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  1. You tell those spineless assholes we'll self-insure if they don't write it
  2. Obviously. If you're not growing, you're dying. saw a developer building a new small strip center in a shitty part of town - laughed at him - until I saw the 3 tenants - Little Caesars, Donut shop, Liquor store. It's all about synergy.
  3. Truth. Plus the franchisees that make enough money get some negotiables with the franchisor, such as opening/closing locations. A single location franchise would have to generate some serious $$ to be worthwhile. If I was thinking about a franchise, I'd be considering the financials on a few locations minimum.
  4. Lol I still have some of my back windows in little used rooms not visible from the street boarded up too. Coming off this weekend. See yall next year??
  5. My in-law's are franchisees of a household name automotive repair brand and have been for 30 years. Regularly a top performing franchisee so corporate tries to keep them happy, I've been to some training classes and seminars when my wife used to work there and was pretty impressed with the content. They are pretty well established throughout the US and once a year they all the owners get together at a nice resort for seminars and presentations. I know a guy who owns 12 Little Ceasars restaurants, and he just prints money. Drive by any strip center and you'll see restaurants come and go. Good franchises are expensive for a reason. I'd never go eat at a Hawaiian BBQ place in a strip center, but I'm probably not the target demographic. Maybe not a franchise, but my next door neighbor in Leon Springs was Rudy Aue, whose dad used to own the original Rudy's filling station and barbecue place across the highway. IIRC it was just a hole in the wall single location and then someone bought it and expanded. Probably tied to Macaroni Grill somehow too.
  6. I'll take a look - it's not further than DeGray Lake/Hot Springs, so it's doable. Thanks.
  7. Mutts are great but so are all rescues. I saved Coco Pup from my ex wife. She wants a bite of my gumbo.
  8. Why do you want your kids to have crooked teeth? Some people. . . (kidding) I don't remember exactly how much I spent on my 2 kids braces/retainers but seems to me like both together came out to $6K over a period of several years. Seems like a racket. A huge, huge racket. But my kids (in their 20s now) have straight teeth.
  9. Not dead yet. Went Friday but none of my buddies were there, ate alone and had the fried fish.
  10. If that's lake como that's on wife's bucket list. Hard to do on a weekend.
  11. She just looked at me and said "I thought you outgrew that phase?"
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