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  1. I’m visiting family. I don’t want to live there or anything, but it’s not that bad.
  2. I'd love to fly private, but this isn't a business trip. SWA nonstop from Hobby to Midland looks pretty normal, but it's a month out.
  3. I'm driving to Midland next month instead of driving. It's a long ass drive, but not that bad if you stop and eat. It beats the current hassle of going through Hobby, and getting a rental car at the Midland Airport.
  4. I remember before the The Yada Yada it was billed as a more traditional, show about nothing, Seinfeld episode. At the time there was some grumbling from the fans that the final season, and the post Larry David seasons, were departures from classic Seinfeld motifs. I think all of the seasons have held up well. Even Season 1, with just 5 episodes had some classic Seinfeld moments.
  5. What's the lowest daily rate y'all have seen recently? I'm in Houston.
  6. Brian Baumgartner (Kevin from The Office) loves to tell people every 5 minutes that The Office is the most watched show in history.... when it was on Netflix. I'm sure Peacock made it worth their while, but exposure of The Office has decreased considerably. The same can be said about Friends after it left Netflix for HBO Max. Parks and Rec never caught on with the youths after being on Netflix for several years. I like Peacock because the mid tier is free for Xfinity subscribers, and it has AP Bio. The ads are so tiresome, I won't stick around to binge full seasons.
  7. They do the Fauci sketches because someone told Lorne that McKinnon is a big star and she needs to be in every cold open and Weekend Update.
  8. https://www.ponchooutdoors.com/
  9. I just bought my 6th shirt from Poncho. I'd recommend the long sleeve. They breath really well.
  10. The rye is pretty good. Great value. It's a deep list.
  11. I'm a yes on Confiscated. Not a great price, but I'm skeptical on people finding it for sub $90. If you've never had their stuff, I'd recommend it. With Dedman leaving I expect Kentucky Owl to go downhill in a hurry.
  12. I like his Joe Smith usage much better during the homestand. Garbage time only.
  13. I haven't watched an episode since The LaGuardia Spread. Cheadle is great, but not great enough to make me want to pay for Showtime. Throw some free trials my way and I'll gladly binge City on a Hill and Black Monday.
  14. My update Old Forester Power Rankings : 1) Birthday (2020 and 2019 were awesome) 2) Old Forester SiB Barrel Strength 3) 1870 4) 1897 5) Old Forester 100 6) 1910 7) 1920 8.) Rye I wanted to move OF100 up. It's so cheap and so good. 1897 opens up really well, but I still like 1870 by a hair. I need to open my bottle of Old Forester 150 Batch 3. I fully acknowledge I have no shot of ever getting a bottle of 117.
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