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  1. I think we’ll see Lady Trieu watching Ozy on some closed circuit television in the next couple episodes. I agree with the other posters, Dr. Manhattan likely isn’t his captor.
  2. It’s a melancholic, regret filled reflection on aging that happens to be a mob movie. The de-aging thing didn’t work for me. De Niro looks like he’s 76 throughout the movie. Pesci looks even older. Pacino reasonably pulls off Hoffa.
  3. The 12 year rye is darned good. It’s MGP. I wish it were a higher proof, but oh well.
  4. Episode 2 is some of the best 30 minutes in Star Wars history.
  5. Agreed, plenty of good rye suggestions. Old Forester Rye is unique. It has mashbill has a high malt content so it tastes different than a lot of ryes.
  6. That's what I'm thinking and it's easy to find. Very easy to find. 1910 is better, but obviously you want something different. Old Forester Rye is my everyday drinker. It's so cheap and pretty good.
  7. Drinking my sorrows away with a "turkey tail" bottle of Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. Austin Nichols on the back, sideways facing turkey on the front. Damned good.
  8. 1920 is the logical next step.
  9. Wait until it’s on Netflix. It’s good, but it’s not run to the theater good. A young, well informed couple sitting by me hit the exit at 2 hour, 40 minute mark. Smart kids.
  10. Pretty good haul today. Midwinter’s 7.6 and 1910. Struck out on 1792Full Proof Store Pick. I put a regular Full Proof back on the shelf because I’m dumb.
  11. Midwinter Nights Dram has hit Texas.
  12. When I visit, I’m asking Heaven Hill why they watered down the single barrel program to 94 proof. ZFG
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