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  1. The watch guide for Week 5 is out: https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2020/09/29/dctf-texas-high-school-football-watch-guide-list-of-online-video-streams-for-week-5?ref=article_preview_img
  2. Yep Zykan hinted at this a few weeks ago on Bourbon Pursuit. I was hoping for something age stated. No details on ages blended, mashbill, or rickhouse. Just proof, MSRP, and tasting notes. How stores release it will be interesting. If it’s a stand in line at opening deal, there’s very little chance I’ll get a bottle. It’s wishful thinking, but hopefully the taters will chance 150 harder than Birthday. They should be released at the same time.
  3. The movie works because of Harry Dean Stanton, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, and Ben Foster are elite actors. Emile Hirsch is perfect as the wannabe tough guy drug dealer. The film hits close to home. I played ball with a Johnny Truelove type. Wannabe tough guy that didn’t fit in, but had hanger ons that could be scary if properly motivated. I gave him shit until we were juniors. Then he bought a house on his own and pulled up to school in a new Vette. I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to mess with somebody like that.
  4. What is Rickman not great in? Rest In Power Hans Gruber.
  5. I saw a 12 year today. I asked about the 14 year. They were out and I passed. Just a couple more months of showing restraint. I see an Old Forester SiB Barrel Strength on the counter. Congrats on being awesome.
  6. This. The 2019 Oscars won’t age well. People will still be talking about JoJo and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 20 years from now.
  7. I had a pour at Whiskey Cake. This about sums it up.
  8. Whenever there is a crab season, and if Jake is clean, there’s definitely going to be some friction. Obviously Casey won’t be welcome if the Harris Boys are running the boat. Unless Casey is Josh’s brother in law, he should probably buy/run another boat. Josh is going to give Jake a million second chances because they’re blood.
  9. Salty is one way to describe that cashier. Others might use more objectionable adjectives.
  10. There’s still about 20 left. I will warn y’all , it’s only 8 years.
  11. Pinkie's? It's OK, you can tell me.
  12. Given all the BS Texas liquor store owners have to put up from TABC and the three tier system, I'm always polite to them. I don't like price gouging, but I'm not going to screw up their day arguing with them about it. I just move on to other stores.
  13. Jesus. D what do you attribute this to? I know some states/parts of the country just don't get Buffalo Trace, are they driving up the price?
  14. I might come off snobby, but EHT Small Batch is a pass for me. Hold out for Single Barrel or just buy Eagle Rare.
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