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  1. Affliction and Oakley are the real winners here.
  2. I’m on serious Western kick right now, and I discovered Wanted : Dead or Alive starring the iconic Steve McQueen. Great adventure of the week, 30 minute show. It of course served as inspiration for Bounty Law.
  3. If you’re Houston, I can guess the store. It’s happened to me as wel.
  4. Drizly delivered a bottle of Rare Breed to me during a tropical storm. They’re alright in my book.
  5. I’m watching Westerns until things make sense again. El Dorado Wanted: Dead or Alive Rio Bravo The Searchers
  6. 🤫 probably the best Total Wine in Texas.
  7. TW Heights had cases and cases of Private Select, so they have that going for them. One of the worst rye selections I’ve ever seen in a big box store.
  8. Another successful Kroger run in Houston. Everything but Lysol. There appears to be a ground beef shortage going around. A lot of the Mexican restaurants have dropped ground beef tacos from their menus.
  9. You just stumbled on to second the Breaking Bad spin off series. I'd prefer the Robert Forester vacuum disappearer/bail bond/gator punching series, but what are going to do?
  10. Pikesville most be stronger than I thought.
  11. Her new lightsaber allergy is pretty bad. I get it. She's trying to lay low, but she's used the Force multiple times to save the day. They've painstakingly demonstrated that non-Force users can and do wield lightsabers, but Ahoska is just moving s*** with her mind every episode and it doesn't cause suspicion.
  12. Best Italian place in town for the survivors, hopefully? Vincent's is too far. Yes, I already know about Irene's in the Quarter.
  13. Jennifer Anniston is perfect. She finally plays the role that lets her be herself. Reese starts off running hot and cools down. I don't care about her mom and brother, but she kind of sticks the Southern dysfunctional family dynamic. Steve Carrell does what exactly? You got me. He should have gone full menacing sexual predator/Weinstein, but Netflix begged him to pull it back for current/future The Office viewers? I just see Michael Scott breaking bad with Matt Lauer's salt and pepper sprinkled in. Anniston goes for it, everybody else plays it safe, and it shows.
  14. Sure, but Wooderson and the gang road tripped to Houston for Aerosmith tickets, and presumably the concert at a later date.
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