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  1. Echo the Hamilton book that @mdmost brought up. I also read/audible'd Chernow's book before hearing the soundtrack or seeing the touring company version in KC on the 5th of July 2019. There's strong evidence that Hamilton and Laurens were more than friends. Wife and I watched it on Friday, twice. Genius.
  2. Hutch Pro Star was my dream bike. I did have a badass Mongoose but it got stolen.
  3. While in college my son spent 3 summers working for both a US Congressman in Washington and his State congressman in Texas handling constituent issues. This should be in their wheelhouse. Especially if you tell them the aliens tried to reprogram you but a tin foil hat kept their mind rays at bay. You wouldn't believe half the shit people want to discuss with their congressman. My guess it's (Occam's Razor) a simple accounting thing; their equipped to take fees but transferring them or refunding them breaks their brains. Or a statute/regulatory thing "NON-REFUNDABLE" blah blah. In that case, you'll pay twice and find creative ways to screw that state over to make yourself whole.
  4. If appealing to the boss doesn't work then I'd call the state representative's constituent affairs office. Tell them you're buying a business in their constituency and you provide jobs and that the state is shaking you down for license application money.
  5. My grandparents got one of these when they came out. Watched a lot of Sunday afternoon golf on that sucker.
  6. Either a ranch stocked with trophy bucks or a 50 plus foot Hatteras fishing boat. I was a spoiled little fucker that had all the things mentioned above except those 2 things.
  7. I knew Shooter would win this thread easily.
  8. I just spent 3 hours reading and discussing the Doctor's opinion and Bill's Story with a new sponsee. I'm optimistic that this guy will make it. He is a college football coach which adds an interesting twist, so he gets the whole concept of why he needs to get through the steps and start sponsoring others. When he missed a camp that he had previously worked for 9 years other coaches reached out to check on him and he was honest with them for the first time, told them that he was in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. He said that several others in his profession reached out to him as sober alcoholics and he was astonished that there is a brotherhood (sober) inside the brotherhood (college coaches).
  9. If you're doing it without Ambien, you're doing it wrong. That's the key to sleeping after shoulder injury/shoulder.
  10. Did I really refer to the IT guys as weenies? lol, not sure where that came from. Anyway, old boss is being tight lipped about where he's landing, he said I'll see it on LinkedIn just like everyone else. My engineer said he gave enough clues in their conversation to suspect a cloud or app provider.
  11. Thanks for the explanation and recommendation, sounds good to me. Does this mean to actually get the driver optimized to my swing I'll need to spend $1K? Also, how many brands/models did you test out before deciding on Cobra? I've been using Callaway Razr driver/3/5/hybrid and Ping G30s and my Vokey wedges. The G30s feel like I'm hitting the ball with a sledgehammer, I can get around the course OK but with ZERO feel. Did you get fitted wedges too? I saw some places offer to help you pick out the best putter but I'm very good with my Scotty.
  12. So they furloughed you and expected you to just sit around waiting for them to take you back, and they expect to be paid back? That's cold. Can't wait to hear what an actual lawyer says about that.
  13. Exit interview from my old job was today. An hour on the phone with a well-meaning HR director. Had a good discussion, she listened to my gripes, suggestions, etc. But the on-the-record reason I left that company is because I was simply burned out. Toast. No fucks left to give. And it's nothing the company does deliberately, it's the fact that they are Fortune 100 and are simply too large and disjointed to build an actual positive culture. Left the door open for future consideration, if it ever comes to that. Not to dox them but they are the MSO for most sizeable Texas cities not named Houston. meanwhile. . . Onboarded electronically with Insperity who handles the new company's HR function, IT Weenies have already shipped me about $5K worth of hardware to set up in my new home office, top of the line stuff. Monday will bring me my SFDC credentials and my goal is to start papering the street with proposals by the end of next week. I can't wait to get back into pure hunter mode.
  14. Hate to hear about the pink slip, but God's got this. Sober Job hunts sure beat drunk job hops.
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