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  1. It's not the end, I agree. The Astros are still sacks of giant shit, though. Shame on them.
  2. AJ and anybody else in the front office who had a role in this need to be banned from all things baseball for at least a year.
  3. Wtf are you blabbering about? Keep your disingenuous "comparing" to yourself. You're part of the problem.
  4. We're never going to grow the balls necessary to fix this gun problem. The 2nd A needs to be changed. We don't have "well organized militias" anymore. We don't need hundreds of millions of guns, mostly hand guns.
  5. Very sad to see that the Astros are basically dipshit cheaters from the top down. Hey, at least the Black Sox are happy that someone else is wearing their crown of infamy.
  6. Imo, it's not totally irresponsible and stupid for medical professionals to opine on Trump's perceived mental/physical health (if done reasonably). Come on, there are plenty of semi-obvious signs here.
  7. All this fire Herman is just horseshit, imo. Yeah, the horns haven't looked great the past few games. It takes work. Maybe Tom ultimately isn't the guy, maybe he is.
  8. Yeah, I like Sam, too, but you're basically just whistling past the graveyard. All the things you mentioned is hype, even if it is true. Look at what's happening now. Maybe it's due to injury, but as others have mentioned, too many of his passes miss the mark. A little behind, a little too far ahead, not enough to the sideline. It's not working.
  9. Let that douchebag spin it any way he wants. His base will lap it up. Who cares. Just be sure to vote come election time. That's all that matters. Vote.
  10. His supporters are a lost cause. One may even call them a basket of deplorables. They are, but fuck HRC for being such a tone-deaf politician that she lost to this shit stain. But really, there is nothing that will cause his supporters to drop Trump. They are flat-earthers. They are anti-vaxxers.
  11. Injuries really hurt us. Pun intended. Also, I think Sam is regressing to the mean. There was more than one pass that could have been thrown better. More to the sideline, a bit farther along, stuff like that.
  12. So, learn me then. How is restoring the natural flow of water fucking it up?
  13. Best of luck to him wherever he goes.
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