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  1. Glad to hear that this too did pass. This morning in our 645am book study we read the first story in the back of the big book about Bill Dodson, AA#3. really good story.
  2. Dave Matthews. Yes I'm one of those people. I still regularly mourn LeRoi Moore, and will shed a tear during "Why I Am" or "41" Just drove from Austin To Beaumont today with Rush cranked up to max vol the whole way home, savoring Neil's beats. Clapton Bob Seger
  3. I'm thinking it's long John Silvers. . .
  4. I'm in Austun today and will be at Northland at 5:30 or possibly 8 tonight unless one of you guys can suggest a better meeting or want to meet up. Hell, I'll even buy dinner. I've got 9 years sober today.
  5. According to ESPN were gonna lose. Gillespie was awesome tonight.
  6. That's where I grew up fishing. Until hurricane ike I had a beach house at Singing Sands and a boat lift/ stall at bolivar yacht club. Some of my favorite places were hanna's reef, moody's reef, big and little pasture bayou, rollover bay, oyster bayou, north and south shoreline, gas well pads in Galveston bay. I remember when you could take the Sun Oil canal from the intracoastal to the bay, its closed now. Fished the humpback wreck east of north jetty, north jetty, and the area near the old civil war fort. Where you like to fish? [mention=4093]squib[/mention] man glad you're contributing, you gotta love to fish if you do it in those conditions.
  7. Where do you usually fish? For me its Sabine/Keith Lake.
  8. Hey cant we just get a mod to change the thread title?
  9. I saw lots of white Pelicans today, normally all I see is browns. Caught about 40 trout to keep a limit, and only rat redfish. Got back to the house right when the rain started. There were no baitfish, and I've never seen seagulls as aggressive as they were today. Lost at least half my shrimp to gulls, hooked one through the beak and had to throw a towel over his head to get him to calm down long enough for me to unhook him. Not a happy bird.
  10. Right, he comes to campus and there is exactly 1 commit. He miraculously turns the program around in spring ball. You're not very bright, are you?
  11. I think I'm gonna do this with my FIL. Did you bring your own gear or use theirs? Think I'll have to go borrow a few sage rods from dad. . .
  12. We are staying in Driggs too, how did it work out for you?
  13. Subscribed. Yellowstone and the Tetons are my summer trip this year. Me, wife, my in laws (the chill ones) should be fun.
  14. Oh bullshit. Rhule proved repeatedly that the process produced the next man up. I thought the season was done when Clay Johnston got bmhurt, but then the D actually improved. Only thing certain is that rhules ass got flogged by the Panthers money whip. Best thing about being Baylor is low expectations. We lose to UT and its oh well, even St. Teaff only went .500 against them. UT loses to Baylor and its "fire Mack!, Fire Tom!" Were good at getting your coaches fired. Hell, your players did well in the bowl game because they weren't overcoached. Well that and playing the Pac12. . .
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