeth Warren. Where would we be without her? /sarcasm off She's a brain dead fucking idiot. Bloomberg has the best chance of beating Trump. When will the Dems stop being the party of stupid? Probably never.
  4. Two crazies don't = normal (or prudent).
  5. Isn't there some saying, apropos to Trump, like "when the legend becomes fat print the legend"?
  6. The New Yorker (TNY) has issues.... Their science articles suck. Their fiction and poetry is too, I don't know, "woke", among other things (see Batuman and the "fiction factory" and some letter to the editor in the TLS some years ago), but, and this is a big but, they excel at current events, blending facts with analysis in such a way that informs, educates, and helps one decide what is important. How does one keep up on things after college? One way is to subscribe to high quality publications. Anyway, enough of the editorializing. Here is a great article. Imo. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/02/10/qassem-suleimani-and-how-nations-decide-to-kill
  7. You know what's dumber than this prof saying this? Whining about it. Jesus, don't say stupid shit like that, and don't apologize if you do. Grow a fucking pair.
  8. That's new footage from Wuhan. Things are getting crazy.
  9. Never. Wrap up your affairs now.
  10. Imo, the Senators (R and D) have the power that the voters give them. The constitution seems to have used as ass-wipe a long time ago, so that's worthless, and the Chief Republican Operative, er John Roberts doesn't have the balls to do anything. So, get out and vote these dipshits out of office.
  11. Is that what I'm saying? Or am I saying don't go into $100k debt to get that undergrad theater degree? Hmm, I guess I should've been more clear about that. Oh, wait.
  12. Dude, you're a great poster and I get that you have the "I'm the smartest guy in the room" syndrome. And you may be. But your actual words were "the underlying point". Not "an underlying point". And it is an underlying point. But, since I started this thread, my ("the") underlying point is what I said it was. If you want to create "the" underlying point, then start that thread. It's a valid point and is much more broad-based and appropos of the overall problem. This little ol' thread wasn't started for that. It was to rag on NPR for not giving us the data (underlying data) of students who obviously made fucking bad student loan decisions. Carry on. At least be intellectually honest about what you wrote.
  13. It's an underlying point. It's not the underlying point. That's what I thought you said. Maybe not. THE underlying point is don't be an idiot when taking out student loans.
  14. I'm not talking overall policy. I thought I was clear about that, but maybe not. In terms of %, low. In terms of % of all debt taken out by students who don't have viable jobs to pay off the debt? Not so low.
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