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  1. I have the 590, with a grease bucket that hangs from a small hook. No issues at all. Just swap out the foil in the tray every few cooks and its like new. I would call rec tec and ask them, tell them your concern. They probably have a good answer.
  2. Bullseye, and rec tec's customer service is incredible. Very happy with mine.
  3. Cousin's FIL who still lives in Lakeway was SS on Lady Bird's detail for a long time. Not sure if he fucked any of LBJs family, but he taught my cousin how to pick locks and break into places undetected.
  4. So, legit supply side scarcity, or just testing out new limits in price inelasticity? A few weeks back the WSJ announced American household income was up over 20% in March.
  5. A friend's wife got her 2nd DWI last night, arraigned with the same Judge who is supposed to preside over her 1st DWI this coming Tuesday. Woke up in jail on Mothers day, the day after not seeing her 2 year old on his birthday. Then tried to sever her own carotid artery with a pen the jailer lent her to fill out a form, she got moved to an asylum. If you met her on the street you'd think she was one of the most beautiful, charming, well put together women you've ever met. Movie star stunning and poised. Cunning, baffling, powerful. Her husband is coming up on 90 days sober and has been rebor
  6. Black drum you say? Yup, I must be back in Texas, soaking shrimp with Dad.
  7. I own 100 shares of ASO (Academy) and it's up over 9% today, I assumed it would get a small bump on constitutional carry but apparently they are doing a new stock issue and buyback.
  8. Went to a meeting last night because I am on post vacation hangover, like "how can I endure this vanilla upper middle class existence when I should just move to the beach and figure it all out" angst. Cue Rush's "Subdivisions". Im so afflicted. And so badly wanting the coat of tan Bill alludes to in his story. So I get to the meeting and my good friend who got sober in Laguna Beach, Christmas Day 1985 (@hullabelew another date remembered) looked like warmed up leftover hell. He had come to the meeting right after putting his wife in hospice. And he was grateful that he gets to suit up and sh
  9. The old timers bring their dogs which is nice. Very relaxed, serene dogs only though. @SwanderedTalent would you say you have a disease of perception? I know I do. Life's pretty damned perfect, once I get outside of my own skull. Congrats on the annual review of the events of the days and hours leading to sobriety. That's always a fun exercise that results in absolute humility. By God's grace humility. @hullabelewI suspect Mac remembers your sobriety date because you're an outlier, an alumnus, and you demonstrated desperation and willingness. Congratulations! You'
  10. NGL, I remember a few times in HS and College when I outkicked my coverage and then got rewarded with a really stinky finger.
  11. AA in Key West is great, the Anchors Aweigh club is 1 block from Duval on Virginia. Went to 2 meetings. Get there early cause you'll have to park on the street, possibly quite a walk if Duval is crowded late in the day. Its pretty easy for the 7 AM meeting. Got a tshirt and coffee cup from there too.
  12. Beats a day in the office. Only thing missing is one with immamac.
  13. Oh Man congratulations!!!!! That dad switch flipped on and instinct kicked in, didn't it.so happy for you and the missus. Glorious day!
  14. What a miracle. God bless you bud and thanks for your sobriety.
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