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  1. OK, another value question. Is 2019 Garrison Bros Cowboy worth $177?
  2. Is Cream of Kentucky worth $125-135?
  3. Aggy Economics Professor confirmed.
  4. True, but it’s because Sabine doesn’t want the responsibility of leading her people.
  5. A r/bourbon reviewer just dropped a 5/10 on Weller Antique. It’s time to burn the whole damn thing down.
  6. I haven’t finished Clone Wars, I finished Rebels. What characters still existing in Star Wars Canon would y’all like to see on The Mandalorian? Bo-Katan is an obvious nominee. The Binge Mode folks have a theory that Mando and Bo-Katan meet in prison at some point. It would be an interesting story line, but I believe the only way to obtain the Darksaber is to kill its owner. I think it’s likely that Gus killed Bo-Katan.
  7. So MGP is hoarding their choice stuff for their own labels. They stopped selling to sourcers. The industry panicked and ran to Dickel for their shitty well aged bourbon. Am I on the money here?
  8. A podcaster correctly pointed out that Leo plays 5+ roles in the movie. A down on his luck actor. The Great Escape scene. A villain. A successful Italian film star. And back to arrogant asshole Rick Dalton. And he switches back and forth between them in the same scene. He improved the trailer freak out. None of this is easy to do. I think it’s going to be tough for Leo to win another one in the next 10 years. He’s going to have to something really daring and “woke” to win it. Something like Dallas Buyers Club. He will be nominated plenty. He’ll almost certainly win one in old age as a lifetime achievement type award. It sucks, but it was it is. It’s not a performance award, it’s a will of the Academy/momentum/everybody gets one trophy award. The Academy is in no hurry to give anybody a second Oscar in a leading role. Just my two cents.
  9. Prepare to be flamed. Good luck my friend.
  10. Black’s BBQ was alright. Brisket was better than Rudy’s. Ribs were worse. Beef and jalapeño beef sausage were much better than Rudy’s and stole the show. Thai Thai wasn’t very good and it was expensive for a hole in the wall Thai place. Alvin Ord’s and San Marcos BBQ are on the menu this weekend.
  11. No ventilation issue when I was in there yesterday. It’s not my thing, but they do have a lot of plant based sandwiches for those so inclined.
  12. I always check Total Wine. Large, national chain that doesn't price gauge. It's the best price barometer out there.
  13. Ike's Love and Sandwiches on 11th is darned good. I had the Damon Bruce with lettuce and jalapenos on the Dutch Crunch bread. Too expensive, but much better than Jersey Mike's.
  14. Single barrel or small batch? Age statement? 4 year small batch should be $50 MSRP.
  15. I'm resigned to my fate fellas. I'll begin Clone WarsSeason 7 without being caught up. I'm currently on Season 4 Episode 7. Only the flu can get me caught up before Friday.
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