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  1. Anyone but TOdd Orlando. Fuck that man. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  2. Give him two more years. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  3. Fuck Todd Orlando! 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  4. #1Texasfan


    Fuck ou but they are playing at a very high level, we'd better punch them right in the face and knock them out of any playoff hope.
  5. Our fucking defense is a fucking liability. Fuck em, we have no chance to stop OU and we better outscore em.
  6. Fire this fucking defense unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Fuck him ,our defense still sucks.
  8. You suck like our defense.
  9. I said our defense was garbage in last week's thread and you guys were acting like i was crazy. How about now?
  10. It seems we have an edge on Cain? Sent from Tapatalk. Fuck TAMU and OU.
  11. This is one of the worst officiating games Ive ever seen.
  12. Exactly. some people are so fucked up here.
  13. Why the hell we have some morons here begging to play in the Alamo instead of Sugar bowl?
  14. LOL dont let the loss drive you nuts, I know its tough but it doesnt mean you should act like an idiot.
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