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  1. Lindor is going to set the market for Correa. Carlos is worth 75% of said contract.
  2. He definitely did the Rockets a solid, but why did make the offer in the first place?
  3. Making Ish Harris’ top 5 is great and all, but the kid wants to major in agricultural engineering. The non-consensual wool has been cast.
  4. RJ Young is regarded. If you don’t think so, go watch his Mike Stoops YouTube video.
  5. What in the actual f***?! https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-oladipo-turned-down-two-190800069.html
  6. Looking forward to JJ and his camp calling the Cardinals a winning franchise.
  7. It's a long read, but worth your time. It's a good piece of journalism that I thought it was fair to each side.
  8. Jess King has the blandest, most cliché filled rides of any instructor. If you want boobs and boring, I'd suggest Leanne Hainsby. She's also English, so that's fun. My top 4 in order : 1) Kendall Toole 2) Emma Lovewell 3) Olivia Amato 4) Hannah Corbin. I've done almost every one of Toole's Interval and Arms rides. I really like her boxing elements. Peloton needs to add more classes with weights. I'm having to dig 2 years into the archive for Interval and Arms rides. Amato's core work is pretty tough. Rebecca Kennedy is also pretty tough. Lovewell's core work tends to be more laid b
  9. Still my favorite place, but it's been a couple years. The schnitzel is great. I'll get flamed, but I love Messina Hof. Their winery only stuff is pretty good. Good sparkling white wine, zinfandel, and the blends are great. The Garrison Bros tour is fun. Just don't buy anything.
  10. There's some smoke out there that a big announcement is coming soon. I don't understand the need for secrecy, but the previous "big announcement" was Calf Scramble in April, outside of Harris County. Could be something, could be nothing. I'm really not sure what I'm hoping for at this point. A crawfish boil or a steak dinner would be nice.
  11. That’s a new one for me. Allegedly BT will cut you a check if the bottle is defective.
  12. Impressive, but Horns247 posters are still dumber.
  13. OP it sounds like you're Leon Springs or Boerne bound. I'd throw Wimberley in there too. Pretty good chow, laid back little town.
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