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  1. Not sure if that's the group or not, Stuart R. is my friend's name. He's almost your age in sobriety time. . .
  2. Pretty bad, from what I heard about that particular episode. Last week the building chair changed the locks on our home group building and he actually broke in and hosted the birthday night meeting this past Friday. The master breaker box was padlocked - he brought bolt cutters and cut the lock and turned on power, and taped a $10 bill next to it as "payment" for the lock. The police were called but because he is a steering committee member charges can't be filed. He bought pizza and then gave the receipt to the treasurer, expecting payment - knowing full well that we've never bought pizza for birthday night, it's potluck. I could go on and on about the damage that I (and many others) perceive he has done to people - inside and outside of the rooms - over the last 7 years he has been around. Statutory rape, bad faith business dealings (he is a slum lord and used car dealer) just a litany of stuff. To this day he has never once spoken about his drinking, my opinion is that he's a garden variety sociopath that found a group that wouldn't throw him out. Talked to my sponsor about it and our consensus is he's none of our business. Closest I've ever wanted someone to get struck drunk though.
  3. So online only? What was the discord? I've got a buddy in the Irving group whose daughter has the virus, and local friend whose best friend has it.
  4. Really good zoom meeting tonight, here is a link to a google docs list - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gr3IfHHon6qR6MIZ1VTq4GvvtN_8j3Av/view I'm afraid that after this quarentine my home group might split due to discord, there is one jackass who insists on defying the steering committee - and the stay home order - by holding meetings on the covered patio at our building and then accusing the rest of us of denying recovery to newcomers. Actually quoting the big book at us. Pretty sure he's not actually an alcoholic. Years ago he was led away from celebrate recovery in handcuffs and a restraining order. Garden variety pendergast and psychopath, armed with a big book. I think I want him to get Coronavirus just to prove my point. Dang it, I'll go read page 67 now.
  5. @TwiceHorn I don't want to find out - the strange thing is that I've swam with stingrays in the Caymans at Stingray City, but they give me the willies if I've got one on a hook in my boat. Just googled Bowfin. . .interesting exerpt from https://coastalanglermag.com/species-spotlight-bowfin/ So the question remains, can you eat them. Well I guess they won’t kill you but it might not taste good. One recipe I read said to nail a gutted fish to a board with the skin on, place it in a campfire and then when done throw the fish out and eat the board. Another entry I read said the Bowfin earned its name cottonfish because the cooked meat balls up and tastes like cotton. My suggestion is that if you must try eating a Bowfin then smoke it. Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon and smoked.
  6. They are good, I've actually paid money at GW Fins for them. In the event this whole COVID-19 thing goes zombie apocalypse, I'll probably support my whole family's nutrition needs with sheepshead. That's my fall back plan.
  7. Virtual concert tonight, Dave Matthews from his living room. All proceeds to small businesses, sponsored by Verizon. Verizon is having various concerts every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 CDT, streaming on Twitter. Not sure who is next but since we cant go to actual shows this year. . . Only 6 songs but it was phenomenal. Enjoyed it with my 20 yr old daughter - I met her mom at a DMB show in 95.
  8. @hundredTT how's it going? check your PMs, I'm here if you need me.
  9. We usually keep a prudent reserve of about 90 days expenses. Here's a link to Northland's zoom meeting schedule - https://www.northlandgroup.org/ - it's pretty much public record at this point. I'm a little worried that you have to go in and change your name in zoom to first name, last initial - way too many people have first and last name in their zoom login. Also, closed vs. open meetings, men's/women's meetings can't really be enforced. . .
  10. I lost my virginity in this exact Model, but in white.
  11. The Jewish women in my family say hell yeah. I'd put their oven baked brisket up against anyone.
  12. One thing I'm doing is playing AA zoom meeting tourist. Went to meetings in Boston, and then the Austin Northland meetings today, all from my dining room table.
  13. About the college roommate, oh bullshit, everyone is under stress and she just forgot. Cut her some slack. Shake your head and move on. Lol
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