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  1. Mandy from Last Man Standing makes an appearance this episode If she lets the warlocks out, this series will earn a Striptease like warm place in my heart.
  2. I know Dutton doesn’t have oil money, but my goodness he can afford some Eagle Rare.
  3. Missed opportunity here shoved down our throats by Patton Oswalt. A series about the genealogist that actually caught the East Area Rapist, would have been much more interesting. But again she’s not married to a name brand comedian.
  4. Every Harley rider on the Seawall in Galveston is in need of much worse than what transpired on Yellowstone. It doesn’t take 20 minutes to start your bike.
  5. Disney + is something else. X-Men, Duck Tales and TaleSpin all commercial free in all their original glory. Goof Troop, the Disney non Aggy version, is next. The 90’s was a glorious time for cartoons.
  6. Are they ever going to fix Beth’s face? A woman of means could easily have that scar lasered off.
  7. I wish they spent more time on the brand. There’s been a couple episodes about it, but it should be explained further. It seems to be a deep, almost mystical bond. Rip, Kayce,and Jimmy have it. Does John have it? I don’t believe they’ve ever revealed that.
  8. A Bridge Too Far should have been better with that cast. It’s available on Hulu. Amazing list of stars: Robert Redford Michael Caine Anthony Hopkins Sean Connery Gene Hackman James Caan Laurence Olivier
  9. I’m playing the hits the weekend. Maker’s Mark Private Select with a chaser of Evan Williams Single Barrel.
  10. I’m watching Dune now. Good film, but why is Sting in it? The studio must have foisted that on David Lynch. The Dune director’s cut would be fascinating. There’s enough weird source material for Lynch to run wild.
  11. I watched the old X-Men cartoons this morning. It took me back. Good times.
  12. I thought it was from every Tom, Dick, and Sally grilling out constantly during the pandemic.
  13. Ok. Why are they advertising it on the NBC app as free? I assume it’s some kind of free for a week/month promotion? I have AT&T, not Comcast.
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